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  1. I'm wearing my Airwalk sneakers today. That helps a lot. ← Love the blog! I don't make it to Philly too often, in spite of the fact that my brother and only niece live there, but now I have a wealth of information to put to use whenever I am there. Your writing is so entertaining and I love the photos. On the plantar fasciitis note, none of the inserts ever helped me. I finally found a new podiatrist and he suggested I wear a 1-2" heel and that did the trick. Not sure how you would swing wearing heels though! Born brand shoes also really helped. Take care and thanks again for such a great blog, Angela
  2. OMG. That was so funny I just sprayed my computer screen with latte. Angela
  3. Hello there, I order my favorites teas online from Upton or In Pursut of Tea. And I always order something new to try. Lately I have been drinking the Assam Meleng and Assam Mangalam as well as the Bond St English Breakfast and the Russian Caravan. Angela
  4. Hi cchen, Happy to hear that you enjoyed your meal. I am not surprised to hear there wasn't an omakase. Your photos are gorgeous and now my mouth is watering. Too bad I am on a layover right now on my way to Boston. Take care! Angela
  5. Great topic! Okay I was born and bred in California and never even heard of grits til I was 30. That meeting was love at first taste and I have been smitten ever since. Though I've lived everywhere BUT the south and am now raising two Jewish daughters (on grits with butter or cheese, mind you) in Salt Lake City all it takes is one glass of sweet tea and an accent miraculously appears. Angela
  6. Hello Bill, Actually spent last weekend in Moab (with a side trip to Goblin Valley and Little Wild Horse Canyon) with my daughters. Had a great time except I am a bit scraped and bruised Looked at some property in Castle Valley but didn't really find anything. I am not sure I would call myself lucky... more like addicted. Need to go into recovery because the kobe appetizer alone is seriously draining my bank account. I was a devoted customer at Shogun too but never liked the seating much prefer everything at the new place. Except one of the wines I tried last time. Maybe I will run into you at Takashi sometime. Problem is, how will I know it is you?? Take care, Angela
  7. cchen- I must second Bill's recommendation of Takashi. I eat there about once a week and it is always fabulous. I have not ordered omakase style there but have in Vegas and CA at comparably priced restaurants and I am sure you would not find the pricing to be astronomical. Then again, I suppose it depends on what you end up with! I would say go for it. Happy eating~ Angela
  8. It seems I am in LV more than I am home and Bouchon is my pick for most any meal. I would absolutely recommend it for at least one morning meal. All the better when my daughter is with me and orders the waffles from the children's menu. Sometimes the fact that she is a picky eater definitely works to my benefit! Grand Lux Cafe (also at the Venetian, of Cheesecake Factory lineage) is decidedly more institutional but I admit I love the bagels w/ smoked salmon. I have never been much of a buffet fan so I cannot comment on the quality of any of them. I do love the pretty treats at Jean Philippe (at Bellagio as mentioned above) but it isn't really a place to sit down and enjoy your meal. Enjoy!
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