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    Dried Mushrooms 101

    I dry my own mushrooms using a food dehydrator. when I am at the fruit and vegetable market and I see buttons or flats for a good price I buy extra. When I get them home I slice them all up and dehydrate the lot. I put them all in a air tight container and rehydrate them for 20 - 30 mins in cold water before use. If I am in a hurry I will put them in a bowl of water and microwave them for 15 seconds. With the dried shitake's I put some in a container and cover them with water. Then their always ready for use when you are.
  2. What about chicken. In the 70,s [Yes I know I am showing my age] a roast chicken was a special treat. It seems these days that chicken is cheaper that pet food and a very common dish on the table. I have taken it upon myself to return to buying only free range organic chickens. They are expensive $20 - 25 AU dollars but the difference is uncomparable. Its now a real treat again and I won't be returning to to the mass produced meat of the 00. Actually I have found myself eating less meat an only buying the choice cuts with both fish and meat are in the same catagory. Much more enjoyable and no more expensive in the long run given my satisfaction levels.
  3. Mitani, which does not use MSG in its ingredients, claims to be the largest supplier of chicken salt in Australia. The ingredients of Mitani brand chicken salt are: Sea salt "Herbs and spices" Garlic powder Onion powder Dextrose Soy sauce powder Vegetable oil "Natural flavourings" Citric acid.
  4. I smoked for 20 years from the age of 15 to 35 and tried to give up many times and finally 5 years ago I went cold turkey. The only way I found to give up was to give up alcohol at the same time. The way I saw it was the two go hand in hand, so for 12 weeks I gave up the alcohol and went walking every afternoon. I am now one of the worlds biggest anti smokers and can’t even stand a whiff of cigarette smoke. My nose for food and wine has improved 10 fold and I feel healthier that ever. I encourage all of you who are trying to give up to continue your non smoking ways and wish you all the best in your quest to give up. Cheers Taubear
  5. Quote from the site even though the name may suggest it has a chicken flavour, there are no chicken extracts or concentrates added which adds to it's versatility. This is a worry What the hell's in it if there's no chicken extracts?
  6. Went to “Spice I Am” last week for the first time. I have stopped going to Thai restaurants in Sydney as most of them bore me to tears. “Spice I Am” was something completely different! The food was amazingly fresh and SO very delicious. We had a Thai fish cake special which I would'nt normally order as they are usually like eating squash balls. These fish cakes were delectable little morsels that melted in the mouth and were accompanied by a dipping sauce. YUM Next was a spicy beef salad. This beautifully put tighter dish actually had a very good chilli bite and good use of lime. Next was a lemon grass salad. Wow what a mouth explosion lemon grass cut very finely pared with king prawns and a palm sugar lime and chilli dressing. An absolute highlight. Everything was SO good we decided to order one more dish. Yellow curry chicken. This slightly sweet curry is one of the best I have ever eaten and was a great way to end the meal. We will defiantly be going back again and this will probably become a regular. Finally an authentic Thai restaurant in Sydney. Spice I Am 90 Wentworrth Ave Surry Hills NSW 2010
  7. I love a good potato scallop and of course a crab stick to go with my fish and chips. Who really knows whats in a crab stick [i am sure it's NOT crab] but I like them Also the crumbed crab claws are pretty damn goo too......actually it's all good. Chicken Salt - Another unknown in the fish and chip world. Probably made from chicken stock cube and salt. Best added to the chips. Me I just like plain old sea salt. Edited to add chicken salt comment
  8. I generally find when I go out that I either end up extremely disappointed with my meal or extremely poor, often both . ←
  9. For those of you who have a set top box and can tune into ABC2 they have a half hour cooking show. Might be worth checking out. Secret Recipes Singapore 9:15pm Friday, February 3, 2006 Jacques Reymond lifts the lid on the traditional recipes Australians use in their kitchens every day. In this episode he prepares Nonya food, a combination of both Chinese and Malaysian cuisine, with Queenie Aikenhead.
