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  1. Hello, all! 

    Shal –             gustorial (is that a word?) gathering


    Gustatory or even gustative would be the adjectives to use. Tut-tut; all that expensive education! :wacko:



    For those who don't know, Ted is my dad - and one of the sources of payment for that expensive education :raz: !


  2. Jessica - very excited to see your blog. I would like to see more pictures of your store. I wish I had known about it when we were in NY a few months ago - I'd have loved to have seen it and met you! Next time. I am really looking forward to this week - I always do when the blogger lives somewhere that I dream about living and NYC is one of those places. Now, if only Susan could find someone in rural England, I would have my own personal trifecta (you, Dave in France and England - the three places I would sell my soul to live in)!

    I think that Greek yogurt w/ honey is the official eGullet breakfast :raz: !


  3. Hello, all! I am rather intermittently surfing again. The child is home (and graduated from college and employed :biggrin::biggrin: – oh, joy!) and I am using her computer when I can, but I don’t want to junk up her computer with my pictures so I’ll post them when we get our computer back. But I am getting caught up on this thread so I thought I’d pass on some comments!

    Percy – your burgers on 6/9 are the very quintessence of ‘burger’

    Shal – happy birthday! And, as always, an invitation to any gustorial (is that a word?) gathering given by you would be the most look forward to occasion that I can imagine!!

    “Potato Flavoured Butter” cracked me right up :laugh: .

    Bueno: your carbonara reminds me that I want to do this soon. What a great comfort food!

    Shaya – Happy birthday to you, too! Both of your gnocchi dishes looked fantastic! I especially liked the “nekkid” ones :laugh: ! I also loved the veal on 6/28 – the chop looked especially delicious.

    Ann - I am so sorry to hear about Stetson. My parents have shelties and they are just some of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met. We had to have our baby girl (14 year old kitty), Banshee put to sleep last month. It has been hard to come back from it.

    Doddie – that pork pot pie looked luscious!

    Bella – that proscuitto/mozzarella thing sounds fantastic. I do a similar thing with proscuitto and goat cheese to top a salad. These are then sautéed. I do mine ahead of time and then microwave them slightly to warm just before serving. It helps with that pesky last minute serving problem :wink: !

    Tarelki – that shrimp/artichoke dish looks completely swoony. I’d love to have the recipe, if you wouldn’t mind pm’ing me!

    Bruce – so sorry to hear about your dog. It has been a bad summer for egullet pets, Ann, you and me all in the past month.

    Wendy – we almost never have cocktails – especially at home (no reason really – weight, diabetes, gastric bypass and general laziness :laugh::wink: ), so I always have my vicarious cocktail time with you. It makes me feel very glamourous :cool: .

    Lucylou – BF’s lasagna looks fantastic and I am definitely making port brownies.

    LittleLea – your duck breast and pears is just gorgeous! Welcome – that is quite a debut!

    David – your bouillabaisse is fantastic looking. I would have loved a crack at just the juice and some of that bread to sop it up with :wub: !

    Chufi – those egg stuffed meatballs are marvels!!!

    Marlene – good grief! Everything that you posted on 7/4 looked wonderful! It is hot as the hinges of hell here in VA and I am craving beef stroganoff :laugh: ! Bleu cheese deviled eggs are just genius!

    I have missed egullet more than I would have thought this past month. I have been cooking, but somehow by not sharing the results with everyone of you, something was missing from the experience. I hope that I can get my computer up and running soon and can get my pictures organized so I can do a big monster photo post!


  4. I am so glad that I was able to 'get back' to egullet in time to respond to your blog. I have enjoyed this so much. If I never realize my dream of travel, I will have had a lovely taste of rural France thanks to you, Dave. I have taken lovely walks with you and Rupert. I have eaten your glorious apricot tart. I have smelled heavenly cheeses - both subtle and stinky! I have gone along on your road trips and seen incomparable views! Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us, Dave. And for enriching my life!


  5. Hi, everyone! I have been sans computer for almost a month now and the stupid public library blocks egullet :angry: ! And the stupid computer guy won't be getting the stupid mother board from the stupid Dell people until July 9th :angry::angry: . I am at my daughter's apt. helping her pack for moving back home after graduation and thought I would sit down for a second and say hello. Since this is where all my favorite cooks congregate, I thought this was the proper place :wink: ! Just wanted to say hello, that I miss everyone and can't wait to have a few days to sit and catch up on all of your wonderful meals and also, to post the meals that I have been cooking!

