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  1. 6oz ramekins...odd thing is that I have 2 different types, both are 6 oz, one of smaller diameter with higher walls, and one with a larger diameter and lower walls. I prefer the larger diameter one.
  2. When I've baked that sort of cake, the only thing that really helped me was when I started using Pam for baking, rather than buttering & using cocoa to coat. Now I have no problem removing them from my ramekins & as a result, they look nice :-) I was using the CI recipe too. Have no experience using custard cups for these cakes, but I think I'd prefer the straight sides more.
  3. Actually, loquats only have a passing resemblance to kumquats. Loquats aren't a citrus fruit. I think it's the only one of the "quats" that isn't a citrus fruit, since the other ones seem to be hybrids of lime/orange/mandarin with kumquats.
  4. Actually, I think more like this recipe (same blog).
  5. It's a rock to keep the soup hot. See this blog post.
  6. cats2


    Before running out and getting the KA, just remember that there are 4 different models to KA hand mixers...CI didn't compare the differences between these models, and as far as I can tell, they only tested the 7 speed (Ultra Power Plus) Difference between KA models
  7. Perhaps this "vinegar sauce" referred to, is sanbaizu? (Since it's sometimes served with crab?) See this page, scroll down to the 11/23/07 entry.
  8. Actually, that was a topic on Gardenweb a while back, with speculation that it is manufactured for Viking by Demeyere based on the knowledge that Viking cookware is made in Belgium and is 7 ply.
  9. cats2


    They kinda look more like a guava (see bottom of page) or this picture.
  10. From the article: So, wait, you mean to tell me that that entire creation is nothing but jello? Not only are the flowers not real flowers, they were actually drawn, IN 3D!!, in the gelatin? Am I misunderstanding this? ← My guess is something like this.
  11. Here's the answer from Ghirardelli's webpage. Yes, they have old equipment set up in the ice cream shop at Ghirardelli square to demonstrate the process of chocolate making to the public. The ice cream shop can get pretty crowded at times (depending on if it's a weekend or not and what the weather is like), and the line to order ice cream can snake out the front entrance. Last time I was there (June of last yr), they had a little satellite ice cream shop set up on the west side of the Square (for people who don't want to wait in long lines). The shop with the chocolate machinery is located on the east side of the Square (off Larkin St)
  12. Actually Viking does seem to sell their induction cooktops (controls on the side) in Europe...though I'm not sure about the induction rangetop (controls on the front) http://www.viking-inventum.com/hobs.php The cooktop and the rangetop seem to have the same "burners" based on diameter and wattage. This distributor is based in Malmö.
  13. Wouldn't this just be considered to be a non-liquid version of champurrado?
  14. And Microplane has been making a couple of styles of foot files! (not inexpensive)
  15. True about iron and calcium...vitamin C (or citrus fruit for that matter) should help with iron absorption. Downing a prenatal vitamin or iron pill with milk is theoretically not optimal. In addition, both iron and calcium supplements tend to be constipating (and pregnancy itself is prone to constipation due to hormonal changes) Avoiding calcium in general though, would not be recommended. The pregnancy RDA for folic acid is actually a little higher than the normal RDA of 400mcg. Most standard multivitamins have 100% of the normal RDA, and is the amount that is recommended for women of reproductive age, pre-conception. Once pregnant, the RDA goes up to 600mcg. The new formulation of Centrum tablets does have 500mcg, so you could probably meet the goal via dietary sources. For some women (such as those who have had prior pregnancies affected by neural tube defects, the recommended folic acid daily dose is actually 4mg...10x as much as the average population) RDA table based on sex/age/pregnancy Can't help you with the "raise a child to enjoy food...". From the prior posts, it sounds like the pregnancy diet outcomes are highly variable...so, eat what you enjoy (within safety limits), and hope for the best. I don't quite understand the comment about "most resources out there are not set up for individuals who enjoy cooking/eating". In what way do you feel that pregnancy has cramped your cooking style? Sure, the health recommendations do affect some of the food choices, but it's not like they're recommending women go on some sort of extreme diet of exclusion...(unless it's in context of food allergies?...though that seems more associated with time during breastfeeding) From a recently published paper in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (Vol 119, Issue 5, May 2007, pages 1197-1202) "Avoidance diets in pregnancy are no longer advocated as a means of primary prophylaxis of allergic disease. The European Academy of Allergology, Asthma and Clinical Immunology has recently concluded that allergen avoidance diets while breast-feeding are now recommended only if a breastfed child is showing symptoms of food-related diseases such as eczema." Restricting the diet of kids apparently tends to backfire on the parents, because it then becomes the highly desired food item (that may lead to overconsumption of that item) I could only find one paper that addresses diet in pregnancy with later food acceptance, in the journal Pediatrics, 2001 June;107(6);E88 The authors' conclusion was that prenatal/early postnatal exposure to a flavor does enhance the baby's enjoyment of that flavor (during weaning). They had randomized pregnant women into 3 groups: they drank either water/carrot juice 4 times/week for 3weeks at the end of pregnancy and then for the 1st 2 months of breastfeeding. Group1: carrot juice in pregnancy/water during breastfeeding, Group2:water in pregnancy/carrot juice during breastfeeding, Group3: water in pregnancy/breastfeeding. Carrot flavored cereal was offered to the babies during weaning, and apparently those babies exposed to carrot during pregnancy or breastfeeding were perceived by their moms as enjoying the carrot flavored cereal more than plain cereal. Which again goes back to "eat what you enjoy", and hopefully your child will enjoy that too! Don't vilify the stuff you abhor, but provide tasty alternatives.
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