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  1. I like the idea of the candied spicy nuts because it would offset all the sweet stuff, but I really like the idea of the chocolate dipped honeycomb because she asked for something unique.  Only problem is I don't know where to buy honeycombs... any ideas?

    I had assumed the honeycomb suggestion was refering to the candy not the actually structure that bees make.

    It's like a Violet Crumble candy bar. I don't have a recipe, but googling brings up a bunch.

  2. from ludja's post on June taylor's Jams...

    Grapefruit & Meyer Lemon

    Meyer Lemon and Lime

    Meyer Lemon and Rose Geranium

    Silver Lime and Ginger

    Blackberry & Lemon Verbena

    Boysenberry & Rose Geranium

    Fig & Plum

    Pluot & Lavender

    Apricot & Almond

    Quince & Rose Geranium

    edited to add more found on june taylor's site...

    Blood Orange & Port

    Strawberry & Rose Geranium

    Strawberry Rosemary

    Boysenberry & Rose Geranium

    Buddha's Hand & Rose Geranium

    Buddha's Hand & Rosemary

    Silver Lime & Rosemary

    Strawberry Mint

    Strawberry & Provençal Lavender

    oh joy!

  3. I didn't notice too many flavour combo's with caramel. Any ideas?

    I noted a fair number using my browsers "find in page" feature.

    Caramel Occurances in thread so far:

    - Saffron + caramel (just steep some saffron in hot water and add it a batch of dulce de leche as it simmers)

    - red stripe beer caramel + sauteed bananna + espelette pepper + hybiscus syrup + cardamon ice cream

    - black truffle ice cream + truffle caramel + marcona almonds + shaved truffle + cognac choco sauce + warm chocolate chip & truffle cookie or white truffle madelines = $50 ice cream sunday

    - Espresso and Caramel (especially for ice cream)

    - Buttery caramel ganache enrobed in dark chocolate and garnished with candied Hawaiian ginger.

    - Caramel ganache over cashew praline, enrobed in dark choc.

    - Milk chocolate ganache with caramelized bananas tossed in Jamaician rum and vanilla seeds, enrobed in milk choc.

    - Granny smith apple pate de fruit over a white choc. ganache with ground caramel, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove and all spice

    - Caramel ganache over coffee ganache enrobed in milk choc.

    - and, who could forget the classic pear and caramel

    - dark chocolate + burnt caramel

    - chestnut + caramel

    - browned butter + any nut + chocolate caramel

    - mango + caramel sauce

    - black truffle + sugar + cream + water = truffle caramel sauce

    - apple sorbet + bacon + caramel + balsalmic

    - espelette pepper + macadamia nuts + caramel + maldon sea salt

    I've also enjoyed caramel with roasted orange peel salt.

  4. I thought square plates ran their course a couple of years ago. I was still making ceramics when they were really popular so had a good run making my own. maybe I just burned out on them! :laugh:

    Simple oval dishes, similar to an egg shell's slope, with no lip, are hot.

    I've really enjoyed them for my food photography on the ole blog:

    Soft Cooked Eggs with Warm Anchovy Vinegarette


  5. Yeah, that'd be a LOT of falafel!

    A really good option that I've cooked would be the chick pea and carrot stew.  It won't help your low-carbers, but it's totally vegan.  Onions, carrots, chickpeas - nothing really needs to be refrigerated.  Tasty too.

    How many days do you have to feed your ~150?

    Just one night- thank goodness. Don't know the budget yet.

    I have a pre-pre-planning meeting tonight. Hope to nail down questions about what ammenities I have available.

  6. Thanks Tammy and everyone else who has been chiming in on this thread over the years (Tammy- its fun watching your pregnancy in this thread transition to a little one running around the kitchen!).

    I'm in the planning stages to feed ~150 in a campground situation this summer.

    The Greek menu has been the best looking one for meals without alot of refrigereation emphasis. I love falafels, tho making up enough for this many people has me doubting my own obsessive complusiveness.

    I'm getting hung up on specializing for special diets... some very out-spoken low-carb people in my midst, plus the mythical vegan and gluten free person. Oh yeah, and we have meat eaters! Will probably do a veg menu - the refigeration thing and safe food handling issue.

  7. disclaimer: total Spirits and Cocktails Newbie here (I usually follow the pastry boards- hi!)...

    I'm always taken aback by how good pecans are when I nibble on them... a flavor that seems to speak of sweetness in itself. I've had almond and hazlenut liquers, but I've never seen a pecan varitety (or pistachio for that matter!).

    Does anyone have a pecan liqueur to recommend? Pistachio?

