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  1. cchen

    Per Se

    anyone have a picture of the a la carte menu yet?
  2. cchen

    Hill Country

    if they have the short rib special, you absolutely have to get it. Just be warned, it is huge and comes on the bone. The smallest sized one they had was about 1.25 lb.
  3. I recently had superb service at Cru. However, the restaurant was EMPTY, which worries me a lot.
  4. does Co take reservations? trying to decide on a place for small group
  5. are you referring to their bomboloni? ← I am pretty sure thats what they call it.. Going this Saturday, will take a photo.. Have you had it? What are your thoughts? ← its good, but not as good as ours . i think its a bit pricey for what it is and who knows how long they let it sit out...
  6. are you referring to their bomboloni?
  7. I really enjoyed the pork belly ssam the other night...
  8. Actually, they are not including anything extra. This I confirmed. I asked for the "regular" bo ssam, not the two choices with the prices pp.
  9. I'm a little bit disappointed with MSB. Called them today to inquire about getting the bo ssam for takeout. Apparently, they've increased the price again, this time to $200? Can anyone confirm? Then, (this is what shocked me) the person on the phone told me that they would have to charge $250 if I wanted the bo ssam to go (which does not include oysters). Now, I have no problem paying more if there are increased costs or whatnot but come on, $50 upcharge for no apparent reason at all?? They're making more money (and have less hassle) for takeout than if I brought my party to dine in.
  10. anyone know if they're willing to do a bo ssam takeout??
  11. cchen

    Perry Street

    awkward indeed, but not unusual at all. i've been many times for lunch (and the restaurant is usually empty) and that happens a lot. had the white chocolate dessert last time as well, thought it was ok but wasn't blown away by it
  12. cchen

    Hill Country

    indeed. i went for lunch today and saw they had posted it on a chalkboard, but there was no mention on the website when i was looking at the menu. btw, moist brisket still as good as every other time. pork ribs... not so much.
  13. I was interested in going but didn't fell that the admission price was worth it.
  14. had the bo ssam again a couple nights ago. still amazing. tried the cauliflower the first time. definitely liked it, but still prefer the brussels sprouts
  15. I'm glad you were finally able to get to Shimizu.
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