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  1. You can stop at Taylor Shellfish and grab a number of great things, then drive into Edison. There's a small shop there called Slough Foods, run by John DeGloria that specializes in cheese, cured meats, eclectic wines, incredible chocolate, and a few other gourmet necessities. There's also a great bakery next door, The Bread Farm. You'll eat much better at these two places than you would at one of the more touristy restaurants.
  2. has anyone eaten at Lotus of Siam in Vegas? Once you go there, you won't want to eat Thai in Seattle anytime soon, but I'd love to hear if anything else compares.
  3. if you're going to splurge one time on your trip, do it at the sooke harbour house on vancouver island. i just came back from there, and after planning on treating myself one time during my stay, i ended up eating there three nights in a row. it might be the best food i've ever had in the northwest.
  4. if it was teri that you ran into, then it shoud have been the new cafe stellina, who used to be on 21st or 23rd of union. their food was great there and it will be nice to see what they do with a real kitchen.
  5. Licorous won't be open any time in the next couple of weeks. They're still working things out there and are in no hurry.
  6. i second the Slough Foods location in Edison. A good friend of mine opened this little, speciality food market a while back and it's doing great. Pick up some cheese from his fabulous selection, a few cured meats from salumi, some fresh bread from the great bakery next door, and a bottle of wine or two, followed with chocolate from a great selection, and you'll be happy as ever. The owners name is John DeGloria. Tell him Jonny Marvin sent you.
  7. sanmi's in magnolia-best secret in town meneke in the id-great value kisaku at greenlake-between the two
  8. catfish at matt's pork at paseo do lamb burgers at cafe campagne count?
  9. I just picked up a bottle Saturday after seeing the Bouchon recipe listed above. I made a standard Negroni and have to say was the best I've ever mixed. ← The negroni i had at Bouchon was made with blood orange vodka from Charbay. I'm a gin drinker at heart, and can't stand the taste of vodka, but this was good enough for me to invest in a bottle of Charbay. By the way, hi-times in southern california has it on sale right now for some reason at $9.99.
  10. After steering clear of Place Pigalle for the past 4 or 5 years, I've had a couple of really nice meals there lately. Bill also has a well chosen wine list, and his reserve list has some of the best deals on it in the city. Not necessarily underrated, but it certainly seems due a bit more attention.
  11. I haven't been for breakfast yet, but the brunch menu at Monsoon looks like it may set the standard in Seattle, a la Park Kitchen in Portland.
  12. Agreed! I did stop in for a double espresso the other day and it was one of the best pulled shots I've had in quite some time. Kind of a wierd atmosphere and feeling inside.
  13. Does anyone use Campano Antica Formula vermouth? I was served it down in the Bay area a couple weeks ago and now I'm hooked. A little difficult to find, but well worth the results....a seriously, top notch Negroni.
  14. Negroni's are the best. I had an interesting version at Bouchon in Napa last week. Equal parts Campari, Charbay Blood Orange Vodka, and Carpano Antica Formula. I'm not a vodka fan at all, but this was quite good!
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