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  1. Do like a cooked duck thing then.. A duck quesadilla or a t-basil duck spring roll... Or duck on skewers with a basil dipping sauce..  Or little duck pizza's.. And replace that for the ceviche..

    Yep, I second this! Love the idea of a duck quesadilla. Or you could borrow this recipe and make it with duck.

    Shal, I read your shopping list. What is 'speck'? And if you keep track, I'd love to see a total at the end of this project. Don't forget to have fun!!!

  2. My poor mother-in-law.  She still hands out that nasty peanut butter taffy, you know, those nasty rounds of chewy gross-ness wrapped in orange or black waxed paper?  Poor hubby used to get made fun of for that, and he insists that he is scarred for life.  Doesn't she get that the peanut butter taffy is what's leftover in the bottom of the bowl three weeks later, because no one likes that stuff???   :huh:

    Shoot I love those..always have. I was that weird kid that WANTED them, I love Peanut Butter and those were one of my fav's...along with Mary Janes...on the plus side I got all of my neighbors (Erin) that I was childhood friends with (since age 7 when I moved into her neighborhood)...and this October I am in her wedding...oh wow we are all grown up now!!!

    Me, too! But we're not weird - it's the haters that are :raz:! How can you not like peanut butter taffy :blink: ? It's sweet, chewy, peanut buttery...all good!

  3. Ann, those escargot had me banging my head on my computer table. It is not even 11 am, I just finished my egg, am stuffed and I want those so much!! I, too, would love to know what goes into that incredible looking gorgonzola sauce! Your sandwich, bread and salad looked amazing at lunch, too!

    I was interested in the bread that you had for breakfast. I have achieved white sandwich bread (thanks to Cooks Illustrated) and am getting the urge to branch out and I have that Julia Child recipe in my collection - I guess I made it sometime and have forgotten. You've inspired me - a little cooler weather comes along and I think its time to give it a try!

    I am loving this blog!

  4. This LA Times article is hilarious... The Verdict: Oink! (Registration required, but here's the bugmenot login: Username thribwell@yahoo.com; Password thribinator)

    I particularly love the phrase, "transcendently awful."

    "Perhaps it's because it so brazenly exposes its own purpose: to economically pack the gullets of the poor. Gone is even the pretense that someone might eat this for its taste. This is gerbil food for the disenfranchised. One KFC marketing exec, in a moment of linguistic clarity I'll bet he wishes he had back, is quoted as saying the meals are directed at "heavy fast-food users." Never was the connection between fast food and addictive drugs made more explicit."

    Grub, thanks so much for posting this link! My first laugh of the morning, thanks to you! I loved when he wondered why they didn't just put an apple pie on tops and pour coca cola over it all and be done with it!

    And, totally off topic, I guess, but what is the deal with KFC's slaw? Has anyone else noticed that it has changed? It used to be the one thing that I thought was really good (not just "I'm in the mood for greasy good junk - good, but actually well made and tasty). It was actually perfect BBQ slaw. Not overly mayonnaise-y and chopped really fine. Now it is just everyone's slaw - longer shreds and gloppy. I am really ticked - it used to be my go to slaw when I had some bbq in the freezer and thawed it on the spur of the moment and didn't feel like making slaw.

  5. Wow - I love this thread. Looking at all those beautiful breakfasts is inspiring! I wish I had a digital so that I could post pictures, too!

    I actually made breakfast two days in a row this week (I ended up having the weekend off from work and my parents were visiting). Saturday was Gingerbread waffles with wildflower honey, Neuske's bacon, Irish bangers (my English step dad was in heaven - he ate some for b'fast and more for lunch with HP sauce) and perfectly fried eggs. Sunday was my birthday, so I went selfish and made what I wanted. Fried eggs (they looked ALMOST as good as Percy's :raz:), Smithfield ham, brioche and tater tots!

