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  1. Andre needs some serious couch time to work out her Freudian poopy obsession! I mean, ya can eat 3 squares at McDonald's and chase it down with a twinkie and guess what?



    Yes, Long John Silvers works wonders too! :wink:

    Snort! Ok, now I lost my morning caffine nostrilly! (Hey, Katie girl!!)

  2. Well, the croquette mixture is in the fridge. I about tripled the ham because 1). I wanted to use up what I had and 2). I wanted ham croquettes not white sauce croquettes - when you add just the amount called for in the recipe, you can barely detect ham in the mixture. The mixture has to sit for 2 hours. So, a late dinner, I guess. Loved everyone's ideas - I will save them for later - its getting ready to be ham dinner season in my family (traditional summer Sunday meal) and they will come in handy. (I still have leftover gouda/garlic potatoes and they will go great with the croquettes, too).

  3. This is probably heresy, but I bought the disposable sea salt and peppercorn filled grinder at Costco and they work amazingly well (better than the $25 one that I just threw away (sorry, don't know the brand name - I bought it at Bed, Bath & Beyond). I will continue to use until I can save up for the Magnum.

  4. "I wasn't born in the South, but I got here as soon as I could."

    Momma, in a moment of pregancy-induced insanity, gave birth to me in Washington, DC, but brought me across the river home to Arlington as soon as the drugs wore off. This has been my personal motto ever since :biggrin: !

  5. I am sick of ham sandwiches, boiled eggs and egg salad. I was thinking of doing roasted cauliflower tonight (I made a salad with it for Easter) which we LOVE (thanks to egullet for the introduction) and trying something with the ham and hard boiled eggs. How about a casserole with them and a sauce - a bechamel with some cheddar/swiss added??? A little hot sauce and dry mustard in the bechamel, maybe? What am I missing? Thanks, y'all!

  6. Southern girls and Jewish boys can't resist each other.  Just ask Florrie King.  Both raised to believe that we were the center of the universe and adored by our opposite sex parents.

    So will the Southern belle of my dreams allow me in the kitchen to cook? I've been cooking for Mama Fresser since I was 7 years old.

    Law, yes! Shiksabelles love being served!

  7. My name is Jason Perlow, I'm a Jewish boy from New York, and I -LOVE- grits girls. If interested, please email me at BIGSUTHERNLUVIN235@AOL.COM.

    Hush, you! We know your wife! But you are forgiven. Southern girls and Jewish boys can't resist each other. Just ask Florrie King. Both raised to believe that we were the center of the universe and adored by our opposite sex parents.

  8. Did you replace the 1 tsp vanilla in the cake and in the frosting with 1 tsp coconut extract, or did you add an additional 1 tsp of coconut to each?

    Can't wait to try this--it sounds wonderful!

    I went ahead and used both the vanilla and the coconut. I am very leery of subtracting vanilla from a recipe. I always think that it adds depth and don't want to lose it. I might try it as an experiment, but I was making this for company and didn't want to take any chances.

  9. I knew what I was getting into. But knowing about it and actually experiencing it are two very different things.

    btw: I'm very proud of my mention of the film classic "Lumberjack Facials II" on the episode. I think that one slid by without notice.

    I did hear that - don't know the exact reference, but I got the idea :shock:. I asked my husband if I had heard it right :laugh::laugh::laugh: !

  10. Thanks so much for the answers to my question! I will try adding more liquid! It is very possible that she accidentally left the liquid out. She apparently never used recipes, just did things from out of her head and only wrote them down when requested by someone else, when I do that I can easily miss a step.

  11. Thank you all so much. I am copying all of the comments and printing them out to put in my cookbook in the front of the vegetable section! I WILL make good potatoes!!! (My baked, fried and mashed are fabulous, though :wink::wink: ).

  12. So it all comes down to an Off the Hook! Wild! Put Tequila In It Bro! persona versus a cartoon character whose schtick and manboobs are excruciating to watch. Bobby Rivers' big cousin from down South?

    Snerk! I confess. I voted for Gus. He, at least, knows more about food than poor Reggie (who I would enjoy knowing, I think). I really thought Andy was the best, though and thought he would make it farther than clueless Carissa :angry: . I told Mr. Kim that I bet Andy got a culinary job through this show, which is what he really wanted. During his bio on the show he said that he came to NY to attend culinary school and work, but that his wife had a baby and so he had to get a 'real' job. I really hope that he gets something great - he seemed to be really knowledgable and someone I would like to work with.

  13. Because I was cooking for lots of people, I cooked two pans of the recipe. I did cover the 2nd one and baked for an additional 20 - 30 minutes - that worked for me! And there was plenty of liquid - both pans still had liquid in the bottom when finished cooking.

