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  1. I'm happy to eat the bread on its own - its yummy!
  2. I second Oleana. Its excellent. Also nearby is EVOO which is similarly excellent - its New American, lots of organics and local produce but not in the least pretentious, and a good wine list too.
  3. Just come back from a holiday in Boston and the Cape. Boston restaurants - the ones we tried - were all excellent. What for Cape Cod? I'll start with the three nights in Provincetown. The Mews is excellent - it has an upstairs and downstairs dining area, the latter much quieter. The food is slightly Asian-American fusion inspired. although neither of the dishes I opted for were that style - although my partner's starter was and was very tasty. Good, bold flavours, decent sized portions, friendly service. We went Tourist Trap the next day, with a visit to the Lobster Pot. My partner pointed o
  4. Bump. Also heading off to Santiago, looking for a great place to have dinner on a Sunday night. Something traditional would be welcome, seafood focus, hopefully not too touristy. ← Hi I'm afraid that we drew a total blank. There is simply nothing open at all - so we ended up having a big local lunch on the way to Santiago and made do with a sandwich. If anyone knows of anywhere we missed please do enlighten - we didn't actually check the main drag with all the touristy seafood places but did have lunch there the next day, and the one we chose was superb (and not too expensive either).
  5. Recently went to both Arzak and Mugaritz. Both are excellent. But also very different in style, ambience and atmosphere.
  6. Heading off to Northern Spain. Any recommendations for Santiago other than Casa Marcelo which is shut at the moment and not open on the nights we are there. Looking for somewhere on Sunday as well. Driving is possible as we have a car but would prefer something in the town Any suggestions very much appreciated
  7. We went to Vegas for Christmas and New Year. I thought the standard was very high indeed. Recommended - Rosemary's, Fleur de Lys, Emeril's, Picasso, and Lotus of Siam. Alex was excellent too.
  8. Ended up going to Alex for Christmas day for the tasting menu. It was excellent - real special occasion stuff.
  9. In terms of food quality, I think Picasso does deserve the 2 stars - remember that Michelin is actually quite conservative in its judgments.
  10. Jrezpol - Rosemary's prix fixe, served all evening, is $50. Go, you will not be disappointed. Excellent and reasonably priced wine list too.
  11. Just arrived back from 11 nights in Vegas. It's an excellent food city. Picasso was our final night's meal. It nearly was a disaster. We opted for the five course menu and after the first course everything stopped - turns out the order had been misplaced. But we were given very expensive free wine with the fois gras, and two desserts! The food is excellent. Its conservative, which is no bad thing - no foam! The ingredients and saucing is first class. Its also a lovely dining room. I would recommend it. I think Daniel Bouloud brasserie is well worth considering. Its lively and stylish, the foo
  12. well, we have booked at Robuchon, and they have their third Michelin star!
  13. What about a fine dining blow-out? We are spending Christmas in Vegas as wqell but I thought , well, its Christmas, so we are planning to spend big - perhaps at Robuchon's?
  14. Both The Patio and Spire, next to each other in Church Road, near Penny Lane, are good. Try Maharaja - a Keralan restaurant in London Road. Very creative stuff. Room is also very relaxed and enjoyable - retro with a twist, good wine list, very reliable food and friendly waiting staff. LCW, Heathcotes, Ziba's at the Racquet club, and 60 Hope St are the well known venues. All very good. Its really not as bad here as some make out. At least we have two well established fine dining venues in the city centre, whereas Manchester's all end up closing down.
  15. Grrrrr....I'm anxiously awaiting Liverpool. I've only eaten at the Manchester restaurant, but for what its worth, its very good. The portions are gargantuan, and I'm no mean trencherman, and everything they serve is full of flavour. They seem to have got rid of the different menus concept now - everything is on the one menu . Have the spring onion bread. Its really greasy and incredibly yummy. Great with that chilli broth and a couple of tsingtao's.
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