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  1. I've been using Golles brand for about 5 years, it is 8 years old made in Austria and is very good
  2. Good topic, I have been trying to duplicate the crispy shrimp recipe served at Bonefish Grill, PEi Wei, and Mama Fu's and possibly others. Bonefish calls it Bang Bang shrimp, and Mama Fu's calls it Dynamite Shrimp. The sauce is not difficult to duplicate, but the golden color lightly battered crispy shrimp is not easy. Corn starch gives me the crispy part but I cant get the golden brown color. I've tried rice flour etc. but still not there.
  3. Has anyone tried Argan oil as a vinegarette? How does it compare to EVOO or others?
  4. I use vinegar regularly. I like sherry vinegar and I like several of the Cuisine Perel flavored vinegars. I just brought back apricot vinegar and strawberry vinegar from Germany. I also like to use vinegar based Crystal Hot Sauce on many vegatables and in macaroni and cheese and other things.
  5. Great idea, give us an example or two of some of the sauces you have found.
  6. Sound great. I have beem using an Austrian Apple Balsamic for years, and it is wonderful. Here is a link http://www.jonesandbones.com/index.php?act...ubstart=0&id=85
  7. Interesting, I have the same thing going. I have a dozen 12 oz bottles of vanilla steeping and one small bowl of sugar. I made half of the vanilla from vodka and half from brandy. I also have one small bottle made from tequilla.
  8. Jack Fisher

    Pickled eggs

    I also have trouble waiting. I like to add the juice from a jar of pickeled beets to my eggs. It turns them a nice purple color and adds a little flavor. It takes about a week for the color to completely turn all of the white to purple. So I believe they are still curing for the first 6-7 days.
  9. Jack Fisher

    Pickled eggs

    I never use fresh eggs. Its to much trouble to peel them. I always let the eggs set in the refrigerator for at least 5 days, 7 days is even better.
  10. Great post. The oils you compared are all very good and your testing was fair. I have a favorite oil that I like. It is from Apulia. Its Piccolo Molino Olio di Bitonto. Very green, very peppery. About 15.00 per 750ml.
  11. I love oatmeal, but I am very particular about the texture after it is cooked. I dont want mush. I like to taste the oat. The only oatmeal I have found that meets my criteria is Christine and Robs roasted oatmeal from Oregon. Their url is http://www.christineandrobs.comly
  12. Jack Fisher

    Tomato pie!

    I peel my tomatoes, slice them and let them drain in a strainer. I also pre bake my crust with a grated cheese covered bottom. Grated sharp cheese work well. This keeps the tomatoes off of the bottom crust.
  13. I had not heard of toban jian before your note. I was at the M&T Oriental Supermarket in Austin yesterday and I found something similar. It is Pixian Bean Sauce. Its a more brown color than red like chile garlic sauce. Definately a chile and bean mixture, but very thick almost a paste.
  14. If you’re like me following this thread you are overwhelmed with the number of hot sauces mentioned so far. So I began to wonder which sauces were the most popular using “mentions” as the criteria. I went back through the lists and compiled a table by sauce name or type. In first place with the most “mentions” is “Tabasco original”. That is closely followed by “Siracha”. In third place is “Crystal Hot Sauce”. There is a tie for the next most popular mentions, “Tabasco chipotle”, “Texas Pete Hot Sauce”, “Franks Red Hot” and Marie Sharps Original are all the same number of mentions. Next is “Cholula” and then “Matouks Hot Pepper original”. All of these have these all have multiple mentions. The next group is again all tied. It includes: “Rasta Fire Hot Sauce’. ‘Red Devil’, ‘Original Juan Pain from Kansas City’, ‘Sambal olek’, ‘Hot pickled peppers in vinegar like Pickapeppa’,’ Kochujang’, ‘Chinese Chili oil’, ‘Thai garlic chile paste’, ‘Bello from Dominica’, ‘El Yucateco salsa picante’. All others had only one mention so I haven’t listed them. Just thought some may find it interesting
  15. Very interesting thread. I have been interested in hot sauces for a while now. I have a MS Word file I have made up that discusses the different types of hot sauces, not by brand but by type. It's title is "A comparrison of chile sauces". Some of the types discussed are Louisiana-Style, Caribbean Style, Mexican/Southwestern Style, Asian Style etc. It's still a work in progress but if anyone is interested just send me an E-mail.
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