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  1. I agree with Kayakado, I also have a Vita Mix 4000 and thought about getting a new one. I think I'll stick with my all-metal workhorse. I've had it 15 years and it runs perfect and no cracks or broken parts. I've only had to replace the seal on the dome.
  2. My wife and I spend $60 per week on groceries. Alchohol is about $25 per month; eating out is about $30 per week. We tend to get most produce at Whole Foods and ethnic stores; staples from Safeway.
  3. We have Mexican, Chinese, Greek, Jewish and Italian restaurants in almost every region of the US. Granted they vary from authentic to very loose interpretations. The point is, as I believe Pan was making, that most areas in the US are, and have been, very accepting of different cuisines.<br> In most places you can grab a quick slice of pizza for lunch and later on take your date out to a high quality Italian restaurant. But tell me, how many times a week do you go to a cheap and quick French bistrot for lunch? Yes, French may still be king of the high end restaurant, but it is the American take on the world's cuisine that dominates most of our day-to-day meals.<br>
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