  14. I seem to be au gratin and scalloped potato challenged. Every. single. time. I try to make one of these dishes, I end up with half raw/half cooked crunchy potatoes!! I follow the directions exactly. I promise. Easter dinner is a good example. I made these: Garlic Potatoes au Gratin exactly as directed: thin sliced raw potatoes (I used a mandolin), 325 degrees for 75 minutes. The recipe didn't specify, so I assumed uncovered. At the end of the 75 minutes - semi-raw, crunchy potatoes. I ended up having to microwave them for about 15 minutes to get them done in time for dinner. What is this :huh::huh::huh: ??? Does anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions? This recipe was so good that I refuse to give it up!

  15. Well, I made the lamb jus and used it to make gravy for Easter dinner. Worked great. It made a really rich, tasty gravy that stood up well to the lamb, but didn't overpower it! I am dying to make that tarte tatin, Marlene - I have to wait until Mr. Kim will be home to do it, because I can't turn the pan over by myself. I am newly impaired and keep starting to do things and suddenly remember that I can't anymore :angry: ! It looked wonderful!

  16. Can i use a can of coconut milk instead of cream of coconut?

    I really don't know that answer to that. The cream of coconut is like sweetened condensed milk - very sweet and thick. Coconut milk is less sweet and thin, isn't it? I would think that you could substitute, but how or if it would change the taste/texture, I don't know. Maybe someone else could answer this question. Is there a specific reason that you would want to use the milk instead, or is it just what you happen to have??

  17. Do you know Drake's Yankee Doodles?? They were available in the DC metro area when I was growing up ('60's and '70's) and I just loved them :blush:. I live in Richmond, VA now and you used to be able to get them at Kroger's and the Wonder Bread stores, but no more :sad: . I have this shameful little love of them and would like to make them at home since I can't find them anywhere and refuse to pay the exorbitant shipping charges to buy them online. I know that I can make the ‘cream’ filling, but what’s got me stumped is the cake. Is it German chocolate?? It’s not just chocolate, I know that. I can’t find it on any of the copycat-type websites. Please help me if you have any insight!! Thanks so much!

  18. I made my very best ever coconut cake for Easter dinner yesterday. It is a recipe from epicurious.com that I made a few changes to and it was the hit of Easter dinner (that and the Gouda au gratin potatoes). The cake was incredibly moist and rich. I split the three layers (much easier to do than I imagined, by the way) and filled with lemon curd (I'll make my own next time), trimmed the cake on the sides, frosted, lined up bunny peeps on the side, dusted with coconut and topped with a little chocolate bunny. It was beautiful and delicious - I was so proud of myself, I felt a little ridiculous, actually :blush: !

    Here's a link to the recipe: Coconut Layer Cake w/ Cream Cheese Frosting

  19. Nina, what a treasure! How I wish I had something like that from the cooking side of my family! I am compiling something like that, though mine is on the internet, not handwritten - I imagine that our great-grands won't be able to recognize actual handwriting and that even the internet will seem quaint :raz: ! I do have a few handwritten recipes from a famously good cook great grandmother and have tried one that didn't work either. So, I don't have an answer for you, but, if it is ok to do this (let me know if it isn't and I'll delete), I'll piggyback on you to try to get a solution, too! This dried apple cake is supposed to be a moist, rich, dense 19th century type cake. Instead it came out like a giant, thick cooky - almost impossible to cut and VERY, VERY chewy. The taste was excellent. According to the two people still alive who tasted this cake when she made it, the flavor was spot on, but the texture much too heavy. Any ideas??

    Ma's Dried Apple Cake

    Source of Recipe

    My Great Grandmother Easterwood

    Recipe Introduction (first paragraph written previously)

    I haven’t made this yet – just got it from my grandmother, but even if NO one likes it, I will still leave it in. Historical recipes don’t have to be tried and true! This is in her own words, but I will add notes when I make it.

    NOTE: Well, I made it and something is definitely wrong. The flavor is great, but it cooks up like a big, chewy cooky. Very hard to cut. Both Grandma Jean and Momma had tasted this when Ma made it and said that the taste was good, but the texture when she made it was moist and dense, but not hard and chewy. And I don’t know how the hell you are supposed to beat baking soda into dried apples??? There is obviously too much flour in it. I will try it again using ½ the flour. I cooked it in a tube pan, which Grandma Jean says she thinks Ma did.

    List of Ingredients

    2 c. sugar

    1 c. butter

    2 ½ c. dried apples

    3 eggs well beaten

    1 c. chopped nuts

    1 pkg. Raisins

    4 c. flour

    4 t. baking soda

    1 t. nutmeg

    1 t. cinnamon


    Cream butter and sugar. Add apples after beating soda into them. Add other ingredients.

    Bake 1 ½ hours at 300 degrees.

  20. I have never understood how this place stays in business, even in places that don't have REAL sub shops (like all over the South). I think 7-11 has the same quality subs as Subway. Luckily, Richmond, VA has Jersey Mike's now, which aren't perfect, but so much better than Subway! When ever I pass a Subway, I want to go in and ask the patrons if they know that there is a Jersey Mike's just down the street. Lunch is awful, dinner unimaginiable and breakfast (yep, some of them have breakfast) is truly a disgusting nightmare of a meal.

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