    Would making a nut liquor be similar to making fruit ones?


  8. this is a great thread.

    I have a memory of cooking in a high school kitchen so that we could safely serve items in class. Perhaps school kitchens are available for rent to (ahh, but that's assuming schools actually cook these days!).

    Sorry if this is already in here... what's a "bake sale" legally.

    If I don't want to make a habit of retail selling, its a bake sale?

  9. My favourite is green garlic pesto.

    :wub: recipe?

    I just have my pedestrian use of chopping some into tuna sandwiches. We get garlic whistles here, which are the curled tops right before a flower fully forms. This stalk is nice and crunchy raw.

    I've also received in my csa bin, bags of what looks lke grass but is actually garlic flavored. A coworker called it Chinese Garlic and said he's had it stir fried. I just chopped it up like chives and added it to my sunny side up eggs.

  10. Ok so I experimented this weekend and made several batches of Champagne marshmallows, and they came out wonderfully!!  I used nightscotman's recipe as a base, but altered it a bunch! 

    the champagne doesn't set as well as using all water, so i had to decrease the total amount of liquid in the recipe by a 1/2 cup.  but i used Champagne in both parts of the recipe -- blooming the gelatin and making the sugar syrup.  i also added some vanilla paste,to the second batch, which was a great compliment to the Champagne.  finally, i used onyl 2 cups of sugar since Champagne already has a sweetness to it.

    YUM-O!!  they definitely tasted like Champagne! sorry I don't have any photos to post, but they look just like regular white marshmallows since the color is not altered.  although, i wonder if they would be pink with rose Champagne....now that's another experiment.

    I'm glad you reported back with your results chefmoni... these sounds wonderful. Now I'm struck with the insane urge to make more marshmallows *right now*!

    I have a bottles of cassis and framboise lambic in the cooler begging to be marshmallow-fied!

  11. hi!!!  i'm new to the post, but i'm really interested in trying to make champagne flavored marshmallows.  has anyone tried this yet or know if it would even work?  how much do you think i should attempt to add to a recipe??  thanks for helping a curious mind.... :raz:

    It seems easy enough to substitute the water amounts from the recipe with champagne.

    ps- recipe in RecipeGullet, follow the vanilla variation's water amounts

  12. I just have a few concerns about the mallows I've been making using nightscotman's recipe. They come out GREAT, but I've found that they have been getting "crunchy" after about a week and a half. They kind of re-crystalize after a while of keeping.  :sad:  I've been keeping them in a sealed plastic bag...is that bad? I want them to say soft and puffy longer!


    By the way...I live in an apartment and have no room for a stand mixer, so I've been using a kitchen aid artisan 7-speed handmixer and it works great. Rough on the arm though while I turn the bowl >_<

    I made two batches since Christmas- both in rainy conditions (humidity note) and both witha stand mixer, and neither has gotten stale or crispy!

    I suspect your sugar solution temperature may not be coming to the correct temperature? Maybe something to do with your mixing? Doing this with a hand mixer sounds tedious :wacko:

    I've even been doing staleness tests, as I like stale marshmallows... and can't get mine to harden! Even when stored out in the open, not covered. They do develop more of a subtle 'skin' but that's about it.

    It seems that they age very nicely. My partner, when taste testing a 3 week old honey vanillia one said they had taken on a texture more similar to store bought ones.

  13. Well if you got it all figured out math-wise, you could thread white string through evenly spaced little holes in the cardboard bakery type boxes. Dip the end of the string in wax to make it threadable. Or even thread it through a needle with a big head. ??? Going both ways to criss cross & hold securely--you just have to do the math.  Just a wild random thought. It really wouldn't be that hard though.

    'Member back in the old days when all baked goods would be wrapped up in white string??????

    I think you've got something here... maybe using rubberbands around a cupcake wrapper high container to create a criss cross of rubber bands? I'm thinking these could create the dividers for cupcakes to sit within. :hmmm:

    I've made individual cupcake holders that have survived a 120mi motorcycle trek. I took basic clear 12 oz plastic cups (like what coffee shops give you your ice coffee in), and sawed off the bottom, up a centimeter. Drop your frosted cupcake in, and with the bottom removed, you can push it out via the bottom. This method works well for intricately designed and frosted cupcakes as the cups are conical shaped. The cupcake sinks down and is protected at the top. Would it be too crazy to do this for a whole batch of cupcakes? Maybe...

    image made for cupcake holder :


    Or, get slabs of foam from an upholstery store cut to fit in a cardboard box. Have circles cut out for the cup cakes to nestle in.

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