  10. Hello Whisks, Everyone, Firstly thanks for all the great information you have added to this thread lately. I am a regular at the Oriental & Continental food warehouse and really love the range of goodies that they have available at very reasonable prices. I no longer shop at either Simon Johnson’s, Jones the grocers or David Jones for my salted caper, olive oil, dried fruit and nuts as this place has it all. Details Oriental & Continental food warehouse 41-43 Carlotta St Artarmon NSW 2064 PH: 02 9906 8990 Back to the thread – Mentioned in an earlier post was the Hunter Connection arcade in the city so the other day I went to check it out for myself. The arcade can be accessed from Wynyard station, George St, Pitt St and Hunter St. In the arcade is a treasure trove of Asian and Indian restaurants that serves what looks like very traditional food. There is Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Indian and Japanese. It was packed with expats from every county mentioned and looks as if it will become a regular lunch venue for me. Chinatown is unfortunately just that little bit to far to walk to for lunch from my office.
  11. Hi Whisks, I am located in Artarmon. Your recommendation regarding the hole in the wall [Golden Swallow] is exactly the information I was after. Lately I have been travelling to Pymble to dine at [Mitzies Court] which is located on the Pacific Highway just across the road from the Pymble Hotel. The Chinese food there is delicious and the service is always friendly. It is run by a husband and wife team and has been open for about 12 months. Definitely worth a visit if your up that way. I have also noticed that there is a new Indonesian restaurant opened in Roseville next to the cinema, haven’t had a chance to visit yet but that ones on my list to get to soon. You mentioned a Malaysian restaurant in North Sydney but didn’t give the name. Any chance you might give us some details next time your on. I would like to add a thankyou to everyone that has a comment so far. Keep them coming.
  12. Taubear

    Saute fish in a pan?

    Heat the pan to the correct temperature first. [Medium High] Add your oil. Grapeseed is very good for fish as stated by G-Man "It reaches higher temps before smoking" Salt the skin just before you place it in your pan for a crispy result. Depending on thickness allow 2mins one side and 1:30 seconds on the other side. Leave the fish for the required time and only turn the fish once. Let sit for 5 mins before serving. Whalla perfect fish
  13. I had a GF who insisted on buying "Fat Free" everything. I won't touch "Fat Free" products and only like to eat food thats the real deal. Read - Butter, mayonnaise, salad dressing, milk and so on. Needless to say she and I are no longer an item.
  14. French Cafe in Symonds street is always excellent. Or try "White" in the Auckland Hilton
  15. What a sad day it is.......the poisoning of the mass begins. Only 1 billion puppets to go. India next.
  16. I agree it's a very slow tread. I really thought I might have got a better response but everyone in Sydney must be dining out elsewhere. Do try the BBQ King if your coming to Sydney it's oper until 3-4 am everynight of the week and there's no need to make a booking. I tried the Chatswood Peking restaurant on Sunday and I am pleased to announce it was pretty tasty.
  17. There was a restaurant in Auckland called. Young Pink One Not sure what they served but the name disturbed me.
  18. I love good Chinese food but I find it very difficult to find a place that serves consistently good food that's reasonably priced. I have just moved house and am now living in a new [new to me] suburb on Sydney's north shore and I have been to the following restaurants in my area and the city. Kaya Chinese Restaurant - Artarmon Chequers – Chatswood Kam Fook – Chatswood Fook Yuen – Chatswood Moon Terrace – Chatswood Yings – Crows Nest Peacock Gardens - Crows Nest Lee's Fortuna Court – Crows Nest Dragon Star – City The Regal – City Some have been pretty good such as Moon Terrace, Chequers and The Regal I have found the rest pretty average. What I would really like is to find a little gem that’s tucked away and is well know to locals living in their respective areas. I want to be able to go for a sit down meal and also to order take away knowing that I am going to get something satisfying. I really annoys me when I order take away and am left ever so disappointed when it arrives. Where are you favourite Chinese restaurants in Sydney?
