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  1. Made a special trip to Thiebault's stand at the Avenue President Wilson market this morning, but no sign of him. As he's growing his own produce, I imagine this was just for VJ day, but does anyone have better intell?


  2. The (in my opinion) excellent Italian gelato purveyors, Grom, have apparently opened up a summer shop in the concept store, Merci, located on the northern end of the boulevard Beaumarchais.

  3. Looking for some recommendations for a 3 day trip next week. I like simple, bistro-style food, good but not fancy. A few questions:

    -Surprised by the prices at La Tupina. Is it truly spectacular? Has anyone tried the wine bar or the table d'hote at the grocery?

    -I like the sound of the following places. Any experience of them?

    Bouchon Bordelais (this seems to be different than the one John mentions above)

    Le Petit Commerce

    Le Mably

    La Vieux Bordeaux

    -Could one make lunch from oysters or other food at the Marche Grand Hommes or the Marche Capucins?


  4. To make a long story short, I need a restaurant to take my kosher/pescetarian (non-seafood) father to this Friday night which is in walking distance of my apartment. (I'll arrange to prepay.) Given that he's also a conservative eater, I thought Italian would provide some good choices. Here's what I know of in a 30-minute walking radius from Ledru Rollin. The place should take reservations and be at least reasonably good--doesn't need to be fancy or particularly expensive.

    Would be grateful for any feedback/recommendations. The northern 11th/Oberkampf area is a possibility as well, but it's not really my 'hood.

    Thanks, Shira

    Sardegna a Tavola, rue de Cotte (seems quite expensive--are the portions huge?)

    L'Amis de Messina, faubourg St Antoine

    Gli Angeli, rue St Gilles

    Fuxsia (the one on Francois Miron)

    Amicei Mei , the pizza place on rue St Sabin (don't think they take reservations, though)

    that Sardinian place on rue de roi de Sicilie

  5. Thanks all for the responses. I do actually own a good sharpener, but after lots of years of use, I feel like it could use a bit of professional edge. I'll see what the kitchenwares stores do and report back (unless I run into a vagabond knife sharpener somewhere between the 11th and the 1st).


  6. Hi, I was actually the one who asked 2 years ago. So here's what I remember. 2 great meals (dinner and lunch) at Assiete du Marche, the casual, bistro off-shoot of L'Huiterie (same website family). Particularly liked the terrines in glass jars. Their fish-focused more casual restaurant, L'Ecume du Mer was also very good. Tea and cake at Meert. For breakfast, Paul is the same as elsewhere, but this is the mothership, 100 years old and v. attractive inside. Re staying, not to go off-topic, but the Hermitage Gantois is v. distinctive, though the restaurant isn't up to much.

  7. Here's the list. They limited the samples to 3/person, and I haven't tasted mine yet, but the descriptions alone are enticing:

    they include

    eden--creme a la peche et au safran, morceaux d'abricots moulleux

    azur--chocolat, ganache au chocolat et au yuxu

    menthe fraiche

    inca--compote d'avocats a la banane, ganache au chocolat

    chocolat au lait et noix de coco

    chocolat au lait et the earl gry

    americano pampelmousse--creme au Campari et pampelmousse, morceaux de pampelmousse confit

    chocolat, ganache au chocolat-caramel et eclats de chocolat a la fleur de sel

    mandarine et baix rose

    satine-creme mousseline au cream cheese, compote d'oranges et fruits de la passion

    celeste-creme mousseline au fruit de la passion, compote de rhubarbe et fraises

  8. There's a place around the corner from me, Le Parti du The, on rue Faidherbe (11th), recommended by Clotilde at C& Z. I've been inside but haven't bought anything. Based on my non-expert glance, it seems to have some interesting/serious stuff, particularly, if I remember, in the Indian teas, if not in the same quantity as MF and PdT. One word of caution-the hours are slightly irregular, so perhaps best to call or pair it with a trip to the Marche d'Aligre.

  9. Have reservations for tonite but haven't been able to find any recent reviews. In an attempt to ward off the--might i be better off eating elsewhere, I thought I'd try to gather some intell.


  10. I'm living in Paris, and the convection oven in my apartment doesn't work. I'd like to replace it, but before I did, I was hoping for some advice. (I've never used one before.)

    I'd mainly like to bake/grill fish and meat, roast chickens vegetables, make gratins, etc., though I'd ideally want the option of some simple baking as well: muffins, flatbread/pizza, etc. What kind of results can I expect?


  11. The convection oven in my apartment hasn't worked since I moved in, though the owner claims otherwise. I've finally resolved to buy my own, but before I did, I was hoping for some advice. Having not used one before, I hope someone can tell me:

    -What do they do well? I'm primarily going to want to bake/grill fish and meat, roast veggies, make gratins, etc., though I'd like the option of some low-impact baking: flatbreads, muffins, clafoutis, etc.

    -Are the simple ones (less than 100 euros) of reasonable quality for short-medium term use? There's a Rowenta one on sale at a little shop around the corner, and that's certainly the easiest option. I'm also space-constrained, so the mini-four size will have to do.

    Just to clarify, I'm posting here rather than in a general section because most of the discussions there seem to be about professional-quality convection ovens. (And I'm yet to see an American home without a conventional oven.)


  12. I've heard good things about Le Souk, rue Keller near Bastille, but haven't made it there yet. Also Au P'tit Caouha (sp?), around the corner on Taillanders, with a branch somewhere in the 13th.

    I ate in Chez Omar about a year ago and wasn't amazed by the food, though the atmosphere was great.

  13. I've noticed that a number of places in my neighborhood (Paul Bert, Les Temps au Temp, etc.), put up their regular menus on Saturday lunch. Any thoughts on a comparably good options that are no more than 25 euros for three courses? Useful arrondisments would include the 11th, 12th, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th.

    Btw, do establishments of this calibre ever take ticket restos? If so, could this apply to a Saturday lunch as well as weekdays? Happy to call and ask in specific cases, just wanted a general read.


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