    I was so sad to hear about fifi and I did take the time to read the responses on the thread about her. It is so amazing to me how well we get to know one another in this 'anonymous' medium.

    Best to everyone, Kim

  6. Yay!!!!! Megan's back <happy dance ensues>!!!! You and your cukes were seriously missed here - now if we can just get Daniel and Ling (and some others I can't think of at this exact moment) to do some posting! Gorgeous meal, btw!


  7. I don't have a thing to offer, but I have been reading the posts here lately and drooling. I have to let you all know how wonderful everything looks!

    GTO - I love your little trifles! What a great idea. I'm going to steal that :raz: !

    Joe - your chocolate squares look like the love child of a brownie and a chocolate sheet cake :laugh: ! Beautiful and seductive!!

    Mark - I see what you mean about the goopiness of the pie filling, but the cake itself looks wonderful - nice, tight crumb. Could you possibly PM me the recipe - it looks like something that I would like for my lemon/coconut experiments :biggrin: !

    Bruce - good God! Those strawberries are fantastic looking! I really, really hope that the local strawberries will be good this year!

    Becca - your tart is gorgeous! I am so envious of your skills!

    Chufi - oooooh! I think I need to make a mess soon :wub: !

    Thank you all for sharing your wonderful skills! I am so grateful for the folks here!


  8. Oh yeah, y'know what else I've been doing? Making regular powdered sugar icing with gelatin water instead of milk. It sets up nice nice. Because the cookie is crunchy or chewy you don't notice the extra stiffening in the icing. It does not crunch like royal and it sets up quickly. So you get a relatively creamy decorating icing with your cookie. I've got pictures somewhere...

    OOOOhh! Could you explain more for me (I am not terribly knowledgable :wink: ). This sound intriguing!! What is gelatin water? Just a mix of gelatin and water? In what proportions? I like the sound of this!!

  9. tracey - your glisteny skirt steak made Mr. Kim and I drool!

    Ann - the pavlova is gorgeous and, as usual, your roast makes me want to run straight to the butcher shop!

    Rocky - the medianoches :shock::shock::shock: OMG! That looks so amazingly good! The crust is just absolutely perfect. I want one! What all is in yours - and how does medianoches differ from a Cuban sandwich?

    David - I love shrimp toast and yours is so pretty. I love the concentrated scatter of sesame seeds.

    lucylou - when we went to Florida in April, our friend, Stephanie, made these meatballs. I agree with you - they rocked!

    OK, now after looking at the last couple of days, all I can think about is strawberries and shrimp :laugh: !

    Mr. Kim made dinner last night. It was great! He did a Spinach and Citrus Salad:


    And Giada's Chicken Parmesan:


    You know, every Giada recipe we have ever tried has been really good. There is an idea for a thread, maybe - TV recipes that work and that DON'T :smile: !


  10. I love the look of decorated cookies, but personally I think that they are all lacking in flavor compared with the type that you could put in the pretty bags. I make these Dream Cookies a lot and they are the best cooky in my repetoire - tender, buttery and rich. Everyone who has ever tasted them has loved them. And they couldn't be simpler. I'd go with the pretty bags. Let us know how it works out!


  11. I have a similar example.  One of my grandmothers couldn't cook at all.  Anything she attempted was awful.  Except for once a year.  Her Christmas dinners were legendary.  No variance in the menu - turkey, oyster stuffing, bourbon sweet potatoes and cheese stuffed baked potatoes.  Other offerings at the holiday table consisted of canned peas and an awful fruit salad made with canned fruit cocktail and, of course, the obligatory brown and serves - often burnt.  The last three dishes were up to her usual standard, but the first four were fantastic - and not easy things to make, certainly.  Where would she fall on this list?


    Idiot savant? :P

    :laugh::laugh::laugh: Ding, ding, ding! I think we have a winner! This was the grandmother that, when asked for a cooky, would offer me a Metrical (60's version of SlimFast) cooky - gack.

  12. I actually do try to do this. I keep a kind of food journal with meals I serve including guests, menus, photos and how things went as far as the food - I almost always try out new recipes on guests and beg them to be honest - I figure the worst that can happen is we have to order pizza :laugh: !

    Also in the journal is a record of meals eaten in restaurants - again with menus, photos and critiques. Only special or travel meals - I don't bother noting an after work stop at Cracker Barrel (one of my many guilty pleasures :blush::wub: )!


