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  1. The Chair Factory at 214 Bowery..although I just bought 75 chairs and 25 barstools, I still found the prices to be good. If your on a budget and material is not important auctions can save you alot, although they can be time consumming.
  2. We had dinner at City Hall for Thanksgiving. I guess the best way to describe it is dissapointing. The menu was a four course TG menu. First course was a chestnut soup (cup), no other choice as a first course. The second course was an appetizer consisting of a choice of three different salads, one was a Waldorf salad, the other greens with red beets and gorgonzola, and the third choice was another composed salad but I can not remember what. The main courses were a brisket of beef, turkey with trimmings (stufing brussel sprouts) and a fish which I cannot remember. So obviously a poorly planne
  3. With all the recent press about the shack I attemted twice, the first time a line of roughly 50 plus at 1:30 sent me to BLT Fish. A return visit last friday at 3pm was much more successful. I ordered a large choclate shake ( delicious ), a hot dog with onions and sauerkraut ( no better than your typical 'dirty dog' stand fare - the joint on 6th avenue is far better!) and a shack burger ( ok, nothing special, but nothing to stand in line for- stick to the corner bistro ) all for $14.00. DM..kick it up a notch! Oh I had the fries too, again nothing special..
  4. I don't know Doug Psaltis but I've met Thomasa Keller enough times to know not only the type of restaurant he commands but the respect he has for food. I first met him as I was on the short list for the GM position at Per Se ( I didn't get the job). It was mid morning in his hotel suite and he was impeccably dressed, groomed and spoken. Fast forward to Per Se as I was invited into the kitchen from my dining table (and given a tour) on the eve of his published NYT review, it was the most immaculately clean space I have seen in my 30 years in the restaurant business. This work ethic comes from o
  5. The future of multiple owneship might best be understood in part by understanding first the motivation on a chefs part for multiple ownership and second the ability to multiple task, delegate and execute. As an example you can use say Todd English compared to Vongerichten and a lessor degree Keller. I think the motiavetion in these three chefs vary and as a result the future for all three are going to be quite different.
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