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  1. Now I haven't had one of these since I was a kid, but we always called them "Spit in the Ocean"
  2. Let me start by saying, golly, I wish there was an edit function for those late night posts. There should be a way to remove that apostrophe that very clearly doesn't belong in the middle of the word "needs" May not need a Prince Charming, but I obviously need an advanced spell check. Domestic Goddess: I love the apple pie idea! It would be perfect for my neighbor. Are you thinking of making another flavor of pie, or a different kind of item altogether? McAuliflower: I made peppermint marshmallows last year. Well, ok, not originally. I goofed and got mint instead of peppermint. The blend of mints they used for it meant my marshmallows tasted like toothpaste Yeah, won't be making that mistake again. I love your flavor combinations, what do use to create them?
  3. Maggie- I like to do spice blends in layers, the taco seasoning in particular is popular. I also have a spaghetti sauce season blend I like to use. I'm such a geek, I've been compiling my "possibles" list for holiday baking since umm...August... I like to do a few regular staples and a few experimental, fun things every year. Along with the requisite cookie plates, I have all kinds of jams, jellies, apple sauce, and pickles downstairs and I'm about to add cranberry-applesauce to the shelf. I took up wood burning a couple years ago, it's fun and easy and you can do so much with it, even at my elementary skill level. I've been learning to draw celtic knotwork to use on the little wood boxes. I also decorate the bowls of wooden spoons, (which, by the way, you can find in three packs at the dollar store making them a very economical craft, tie a pretty ribbon at top for hanging and there you go) wooden ornaments, plaques, keychains...The neighbor girls are really into princesses, dragons, and knights, so I'm going to do a plaque that says "Who need's a Prince Charming? I can rescue myself", still trying to come up with an illustration to go with it that I can actually pull off. One of these days I'll find the magic place where time is stored on finally get around to making candles and soaps.
  4. Gekkani


    Just beware that whole flaxseeds are a laxative If you grind them you get the omega fatty acids out of them.
  5. My sister-in-law and I have been canning together every summer for a few years now, and she on her own for several before that. We get together and make pickles (my grandma's recipe tastes great and is easy, there's no brining or cooking the pickles) all kinds of jams and jellies and canned fruits. We even made lemon curd last year. We also made a lemon jelly that included an infusion of lemon verbena, I was so upset when I realized I hadn't written that recipe down and couldn't find it again, that was a terrific jelly! I finally found it 2 weeks ago online after months of searching cookbooks and websites Sis has a pressure canner and makes great use of it. Leftovers from a batch of green chili? Can it! She goes out of her way to make soups and such in extra large batches just so she can can the leftovers to have on hand. The pressure canner will come with a book to tell you exactly how to can the low acid/sugar items. Not one person in the years of her canning, or our grandmas for that matter, were sickened by home canned foods. The USDA guidelines will naturally be more strict than they necessarily need to be, in part to protect themselves from lawsuits ("Well *they* said it would be ok"). I'm not saying to discount them by any means, but I do think they go above and beyond a bit. IMO they are trying to protect the public at large from harming themselves because, frankly, people are morons, lol. If they say an item would be ok as long as, and only if, you use the proper pressure someone will inevitably make it with only the inversion method and poison their whole family... With careful attention to procedure and proper equipment, I see no reason why you can't can those items yourself, we do it. As for commercial methods, far as I know it's a matter of the high heat and pressure, 'cause there isn't any difference in the ingredient lists of their gourmet caramel sauce and my homemade one...
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