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  1. Thanks Pam! So is it sort of like the Whippets or Viva Puffs we get in Canada?
  2. Hi all, One of my Israeli friends on facebook joined a group dedicated to this dessert. I can't read Hebrew so I don't know what it is but it looks divine. Any clues, recipes? קרמבו - This is the name in Hebrew, hope it shows up OK. Thanks!
  3. What I do is use both hands to 'hand dip' and then use a fork to roll in coconut, ground nuts, whatever. Sure the fork gets chocolatey but that's not a big deal. I have about 3 - 4 forks ready for when one gets too messy to work with!
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    Fine Chocolate

    If you would like to include Canada, there is a company called Soma Chocolatemaker that does some bean to bar items. I have also never tasted their chocolate. They wouldn't ship to the US. Shame they wouldn't ship to the US. Soma is DIVINE! They do bean to bar and also make truffles with their own chocolate. I cannot even express the super thin shell they get on their moulded chocolates!
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    Thanks Kerry, you're always so generous!
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    Thanks so much! Now I'm excited...
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    Happy New Year everyone! After 4 years of being in the truffle business, I think I'm ready to make molded chocolates! I kept resisting but now realise how much more you can do with molding like have a very soft center! Well, what kind of molds do ppl suggest I start with? I'd like to have 2 kinds to offer customers for VDay ( heart shaped and round ). On the Chocolat/chocolat website, there are clear Asian molds, Belgian, French...it's very confusing. Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks everyone, can't wait to try it...
  9. My kids are begging for marshmallow truffles. No, unfortunately, green tea, raspberry and other truffles don't seem to excite them. They want to make the marshmallow from scratch and then dip in tempered chocolate. Would that work? Is there a recipe anyone has? I feel this might have been discussed in 'confections, ...'. Thanks:)
  10. So I finally got my mol d'art and opened it up about 1 hour ago. I need to dip a bunch of centres and so I put about 1.5 lb of dark choc. into the melter. Well, it's still not all melted!!!!!!! What am I doing wrong? By now I would have been done w/o the melter. Am I supposed to half melt it and then agitate without adding tempered chocolate...reasoning being the unmelted choc. will seed the melted? PLEASE HELP:(
  11. I mean the ganache got grainy, I didn't change anything really. However...I fixed it as per baking 911. Divided the ganache in half, refrigerated one half and heated the other and mixed them together! It sounds like your ganache just set stiffer than you are used to, perhaps due to a little less liquid. I've also noticed that a ganache sets quicker when you temper the chocolate. You might try to add just a bit more creme next time. What technique did you use to put the ganache together? ← ←
  12. Thanks David, I boiled the cream and poured it over tempered chopped chocolate It sounds like your ganache just set stiffer than you are used to, perhaps due to a little less liquid. I've also noticed that a ganache sets quicker when you temper the chocolate. You might try to add just a bit more creme next time. What technique did you use to put the ganache together? ←
  13. Hi all! I've got a great Lime / ginger truffle recipe that has worked in the past...however this time, after adding the Limoncello, the ganache seized when I checked on it after a few hours...why??? Here's the recipe if anyone wants it, - 8 oz semi sweet chocolate ( I use Valrhona ) -1/2 cup creme fraiche - 2 tbsp butter - 2 tsp grated lime zest - 2 tsp Limoncello For coating: - tempered chocolate - icing sugar - ground ginger
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    Nougat paste

    Thanks so much Kerry and mrose!! I will try some Frangelico, always wanted to. Kerry, the nougat paste was from McCalls. They've got a new pistachio paste that looks great, maybe you can try it and let me know:) Take care,
  15. I spotted something called 'Nougat Paste' at the local bakers place I go to for my confectionery needs...it's actually ground hazlenuts,ground almonds, some veg. oil and sugar. It tastes great, very good quality. I was hoping to find some 'Gianduja' but this was the closest they had. I'm planning on folding this into some milk chocolate / creme fraiche ganache, enrobing in milk choc. and rolling in toasted hazlenuts. - Anyone tried hazlenut truffles w/ good results? - Anyone know why this is called 'Nougat Paste'? Thanks!
  16. Hi all! I was just reading JPW's Fine choc. book and he says that using liqueurs ( Grand Marnier, etc ) is not recommended in chocolate...something about the alcohol breaking the chocolate down. He goes on to say that liqueur is usually thickened with sugar syrup to create a liqueur syrup. I have used liqueurs in my truffles and I have to say that I found them either too strong or not strong enough, it was hard to find a balance. Any thoughts??
  17. Just wanted to know if any of you use creme fraiche in your truffles and if so where do you get it from...or do you make it yourself at home? Also, I've heard that 40% creme like what you get in France is so much better than the usual 35% grocery store whipping creme. Does any one use the 40%? Thanks!
  18. Thank you all once again! Yes, I will ask for a better price, thanks Kerry. I was wondering though, with a 6kg Mol d'art, what if I only put 1.5 or 2 kg in there for melting. I really like doing small batches unless it's a really large order. Would that work? Will it be too little quantity for proper melting, seeding in that particular tray capacity? Thanks:)
  19. Thanks so much! I just got off the phone w/ Qzina and my mol d'art melter should be here in a week, yeah!! I did ask for 2 more pans, how much is each pan worth? I just said that I was considering buying more pans. Also, is there anywhere else in Toronto ( Kerry:) where the mol d'arts are cheaper? Finally, once the seed choc. is added, can the mol d'art maintain proper working temperature? Also, can one reduce the temperature below room temp. w/ the mol d'art? Thank you so much again!
  20. Thank you so much!! Thanks Paul for the demystifying response and Lior, do you have a Mol d'art or an actual tempering machine. I feel more strongly about buying a Mol d'art now. Also, I do very little molded chocolate, mostly hand dipped truffles, does a Mol d'art work for those too? Will let everyone know how it goes...
  21. Hello all, I know there's a thread ( or 5! ) on this but does anyone have any recent experience with a Mol d'art? I've heard they're very reliable. I'd actually like to buy a tempering machine but heard it's better to buy a melter instead. Also, with a Mol d'art, you still have to agitate on the marble slab to create the tempered seed right? Do share...
  22. Hello all! Back from my usual summer hiatus and I'm busy making 350 truffles for a wedding. Well, I had a little extra dark choc ( Lindt ) and for some reason decided to add cold yoghurt to the plain melted chocolate ( Danone Naturalia ). I stirred pretty aggressively and left it for a minute. Well, in no time it hardened enough for me to be able to roll into balls. The ganache was amazing, the tanginess and the bittersweetness blending perfectly. Anyone tried yoghurt truffles before. Also, what would be the shelf life on these? Do write...
  23. Hello all! I'm looking for a compound for colouring white chocolate. I need it for making lime green and orange lines on my spring truffles. Does anyone have any ideas of some good quality brands? Also, Kerry, any ideas where I can pick these up in Toronto? You and everyone else on this site have been so helpful!!
  24. Hello all, Mothers Day is not too far away here in N.America and I was wondering what fellow confectioners were planning on making? Some of my thoughts are: -Repeat of the hit Raspberry Chambord dark truffles covered in white from V.Day - Key lime truffles covered in white with lime green streaking - Strawberry white chocolate truffles covered in dark Thanks!
  25. Hello Barbara! I didn't actually find them...wish I did though. They were brought over from Woodbridge, does that help?
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