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  1. I used to date a girl who worked here so I was privy to some inside information. Apparently the owner has pumped a lot of money into this place and has a 2 year lease, so she is dedicated to making it work. They have been throwing concepts out there and hoping something would stick. I think the first idea was homestyle cooking served cafeteria style. And recently they started calling it LK because they felt Lily Kate was alienating potential male customers.
  2. this being in the delmarva forum, why specify at all? regardless, how about: charlie palmer colorado kitchen capital grille palena back room buck's fishing and camping
  3. A bunch of guys looking for red meat, presumably looking for further "after-dinner" entertainment couldn't do better than starting at Ray's the Steaks. ← He said in DC.
  4. Okay I have to ask, is this actual Kobe beef, as in raised and slaughtered in Kobe, or simply beef from the Wagyu breed? Because there is a difference - a big difference.
  5. I tip 15-20% for reasonably good service and 25-30% for really good service. Or if I'm paying in cash and it's a small bill I will usually go higher . I mean, I'm not going to break out the change purse for a tip. Not that I carry a change purse, but you get the picture. I have noticed that in Canada, tips seem to be lower. I've gone out with friends who are not cheap in other domains, but who leave between 10-15% tip. I figured that I was just the outlier because in America waiters and waitresses get paid less, 2-3 dollars an hour I think because of the tips. So one only figures that in Canada, you simply tip less. I was going to start doing that until I read this forum. thanks egullet!
  6. it's highly popular among the egullet crowd in DC. A lot of the best restaurants there do no use it, but for those that do, I used it all the time. Regarding other purposes, it turns out restaurants can leave notes about diners that other restaurants will see. It's good for, ahem, problem diners.
  7. Hi Busboy,I think you are being a bit harsh. First of all, there is Asian on the list, so that was just a blatantly false statement. One of the requirements the piece sets for itself was being close to "the attractions," which I imagine means stuff in the district. I have a damn hard time finding good Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean in the district and I lived there for 24 years. So, I think we can go a little easy on them for the "No Asian" thing. The good sushi in the district is very expensive, but I might have put Kotobuki on there instead of Aoi. Matchbox and the Chili Bowl are places that I think a traveler on a budget should try, and Diner is pretty neat, especially for a visitor enjoying the adams morgan nightlife. Or would you reccomend a jumbo slice instead? Breadline is also an excellent choice.
  8. I have to agree Daddy-A, it's such an elegant yet soothing room to dine in. That's actually what I focused on in my review of it. I haven't seen any cougars on any of my visits though.
  9. I'm not the ultimate authority on Sichuan cooking, but some of my friends have a lot of experience with it, and they seem to think that Golden Szechuan on Broadway, near Burrard is pretty good and authentic. The hot pot there also seems to be very popular, but I'm not a huge fan of that fashion of eating - everything winds up tasting the same.
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