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  1. After spending 2 weeks in Huizhou, China, I’m afraid I don’t have too many restaurant suggestions to offer. That’s not to say we haven’t eaten well – As a whole, the food has been tremendous. The problem is that I can’t read the names of the places or report an accurate address. Here’s what I can tell you. If you’re staying at the Kande, don’t eat a dinner in the Italian/Western restaurant. I don’t care how tired you are. Better to eat a granola bar and go to bed than eat there. The Japanese restaurant Kisso on the 2nd floor is a better bet. On our one visit I didn’t have anything outst
  2. I have to agree with Bryan - Randy's and Cinelli's are the best you can buy in Durham. Cinellis offers hot cherry peppers as a topping, which combined with sausage (which they cut into thing longwise slices) makes a great pie. The new Randy's up on Guess Rd has a particularly good guy on the oven many nights. If you like it a little overdone (as I do), he's happy to comply. And the Mellow Mushroom is awful. I also agree with Varmint. Cut the lock and make some great pizza. http://jvpizza.sliceny.com/ I'd post a pic of one of my pies, but egullet doesn't seem to show me that option. But th
  3. >But I'm sure it doesn't even begin to compare to wood-smoked BBQ. I've been in NC for 10 years. Been eating at Danny's for 9, in 4 different locations. If I ever move away, Danny's would probably be the first place I'd hit on a visit. Best fries in the Triangle, above average q, and stellar sauce. It isn't Carolina style, but it is damn good. Plus those corn nuggets... ~Nibbs (pork plate - fries and slaw)
  4. I don't know that I've met an Egullter who has been to guglhupf and didn't like it. So if you're looking for breakfast, and pastrys and coffee will set you right. then I'd head there. Also fantastic sandwiches at lunch (I favor the beef-n-blue). That said, it isn't really 'southern'. But it is really really good. Bring a loaf of bread home with you. http://www.guglhupf.com/ BBQ in Durham - Bullocks is a southern experience, but the 'q is nothing to write home about. I second the Allen & Son recs, if you can make it out there. If you are pressed for time, The Q Shack serves up a nice
  5. nibbs

    Bin 54

    My wife and I had our Valentines Day dinner last weekend at Bin 54. There were some high and low points - Mostly high. Scallop app was great, as was the wedge salad (served icy cold, as it should be). Both servings were brought on separate plates, which was thoughtful. I started out with an Old Fashioned (which I had never had before). It was OK - I guess I'm not a fan. Then the steaks came. I went with detlefchef's recommendation on the hangar steak for $22 - Tasted great. I ordered it medium-rare, but what I got was a little closer to rare. I think that would probably be OK on a more
  6. I am sad that I'll no longer be able to get dry aged beef. Sure, I only splurged for it maybe twice a year, but still... We were there probably once or twice a month. We may have even been there on the last day. I tried to stop by before turkey day to get some sundries. Sad to hear they are gone. I wish there had been some 'going out of business' sale or something. How can we grieve without a wake? For those that follow the 'get a new puppy' breed of coping with loss, check out Compare Foods just north-east of where Roxboro and 85 intersect (by the Big Lots, if that's a reference for
  7. My first try a few weeks ago was with a Calphalon 5qt stock pot - It worked well and all bread was rapidly consumed. Then, as luck would have it, my wife's b-day present arrived (a Le Cruset pot, slightly larger). I baked 2 loaves head to head, and can't say that one came out better or worse than the other. I think a large part of the success of this method is just in the auto-steam due to having the lid there. Haven't had any sticking problems (but I'm prone to overdusting with flour) ~Nibbs
  8. My wife and I went to Vin on a recent Friday for her birthday. Our first time, and it was once of the best meals out we'd had in quite a while. We absolutely hogged out because I had to try some of everything. My quick highlights: The s.o. made me order a blueberry manhattan, because she's pregnant and she wanted to try some. So I had to drink most of it. There are worse wives out there. It was so good it almost made me want to drink a regular manhattan. We had the fries as a pre-app. They are shoestring and served with a malt vinegar aoli. The aoli solves the age old quandry of how
  9. >Serena's not bad for dinner. There's not a lot like it in the area. They were closed one day for lunch last week due to some personnel issues. I hope they get them resolved, because I'd like to see them stay open. They make some great sandwiches at lunch. Could be too much sq footage, tho. Gotta turn a profit. Another dinner option is 9N9 - They stay open. I often stop in and bring springrolls and sandwiches home for dinner. But it will be empty, so I don't think you'll get much 'culture'. Just about everything else gets boarded up by 2PM.
  10. Well, here’s a summary of the places that my wife and I visited in San Juan this past weekend. I’ll try to keep it short. I'll fail. Before I go too far, I'd like to thank the eGullet community for all the tips and reviews on restaurants in San Juan. I read them all and jammed them into one document before we left so that I would have something to go on. So thanks to everyone who contributed. Miguel Gierbolini and Damien’s recommendations from the Restaurant Recommendations in Puerto Rico? thread were particularly helpful and accurate. Also, much thanks to Oscar who was studying in the
  11. HollyEats is dead on regarding this custard place called Carls in Fredricksburg, VA. My wife and I stop almost every time we head to DC. It's about 8 minutes off the highway and almost always another 8 minutes in line. My sister got married this weekend. For a second, I thought you might be family... It wasn't something we were expecting, but she is. So there you go. Buy your mom a dark chocolate milkshake at Carls. ~Ed
  12. Well, I'll give this a bump since the wife and I were at Sunset beach this past weekend. Maybe some advice for those who will be in the Calabash/Sunset area for a house rental. It is summer, after all. We went to the Boundary House in Calabash for lunch because the first place we went into was a buffet and we really didn't feel like stuff ourselves. It was OK. We both had po-boys. I've had better and I've had worse. The place is very neat and clean and soul-less. I kinda regretted going in there once we sat down. The sweet tea was excellent. The atmosphere and menu reminded me of a Lu
  13. Kid friendly in Chapel Hill - Elmo's is a good bet (somewhat upscale diner food). It is actually in CArrboro, I think. And I think Jujube would be worth a visit. My favorite dim sum place is up by me in Durham, tho (Hong Kong on Guess Rd). The Triangle is a great place to be - the weather is good and folks are generally friendly to newcomers (because they're either Southern and hospitible or transplants and have walked in your shoes). ~nibbs
  14. Bryan - I think you are right about Randy's dough. I had the fabulous fortune to eat at Pepe's Pizza in New Haven, CT on Saturday (I was in CT for my grandfathers 90th). I grew up about 20 minutes from Pepe's, but we never went as kids. After we ate, I realized why - My hometown is thick with pizza that is damn good - 8 out of 10. So why would my folks wait in line for something that was a 10? But now that I lived in NC for 9 years, even a joint that serves only OK pizza on a New England scale is worth the extra effort. That said, the Randy's on Broad is far and away the underachiever o
  15. Nibb's Top Ten Lunches in RTP (without further preamble other than to say that they are not in any particular order (other than some loose grouping by location) and to also say that I've tried to stay geographically within or close to RTP (but hell, sure, I'll drive out to Cary for Thai if the mood strikes me (but just because it is so don't make it right)) and hence some favorites won't make this list even though I go there for lunch all the time). Chosun OK (Korean BBQ): The single step as you enter Chosun OK takes you far from the strip mall in which it resides. It is the dining experien
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