  19. We have lived in New Zealand for the past 6 years and returned to Sydney for work and live recently. We have found the it's cheaper to buy most N.Z. wines here than it is in N.Z or they are about the same price. We lived in Caterbury and have even managed to find bottles from relativly small vineyards for sale in Sydney bottle shops. Recently I bought several bottles of Pegasus Bay Semion/Semillon for AU$28/bottle. It NZ$30 at the cellar door. I think your better off sourcing a good bottle store or online UK wine merchant to purchase your wine. You won't get any breakages that way either.
  20. Apologies for deviating from the post but can one of you fine people tell me what are the 2 methods of cooking used in twice cooked pork belly. If I cook it at home I first marinate the pork belly in a mixture of spices and sauces overnight. I then put it into a Chinese clay pot a slow cook it for several hours and then take it out of the pot to rest before placing it under the grill to produce a delicious crackling. Does this differ from the method used at the Tea House. You can count me in for a trip to Melbourne in the new year. Just can't wait to try out some of the great restaurants you have down there. If your ever in Sydney feel free to contact me. I am of to Becasse tonight in Clarence street so I will post my review soon.
  21. I took my girlfreind to lunch at Devine located in Clarence St downtown Sydney. I had Tasmanian Salmon with grilled asparagus and tomato salsa. She had Grilled whitting fillets with a kumera [sweet potato] and eggplant couli. A glass of good south australian chardonay. Both were delicious
  22. I want to make a Christmas cake this year. I don’t want to just get a recipe on the net I want a hand me down recipe. Who in your family has been baking a Christmas cake for the festive season and has a tried and true recipe. I can still remember my nana’s Christmas cake which was full of bandy soaked fruit and crunchy almonds and it was heavy to hold. Do you have a Christmas cake recipe you would be willing to share.
  23. Sorry to hear about you bad experience at the Chelsea tea house. We have been going for a drive up there about once a month and have only ever been looked after and feed with the most delicious food and coffee. A few weeks ago we thought we’d give somewhere else a try and went to the foodie café/deli across the road. All I can say is never ever again the service was atrocious. Why do these cafés start business and then employ 15 year olds to serve people. I suppose that’s another thread. For consistently good coffee and food we go to Houlahans in Spring St Chatswood. Sam’s the barista there and he has won many awards for his coffee. The service and food are always good. What about delish in Lindfeild the quiche is devine.
  24. FiFi La More I will agree that the north shore may seem like a desert as opposed to a dessert if you dont know where to look. There are lots of offerings to be had. Last week I dined at Tables in Pymble for the 4-5 time. The quality of the dishes are truley 5 star without the price. Check before going if Dan is on. We spent $220 for two which included wine, appertiffs, entree, mains and desserst. Corkage was $8 for the bottle. Sydneys northern beaches also offer great fair. Try the cafe at Avalon "Chealsea Tea House for a beautiful breakfast or lunch. Baristas very good. Try it out
  25. Not having spent much time in Melbourne I really can't comment. From a Sydney perspective there are several areas I would recommend to a foodie restaurant lover like myself. As Shinboners said I you stay within a 10 -15 min travel radius of the city you will be fine. Here are my picks Balmain - Lots of restaurants, Good pubs and great produce stores. Newtown - Lots of restaurants, Good pubs and an interesting crowd. Surry Hills - Lots of restaurants, Good pubs and very close to the city Paddington - Upmarket suburb with lots of gourmet shops [simon Johnson, Jones the Grocer and other good quality delis and fruitier] Crows Nest - North Shore - Lots of restaurants, Essential Ingredients store which has a great range of food, cookware, and cookbooks to fill a library. Inner City Sydney - Liverpool St for Spanish, Goulbourn St and China Town for Chinese and Asian. Paddy's Market has a large produce market every week fish, meat and a huge range of fresh fruit and veg. Nearly all the 1,2 and 3 hat restaurant are located in the inner city. David Jones city store has a great food hall and casual dining area and the list goes on. My main consideration would be where am I going to be working and how far am I prepared to commute. I have just returned to Australia after working overseas for the last 6 years and I have chosen to live close to Crows Nest. Main reason being it has lots to offer any night of the week and is only 10 min on the train to the city where I work. Good luck in your decision.
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