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  1. Can anyone recommend anywhere in London which consistently stocks anything other than the usual suspects? Thanks.
  2. Dave Sexton's review of Lombard Street from today's ES is really quite special. What, exactly, is the point of this? A Pulitzer? I'm not sure where you go after you've finished your last bistro review with a man on his knees in a church, weeping.
  3. Gourmet San's great, isn't it. It does have the most baffling menu imaginable, though. Half is poorly-translated pork offal and there are at least four dishes saying nothing more than 'chicken with chillies'.
  4. I thought I'd give this a bump and see if anyone had had any recent experiences, good or bad. Is Haozhan as good as initial reports suggested? Has anyone tried the new(ish) Sichuan on Charing Cross Road, Red and Hot? I habitually go to New Mayflower on Shaftesbury Avenue but the last few visits have been disappointing.
  5. Mirazur, I imagine. Had a fantastic meal there back in February.
  6. I'll put in a word for le Mirazur in Menton. Went there for lunch a few weeks ago further to a recommendation on the boards and found it fantastic value. There's something amusingly dated about the whole experience from the Scarface/Eurotrash environment to the Jackson Pollock food presentation. It was, however, one of the very best meals I'd had in the area. For all the razzle dazzle, at the heart of all the dishes were superb local ingredients cooked with great sensitivity. I can't wait to go back.
  7. Thanks, all. Back to Red Chilli it is, then. I can't pretend I'm all that disappointed.
  8. I'm back in Manchester this weekend and craving a Chinese meal. I've been told the Yang Sing is a waste of time these days, and I've enjoyed Red Chilli a couple of times but beyond that I'm clueless. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  9. Many thanks for all the suggestions. Le Mirazur's less than useful website is here It's currently the favourite so I'll let you know how we get on.
  10. I'm due on the Cote d'Azur in a few weeks and was hoping someone might be able to provide a few updates and recommendations. I'm looking for a food market on a Saturday. Do Nice or Ventimiglia have a market of note at the weekend? Where's the best place in Nice or nearby for traditional Nicoise food on a Saturday lunch, on the assumption that La Merenda and Lou Pistou are closed? Where would anyone recommend for a Michelin-starred lunch up to €50 plus wine? Have enjoyed L'Oasis in the past but would be keen to try somewhere else. The Bastide? Jouni? Also looking for a place for good, rustic food in the Lorgue, Salernes, Flayosc area. Nothing too flash. Thanks for any help and I'll be happy to report back any findings.
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