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  1. Thank you for your suggestions and for that first line. Dialogue boxes for bluetooth and temperature setting: True. It shouldn't bother you if you are not using it.Setting default piece of equipment: I am using various brands and I like the automatic detection. But it could be a necessary step, if SV gear diversifies. There is no difference between the test and the purchased versions. They are identical. You can change the pre-set on the input pop-up for the Anova. But not in the recommendations themselves. Noted. Suggestions for "user entered variables" and "ability to enter their own recipes" have also come up on UserVoice . This is a need, apparently. It feels too restricted and you both want more freedom. Got it. Thank you!
  2. Sous Vide °Celsius iOS app 3.1 has been released. Features: - Sous Vide timers (mini-recipes with an alarm). Added content and recommendations. - Improved Fahrenheit display, rulers in inches for the US. - Remote control the Anova Precision Cooker over Bluetooth (start, stop, set temperature). Screenshots: URL for purchase: https://itunes.apple.com/app/sous-vide-celsius/id419217101. If you don't want to buy the app, but would like to help improve it, send me an email - I will provide you with free promocodes until they run out. Thanks to the EGullet beta-testers! Public app feedback and ideas for improvement are now on https://sousvidecelsius.uservoice.com. Keep it coming.
  3. Thanks, glepore. The interaction with changing units in the US version needs to be improved. Looking for an option that is simple and understandable and not listing everything for everyone. Useful comment. I add this to a card on Trello. More temperature/time recommendations for fish at higher temperatures. Thanks!
  4. Hello weedy Thank you for your feedback. We test the suggestions ourselves. That means, we only have a limited amount of personal experiences. So not every product has been listed for all its sizes. We have started to give some product testing to colleagues, but almost every item has gone trough our own hands. Coupled with your feedback this should improve quality over time. I took your suggestion to use a range of sizes for duck breast and put it in the Trello board for app feedback . Let us know if there are more products that you believe are missing. Thank you and best regards, Jonas
  5. This is the philosophy hub of the English-speaking gastronomy world. This is the place where Douglas Baldwin posted his calculations and it is the birthplace of Modernist Cuisine. I bow down respectfully and really mean it. I am also well aware that society member Vengroff created the outstanding Sous Vide Dash. I myself have often used the information provided. As a matter of fact the project that I am about to present wouldn’t be the way it is without the influences mentioned above. On Tuesday November 11th we will release the Sous Vide °Celsius iOS app 3.0. An app with sous vide recommendations, timers and tutorials. Simple. It has been criticised in the past. It was criticised for not being worth its money. That hurt. So we sat down and tried to make it better. Sous Vide °Celsius is our distillate and experience about what works when using the sous vide technique. Food is never an exact geometrical shape. Waiting for an extra hour for a piece to reach the additional half degree is impractical. We tested sous vide recommendations that work and developed tutorials to make the first steps easy. The original was written in German. So we really need feedback from the English speaking world. We want this to be a useful app. An app that is worth it. Since its value is based on the content, it is more difficult to judge, but I am sure this is the right place to find out. I hereby would like to offer you the possibility to test the app before the official release. I have no idea how many of you will respond. Please write an email. I will reply with more information and a link to register as a beta-tester. My offer stands until November 10th or until I run out of promocodes to cover your free app after the beta-testing phase.
  6. Haven't tried. Keller mentions calf's heart. His offal cooking and braising seems more accurate than others so you might like to try this one. I am curious myself. Calf's heart is brined for 24h, packed with duck fat, braised sous-vide at 79.4 °C for 24h; then fat is poured off and heated to 82°C, heart is sliced, warmed in the fat, drained and served. ... I am looking for infographics showing average percentages of collagen content in various beef muscle. Can someone point to scientific research or web articles?
  7. Pork chops out of a light brine (salty but palatable) made of dark beer, salt, bay, leaf and cloves for 48h, then oiled and grilled - they taste very much like beer!
  8. tahini sounds reasonable to me and it will keep for a while toast sesame seeds in a pan add salt and grind them in a mortar add olive oil to turn it into a paste optional lime juice and sesame oil to adjust taste store in a cool place in preserving jars - if you use clean spoons it will last for a long time
  9. Most of the flavor comes from the cartilage and connective tissue in the bones. I'd say you go without meat. Just bones. Make a remouillage (steep twice). Reduce. No chicken unless you use the final product with birds. Beef would work in for stronger flavor but then it's not veal stock. I'd use just bones, technique and flavorings.
  10. If you haven't added any liquids yet you should be fine with the vessel you have. (Barley would soak up water and expand) You should refrigerate it in any case - barley can attract yeast spores in the air (mushroom beer) The crucial action will be about the Roux (butter-flour binding agent): You either want to mix cold butter and flour with a hot liquid OR hot butter and flour with a cold liquid. 30g of roux binds about 1 Liter of liquid (1 ounce binds 1 quart of liquid) Assuming you haven't added any liquid yet: Remember the amount of butter you put in (or strain it now and measure tomorrow), refrigerate it and go about whatever it is that is more important than mushroom barley soup. Tomorrow: Mix flour with butter first, heat it then add cold liquid and stir until it binds. Add all other ingredients. Finish and season the soup. Relax.
  11. Mirdad

    Italian Riviera

    I just spent two beautiful weeks visiting friends in Sestri Levante and made a simple list of foods to taste in Liguria. We had a very good meal at La Brinca. Outstanding wine list and very good value for sure (It means something when your Italian friend from Naples is feeling too full to eat the last two courses) I am also convinced that the best foccacia formagetta in all of Liguria comes from the panificio in Cavi (http://bit.ly/adM34R) Here is the link to "10 foods to eat and drink in Cinque Terre - Liguria, Italy": http://bit.ly/c34f9t
  12. +zucchini + olive oil +mint + garlic - this will always remind me of southern italy and summer in a tiled kitchen. Much later I started to build this website (http://cuuks.com) to remember aroma and tag it with memories.
  13. Mirdad

    Soft Boiled Eggs

  14. Mirdad

    Substitute for Lovage

    foodpairing.be suggests: Cardamom, Cumin, Mandarin peel, Origanum, Rosemary http://www.foodpairing.be/FoodInterchangeable.aspx?f=Lovage I haven't tried those but they sound rather sketchy. I agree with tighe, though: celery leaves make a good substitute. Parsley might be another option. If you have a Maggi stock cube lying around - use that! - loveage is called Maggikraut in German :-)
  15. Mirdad

    Preserved limes

    I recently bought a book by Tanja Grandits (Restaurant Stucki, Basel, Switzerland http://www.stuckibasel.ch/index.php?en_home - awarded 18 GM and 1 Michelin star). She does a rather colorful cuisine using a lot of spices and herbs from the surrounding meadows and forests - fusing techniques from all over the world. She features a preserved limes recipe in her book Aroma Pur (available in german, only - as far as i know). I haven't tried it out. The procedure is straight forward using the same process as when preserving lemons. Cut, salt, cover with lime juice, (add optional spices) turn every few days, let rest. Good luck - I am curious too hear about the results!
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