  6. Honestly, sweet tea is just not that complicated. To make 1/2 gallon of tea: Boil 1 qt. water. When it boils remove from heat and add 1 c. sugar (I am a diabetic and have had a gastric bypass, so I use Splenda here - not as good, but better than nothing :hmmm:) and 2 family size bags of Luzianne. When it has cooled, remove the bags (squeezing to get out all that tea juice :wink:), dump it in a pitcher and add 1 qt. cold water. Serve with lemon wedges over serious amounts of crushed (shaved is even better) ice. You can tart it up however you like - sun tea, mint sprigs, other tea leaves, etc. But if you want delicious perfect tea to go with bbq or meat and 3's, you want it strong, sweet and icy cold. Some people don't like sweet tea. This is fine, but you shouldn't take sweet tea advice from them :wink:.

  7. I have long had an ambition to do just this - cook my way through a book.  However, along about the 3rd recipe I run into an ingredient that

    a) I don't like

    b) hubby wouldn't eat

    c) costs the earth

    d) is out of season

    e) is only available in Patagonia on the 16th of June.  :biggrin:

    Of course, I could skip that recipe but then I wouldn't be cooking my way THROUGH the book and I like to be literal with these sort of projects.  :raz:

    :laugh::laugh::laugh: This is so me! I thought that the project was amazing, but I can't imagine doing it and working and actually having a life.

    I have a perverse streak in me that makes me want to do this except with a book that I know won't be very good. As a goof, Mr. Kim gave me a Sandra Lee cookbook for my birthday. I find myself wanting to cook from it just to see how bad it could really be and still be published by a major firm. Does anyone understand this at all?

  8. Happy Birthday! Can't wait to see everything! I'll bet you get comments about cooking on your birthday. I sure did. I cooked my breakfast (fried eggs, tater tots :laugh:, country ham and brioche) because I had the day off and it was a treat to be able to cook and everyone acted like I was crazy! I am also a July baby (not 21, though - 47 :blink:).

  9. Another one from me :smile:! I have an update. We ate at 1 N. Belmont last night and were, to be honest, underwhelmed. The food was only ok to good. Not what the atmosphere and prices would lead you to expect. Also, the service was not very polished. We had dinner plates on the table for 45 minutes after everyone had finished eating. Sorry!

  10. I love this topic and everyone's responses. Klary, your husband's response made me laugh and get a little teary at the same time.

    I hope that I leave behind a lot of intangibles - memories of meals at my house and holidays spent feasting. I am the family 'food' person and everyone has come to expect to spend most holidays at our house. They know that every Christmas dinner will be exactly the same and that other occasions mean anything goes! My nieces now eat oyster stuffing. My daughter's favorite thing growing up was ordering calamari at restaurants and tricking her friends into eating squid. Those things have to do with my influence. I love that.

    And there is this: my cookbook

  11. Mr. Kim looked this up for me and remarked how quickly we (egulleteers) deteriorate from constructive advice to drooling food worship. :laugh::laugh::laugh:

    He was afraid that if I reported this, he would offend someone. I told him that we have entire threads making fun of ourselves for this kind of thing.

    So I am going to leave it out, right? They (there are actually 2 pies - for 4 people - that's another thread) and we should eat them by Monday. We all agree that I won't be poisoning anyone! Thanks!

  12. I ended up having to peel them like apples (and they were tiny little suckers, too) and cut them off the stone like a mango :blink:. They had very little flavor and were not at all juicy, so I sliced the chunks as well as I could, sugared them and let them sit in a colander over a bowl for an hour. I reduced the resulting juice on the stove (it only boiled over twice :shock:). I ended up with enough for two pies. One I did as a two crust and flavored with brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger and cloves. The other I flavored with cinnamon and brown sugar and topped with an oatmeal, butter and coconut crumb crust. I felt like I really needed to guild the lily (considering the lily was more like a weed :rolleyes:) this time! They are cooling right now and I'll report back as to taste later. We have company coming tomorrow for the weekend and the pies were supposed to be dessert/snacks for then. Thank goodness I have brownies in the freezer :laugh:!

  13. I am so glad that everyone has had good luck with this cake. It was so funny at Easter when I served this cake everyone wanted the recipe. When they saw that it was a 'from scratch', they kinda backed off. They said it looked like a lot of work. I think, especially considering the results you achieve that it is a fairly uncomplicated cake!

  14. Thanks so much. I have been continuing the blanching - longer than usual to help remove the fuzz. I am cutting off what I can and then I think peach preserves or chutney! I am so disgusted with them, I think that I will just rough cut them and throw them in the freezer and just deal with them later :rolleyes:!

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