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  1. I took a friend to Dick Ann's for bugers at there Anjou location . What a time warp ! Uniformed ladies take your order. For me , it was a Hi-Boy , all dressed with fries.

    The Hi-boy is a thin all beef pattie , cooked in a slightly spicy meat sauce , served with crunchy iceberg lettuce and a tomato slice , some onions and in a flat bun that seems to be made just for them. The fries are homemade and crunchy. A very nice burger moment , in an orange higlight decor straight out of the 70's !

    Dick Ann's is trully a Montreal institution !

    Anyone has one of those institution ( beside the usuall suspect like Shwarts etc ?)

    Mmmmmmm......Dick Ann's..........my wife introduced them to me a few years back. It's a must stop on our way to Montreal when we make our trip to stock up at the SAQ. The location we go to is sureal. The wall of huge orders makes me chuckle.

    stock up at the saq??!?! man you got problems!!!!!!

  2. Its the guys from D'amichi in lasalle, i really dont think its BYO, last i heard they were waiting for their liqoure licence, thus the reason it took a while to open.

    Are you sure about this?

    Some weeks ago i drive by and i saw a big sign 'apportez votre vin'

    meantime another friend tell me that there will be a SAQ store on-site???!!!!

    how can this be?!

    sounds exciting!!!!!

  3. Maybe he should simply go Angus riding without his pants on and then have a big steak...  hot dog and beans....

    the mental images is too much for a lady like me


    bob blumer is funny

    i went to see a foie gras farms and believe me it can be entertaining for the people that never saw it

  4. Can't help you for the milk but I did get a Tuscany Fig tree yesterday, it is quite nice and resistant, produces all year round. The grower had 3 greek, 2 Italian and one Egyptian Variety.


    can it work indoors?

    i have a small condo and i do my herbs on the window

    is it possible to do the fig tree inside?

    please tell me where i can go and how much it cost thank yous!!!!!!!

  5. Following the story in the newspaper I went to te marche Jean Talon and Chez Louis. They have quite a lot of tartufo , at $6,500 per kilo. Same price for a small truffle or a large one all by weight. The smallest was $30 good for a small plate for 2.

    They look and smell just as good as at home in fact better control by the nice Mr. Charles who is very truffle enthusiaste. He keep saying he have the best in the city so i assume that other places have them maybe at lower prices.

    Also they have amazing selection oif mushrooms, wild ones, looks great.

  6. I went a week ago. The owner is a lovely lady very very sweet and excited about her new store. I think she will be very successfful.

    I bought 6 cupcakes ($15) and 1 oatmeal raisin cookie and 1 brownie. Very homestyle good ingredients. A little expensive but this is an indulgence!

    I found the cupcakes a bit sweet but like Carswell said each was like a small piece of cake art, very very nicely done with lots of love and affection.

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