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  1. Let me first state that taste is a highly subjective notion, so in saying that, I've been to just about every major dining establishment (and many low-key ones as well) in NYC and I've always walked away thinking that the meal was crap and I just got robbed. Mas has been the top eatery on my incredibly short list of noteworthy restaurants that I continue to frequent, I was there at their inception back in '04 and I've returned a number of times each year since. Why? because I've found that they are consistently the best at what they do. The decor is charming - great for a date or even a casu
  2. hmm...so ur sayin it wasn't miso soup at all...hehe...I'll have to give tat recipe a try then to be certain...thanks for the research on tis ;-)
  3. anyone know of any french patisseries on Long Island?....it seems its all buttercream and bakeries out there....
  4. hehe...got a good authentic miso recipe i can start wit? hehe btw...i noticed many of the miso soups in japan had miniature clams in them....very nice touch....
  5. I ate at Tagoto in Kyoto recently and had an amazin white miso soup, it was actually creamy and did not separate. Wanted to know if anyone had the recipe for it? Thanks.
  6. Is it me or is there a definite lack of good REAL french patisseries in NY? the one's left tat immediately come to mind are in the city... Payard (the best remainin) Ceci-Cela (good) Patisserie Claude (good) Bouley Bakery (disappointin) on long island, I can't think of any....Mondrian, Jean Marie & Payard Manhasset are no more... This thread mentioned Petrossian & Fauchon...so i'll have to take a look...Lady M is Japanese but still good....LPQ is belgium....Bouchon is american (?)...
  7. If this happens then you have really done your tonkatsu wrong! Gus has hit all the right tips for tempura, very cold, barely mixed batter (made with very low protein four) and frying in small portoins at a steady heat. Some people even suggest keeping the foods refrigerated as well. And others swear by beer or soda water instead of regular water. ← hehe...thanks....maybe i'll just try tempura batter on my tonkatsu...hehe
  8. yah...i kinda wanted to try to get the -don to have the same texture/color as tempura....hehe
  9. I've been tryin to get a nice even & clean golden crust on my tempura, but have so far failed....can anyone offer any tips/procedures? I'm assuming the instructions are the same for katsudon? Thanks...
  10. Wanted suggestions as to places in London for the BEST fish&chips, afternoon tea and desserts. Thanks
  11. I'm not quite certain why, but when I saute a filet of fish (usually 1/2lbs of salmon)....it never comes out as expected....the skin sticks to the pan and the inside is too raw (I'm afraid of overcooking the outside)... What am I doing wrong? is the pan not hot enough? did I not add enough butter? should I add oil as well? am I not letting it sit long enough? please enlighten me...thanks.
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