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  1. OK, I ranted about the cookbook issue. I have one rant left in me. Someone gave me an issue of CI titled "Fall Entertaining" or something like that. It had an article entitled " Great Gumbo". It should have been titled " Great Shrimp Soup". It actually said they could not make gumbo with okra or file because they were acquired tastes. Well, if you cannot acquire the taste eat shrimp bisque. It was so dumbed down.
  2. A few years ago I ordered one of their cookbooks. My excuse is I was cooking and drinking a fair amount of wine when the telemarketer called. Remember I ordered ONE book. A copy of every subsequent cookbook was mailed to me. I could not find a human being to speak with to cancel. I even wrote Christopher Kimball; no response. I returned them all, but that did not stop the mailings. The only thing that got those darned books out of my life was Hurricane Katrina. It must have dawned on someone that mailing packages to New Orleans was not a winning proposition. Thank God they did not discover that I moved back to the same address six months latter. Please, don't tell tem I'm home!
  3. Drago's is open. Today it served it's 50,000th free meal. You can go in and order off the reg menu and pay, or you can go in and say i"m hungry and they serve you some red beans and rice. We are pretty cool, no?
  4. I don't quite have this posting thing down, but yes, add the Napoleon House deal to the calendar. No way I was kidding.
  5. "Being Dead Is No Excuse" is one of the funniest books I have read in ages. Also, I can't believe there is a person alive who does not know that thigh meat in chicken salad is beyond trashy. Have we no standards?
  6. Oh you naysayers, We will be back, we are strong, we will suprise you Jason. At this moment, I have lost my home and my job. I am riding around in my 10 year old car, with my 82 year old mother and 3 changes of clothes. Don't feel sorry for me. NO is a way of life, which just happens to include the best food in the US. We will never give up our culture. I'll meet you all on September 8, 2006, at 4 PM at the Napoleon House for a Pimm's Cup. Be there.
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