  13. This may not be Maryland and I have never been there but I love crabcakes. I don't want a bunch of weird stuff in them, a lot of crab, a little onion, a few cracker crumbs (not bread), and a bit of mayo.

    No red, green, or chile pepper, no strong herbs, and God help us no flour! Worst crabcakes I ever had were in what is one of the better restaurants around here and I swear the chef stuck them together with flour. Worse than the ones at Long John's and thopse are pretty bad.

    I want to taste crab which is easily overwhelmed by other flavors.

    My personal opinion is that anyone who puts bell pepper in a crabcake doesn't understand the nature of crab meat.


  14. Chicken Nut Puffs are great for tea. You can jazz them up with some curry powder and serve with chutney. They freeze great, can be served room temperature and are very Southern and 'ladies-who-lunch-ish'!

    Another thing that I have made is Firecracker Sandwiches. These do not dry out and are easy to make ahead of time. You can cut each one in half so that you have nice small little finger food and press parsley into the ends to make it 'nicer'. The version with country ham is especially good.

    Hope this helps! Kim

  15. Rocky - that summertime meal looks fantastic. Can't wait for good tomatoes so we can do some caprese!

    kbjesq - please, please do join in! I am the most ordinary cook in the world - I have a huge interest in food and love to cook, but I am anything but fancy and I finally got up the nerve and am now addicted to photographing my food and posting here! It is so interesting to me to see how people all over the world eat (make sure to read the blogs - they are amazing) on an everyday basis.

    Bruce - :laugh::laugh::laugh: - ok, ok, no Mexican anytime soon - but I do have some leftover chorizo - can I freeze it until the ban is lifted?

    Wendy - this is so odd - I just last night bookmarked the Jacques Pepin recipe for Gnocchi Parisienne in some magazine (F&W?) to make soon. How were they - as easy as promised?

    Last nights dinner was another easy one:

    An odd throw together salad of Napa cabbage, my Dad's Caesar dressing and a topping of toasted ramen noodles, sesame seeds and almonds (all leftovers):


    A really simple marinara on some cavatelli that a friends mom sent us from Philly -it is Napoletano's Pasta out of Springfield PA:


    Garlic toast (Texas Toast brand :blush: - a guilty pleasure) and these wierd little things that Mr. Kim loved and I didn't. They were also from the friends mom in Philly. They were stuffed olives - homemade. They were huge green olives stuffed with a mixture of finely ground chicken, pork and beef - breaded. I fried them in hot oil to serve. The meat mixture was just a mush, but what I objected to was the extreme saltiness (and this is from someone who grew up sipping olive brine as a treat - another guilty pleasure, I guess :raz: ). I am sure that they were labor intensive and very fiddly to make. Anyone else know about these things? I am guessing they are Italian-American based on the lady who made them:



  16. Bruce - your flour tortillas with papas y chorizo look amazingly good, and that's saying something considering how Mexican-fatigued I am :laugh: !

    lucylou - that steak dinner almost sent us back out to go to a steakhouse when we saw it tonight! Wow. I am not even a huge steak eater, but the combination of that wonderful looking meat, the amazing onion :wub: and the perfect baked potato almost got us!

    rw - everything looked wonderful, but I really, really want to try making butter poached lobster. I think that is the most wonderful and appropriate preparation for lobster that I have ever heard of!

    DanielM - is that just prettily shaved cheese on top of your pasta? If so, what did you use to shave it with?

    Shaya - what did the red apricots taste like? I haven't had a truly good apricot in years!

    Thanks to all for your kind comments! Poor Mr. Kim did not have to eat tacos tonight! Breakfast for dinner, nothing too exciting - but it was good:

    Ham & Cheese Omelette (don't tell Mr. Kim, but I used leftover Mexican cheese :laugh: ) and hash browns:


    Toasted Coconut Waffles w/ Raspberry Syrup and Whipped Cream:



  17.   This was an almost full 18 qt. Nesco of taco meat:


    Everyone please say goodbye to Mrs. Kim. If I have to eat ONE MORE TACO this week, you're going to be reading about us in the newspapers.


    - Mr. Kim

  18. Thanks for the kind words.  (By the way, how do I reply with the 'previous quote' in a separate text box from my response). 

    Just hit the reply button under the box of the response that you want to quote. You can delete any text that you don't want to appear. Does that make sense?


  19. Kim those key lime shooters are adorable!!!!

    Thank you! They really were tiny. To give you an idea of the size, the spoons are little sample spoons from the deli where I work - about the size of Baskin Robins sample spoons.


