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  1. Nothing better than home cooking, Grandma is moving in.
  2. Joann


    I had my first gout attack in 2001 and thought my toe would fall off completly before it let go of me. I didn't get diagnosed with diabetes until 2006 so for 5 years I sought the cure. With a serious look at my diet, I began to eliminate all the "bad" foods. Didn't do as well as I could have, but did manage to make peace with meat and wine, let go of chocolate and drank cherry concentrate from a shot glass. I had only 4-5 true attacks for the next 5 years and many tingling warnings of near excess that I did heed. Then, in 2006 I had emergency bowl resection and began my love affair with alipurinol. I have not had an attack since. I drink white zin, eat red meat 4x a week, still no chocolate, and life is good. This disease of excess may have ancient origins and a royal history, but it's still alive and well in the US.
  3. Thank you so much for this blog! Being a "new" Type II Diabetic, it's going to be so interesting to see how you handle the requirements of a child and adult both. I'm still learning how to count the carbs and keeping to a regular time/diet plan, even at work.
  4. Joann


    I'm not only going to mix seed pods, but the new Master Gardener Kit contains ONLY empty pods. I'm going to try Thai Basil and Coriander as well as some exotic mint varieties. I got mine from the info-mercial My Webpage I've been paying $1.29 for a small bundle of coriander that mostly wilts and dies before I can get around to using it up
  5. "How do you guys think the Viet went over? We tried to stick w basics such as beef and shrimp...plus I love Pho...and Mais was pretty good...you didnt get to see us drink the iced coffee that was sitting on the table....its a bummer cause w 5 places, we have to cut out stuff to make it fit...." Totally correct on the way you said "Pho"-loved the details. Wrapping your own Summer Rolls????? How cool is that The garlic beef sent me running into the kitchen (right after the show) It hit a 9 on the hunger scale. Beautiful. The iced tea and iced coffee are so much part of the meal but understandably, not very photogenic. Keep hitting the ethnic places...........the palate of a city is in the heart of the people. Chris: How about putting those shirts up on e-Bay as a fund raiser? I'm ready to bid on that hot pepper number
  6. Chris, What a pleasure-the show is original, a first-rate production, and thank goodness, you're not showcasing mail order goodies from each location. The shirts are destined to become the topic of their own thread as well as show "markers" (Chris wore that on episode X identifier) You'd have to be in season 20 to get to Augusta
  7. Joann


    "I am Dawnestelle Masias. I will introduce myself. I work at AeroGrow, the parent company who manufacturers the AeroGarden. I am a Marketing Manager with the company. " Welcome!!! Please keep us informed on new seed pods as they become available (or, a sneak peek of things to come)
  8. Joann


    "It isnt a bad idea to build one if you have the time and you like to build stuff." That's 2 strikes against me.
  9. Joann


    I actually do grow orchids-except on the top shelf where my herbs are supposed to be This is about as fancy as I have at the moment. Would love to have something that is bug and cat proof, a clever contraption that lets me have those beautiful lettuces Daniel has, and Thai Basil and Lemon Basil....................I'm feeling really deprived at the moment. Hey, Shyster, make room for the herbs!
  10. Joann


    They start at $600. I'd have to grow weed to be able to afford that. Nice units, love the floor model for orchids.
  11. Gray electrical box-thingie looks a lot like my shredder-in the kitchen as well.
  12. Without the marvelous view, we brew sun tea in the South all the time. I use a mason jar with a screw lid (smaller quantities for me as well) Fill with water, add tea bags of choice, screw lid back on, and set on a sunny window or patio for the day. You'll have fresh "brewed" tea by supper time. Remove the tea bags and fill a glass with ice and whatever else you like (lemon, sugar) Actually, it's steeping the tea all day that gives it the flavor.
  13. It's probably off topic, but you make a good point. Business travelers can help by stashing all the "freebies", letting housekeeping restock every day and donating their "proceeds"... to shelters catering to abuse victims, rape victims, homeless, etc. Those silly soaps, shampoos, coffee packs can mean a bunch to a newly displaced woman or family. ← I work in public housing with seniors, young families, homeless men and women, the rainbow of humanity. My handbag could pass for a small suitecase for all the daily "necesssities" I carry for my personal comfort---on one side. The other side contains small packs of gum, LifeSaver rolls (some sugar free) purse packs of Kleenex and as much fast food sugar, catsup, mustard, soy sauce, salt, pepper packets as I can jam in. Arbys still has the handi-wipes, bbq-sauce and mayo.
  14. Unfortunately if you are looking for cheap eats recommendations from Embassy staff in DC proper you won't have much luck. "Embassy Row", also known as Massachusetts Ave. between just past Dupont Circle up to the Observatory (where Chaney Lives) where most of the embassis are located does not have any restaurants nearby. Nothing. For the most part in order to find good cheap ethnic eats you have to head to the burbs. Given the real estate prices in DC it's getting harder and harder to find cheap eats, let alone ethnic cheap eats in a lot of areas. ← Having lived in the burbs of DC, you'll have to travel to NOVA or MD to get out of the high rent districts. Try Manassas and beyond-lots of hidden jewels in strip malls, etc. We escaped after 9/11 to the wilderness of Augusta, GA-where Applebees is considered fine dining.
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