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  1. I guess it is just waiting to be updated
  2. I went the sunday before last and thought it superb, we were all blown away by the food and service. Had several of the dishes that you mention and will probably be going next week it was so good.
  3. Went out for dinner on sunday night with the chaps from work to a restaurant in Henly called 'The spice merchant'. Food was really good, well flavoured with good breads and rice. With the starters and popadoms we were given a powder to spice them up called Malikas Puri (not 100% on spelling) it tasted of peanuts, lentils and delicate spices. Im guessing that these are the ingredients but would love to know more as it would be cracking on a new scallop dish that i have in mind. Anyone heard of it? any ideas? Thankyou
  4. Cheers Gary, just ordered one! Have read the French version but will be good to read in English as going there in May.
  5. Congratulations to the following, who will compete in the Regional Finals on March 6: Robert Barham The Stafford Hotel, London Mark Birchall L’Enclume, Cartmel Daniel Cox Compass Group Kenneth Culhane The Queen’s Club, London Alastair Dale Ince & Co Frank Gigas The Gleneagles Hotel, Auchterarder Christopher Golding Nahm Restaurant, London Jonathan Hayes Copthorne Hotel Cardiff Ryan Mcfarland
  6. Grilled Scallops Marinated scallops grilled and served with spiced coconut cream. Crispy Fried Stuffed Squid Filled with tangy prawn and crispy spinach, drizzled with lemon and curry oil dressing Coconut Lamb Chop Lamb chop cooked with tomato, onion and roasted spices with slivers of coconut
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