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  1. I'll be alone in tokyo for about 3 days, I want to make the most of it, so does anybody have any suggestions of what to do and where to go. Price is not really a factor. I know that most of the top end places will be closed. Thanks, Ben
  2. Hibiscus is a must do. Also arbutus or wild honey both places great value and very inspiring.
  3. A visit to Ramsay at Claridges a few years ago we had strawberries in January, this was not long after he had released a chef for all seasons! Not at all shocked by the raspberries. Actually, I wish I had ordered that instead of the orange one.
  4. Had lunch today, silver egg with truffled leeks was very good, pigeon was ok, perfectly cooked, nothing memorable though. The Gianduja dessert was great, different textures and flavours although the orange syrup was awful, it was literally burning my mouth it was so harsh! Not a patch on the lunch I had at hibiscus on monday.
  5. Tomato page I thought this site might intrest you. When I was working in Grenoble last summer we used to get heirloom tomatoes delivered by mail order from somewhere in France and they were fantastic, but typically I have lost the name of the company we got them from!
  6. books This is a pretty good shop you should try. Sorry missed the other post!
  7. Nordic Kitchen This is the manifesto for the new Nordic Kitchen.
  8. The ground floor is a lounge, first floor is the main restaurant and the second floor is private dining/overflow. Hopefully there will be a new improved website soon.
  9. MR isn't formal, very relaxed, beautiful restaurant, modern with a young front of house who are very passionate about what they do, the chefs also help bring the food out aswell.
  10. The noma cookbook is well worth getting hold.It has some great history of how the restaurant came about.
  11. I would skip Alberto K and go to Formel B which is 5 mins from the hotel in a taxi,or head out to Bo Bech at Paustian for some of the most modern cooking in the city.
  12. which leads nicely to my next question - does anyone have any information on his new place ... think it's called Geranium on Kronprinssegade ... just opened? A website would be great - or else info on opening hours, costs ... or feedback would be very much appreciated and any views on Jan Hurtigkarl's place ... near Helsingor? ← the website is www.kongenshave.com thats the name of the park that is in, the food is going to be as much organic and bio-dynamic as possible. They are also going to be planting herbs which used to be used back in the 16th century, this is with the gardeners from the royal palace. Opening is going to be the 26th of April. Jan Hurtigkarl is worth a trip especially if the weathers good, you can sit out on the terrace and look over the sea to Sweden, every year the guys go away for 3 months for inspiration then come back and use the influences in the food. This year they have been to South Africa and Mozambique, they also change all the decor in the restaurant bringing objects back from the travels. If you wanted to make a couple of days of it you could take the ferry over to Helsingborg in Sweden from Helsingor and eat at Niklas, which is one of the best restaurants in Sweden.
  13. The michelin guide for the main cities of europe was released today. 2 stars for Noma and 1 star for restaurant MR.
  14. I propose a new topic- how to limit the damage of bad reviews by critcs and food writers.
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