  20. I think the problem of comparing different cooks is much more complex than a simple scale of levels. At the very least, there should be separate scales for different styles of cooking, or types of skills. To follow the colored belt analogy, being a third-degree black belt in karate doesn't mean you know anything about jiujitsu.

    Also, I can provide an example that doesn't quite fit into the scale. My grandmother doesn't cook, but can follow some simple directions to make, say, TV dinners. She can make drip coffee from whole beans without directions, but has so far refused to switch to the burr grinder/french press system she was given. Her ability to follow directions is limited, though, as anyone who has had her Christmas dinner knows - a precooked supermarket finish-in-the-oven dinner. Despite the clear instructions all over the package, she proceeds to turn the turkey to jerky, burn the mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and stuffing, and create rock hard rolls. The gravy and cranberry jelly were fortunately edible. I don't know if she falls under about a 1.5 or a 0.75, depending on how you quantify "very simple".

    Also, I think there's a huge jump between levels 4 and 5, and I think 7 should go between them. It takes a skilled and experienced cook to make any recipe. Just look at the fried chicken cook-off thread and see how much trouble we go through to manage oil temperature for pan-fried chicken.

    There have been threads on how to judge professional chefs that I think could provide some ideas for how to judge amateur cooks.

    I have a similar example. One of my grandmothers couldn't cook at all. Anything she attempted was awful. Except for once a year. Her Christmas dinners were legendary. No variance in the menu - turkey, oyster stuffing, bourbon sweet potatoes and cheese stuffed baked potatoes. Other offerings at the holiday table consisted of canned peas and an awful fruit salad made with canned fruit cocktail and, of course, the obligatory brown and serves - often burnt. The last three dishes were up to her usual standard, but the first four were fantastic - and not easy things to make, certainly. Where would she fall on this list?


  21. What beautiful meals everyone has been cooking. I am just in awe!

    Bruce - your Banh mi is just delicious looking, I can almost taste that moist pork and crunch the vegetables!

    lucylou - I love that glistening pizza.

    little ms foodie - the salmon and asparagus are gorgeous and I don't even like asparagus! And even your freaking ice cubes are beautiful!! :raz:

    David - every time I see one of your posts, I am so glad that you joined egullet and started posting on the dinner thread. You are such a treasure!

    Chufi - as usual, your meals (even the healthy ones :wink: ) look scrumptious! The cheesecake is just exactly what cheesecake should be!

    I am almost embarrassed to post my pitiful contribution to this thread! I have not been cooking much at all lately. I am finally back to work after my carpal tunnel surgery and too exhausted with standing up all day to come home and cook. Plus, I have so much leftover food in the freezer. The party for my daughter's graduation from college was May 20th. I cooked for 70 (I am a notorious over preparer - typical Southern girl horror of having someone leave my house hungry :raz: - so probably more like 80), 70 people having RSVP'd yesses. Probably 45-50 showed up :shock: . The menu was:

    Tortilla Soup w/ fixings - Avocado chunks, Lime wedges, Mexican cheese, Fried tortilla strips, Cilantro

    Quesadilla/Tacos – Ground beef & Chicken w/ fixings

    A sample plate:


    This was an almost full 18 qt. Nesco of taco meat:


    Black Beans


    Spanish Orzo


    Tortilla Chips w/ 7 Layer Dip

    Cornbread Salad

    Key Lime Pie Shooters - these were my favorites - very cute and very well received!




    Frozen Daiquiris, Margaritas & Cosmos

    The food was very good and appreciated by all, but there was so much leftover. I am so very, very sick of tacos and beans and taco salad and reheated crap! :wacko: We retooled the bean into bean soup and gave it to a sick friend and sent home what we could with everyone and took stuff to work, but a lot is still lurking in the freezer - haunting me.

    One good meal that I served while both sets of my parents were up for the graduation was:

    Grilled Steak Rolls - a little odd looking, but very good. Just flank steak, marinated, rolled and grilled:


    Chinese Salad - just one of those middle America standards - Napa cabbage with a green onion vinaigrette and a topping made of ramen noodles and almonds (a version of a Paula Deen recipe, in fact), but everyone at my house loves it.

    Roasted Cauliflower and Artichokes - how many pictures of roasted cauliflower do you suppose are on imagegullet :laugh: ? I always get converts with roasted cauliflower - this time it was my mom. And the artichokes were a great addition:


    Scalloped Tomatoes - Southern comfort food at it's best - this dish reminds you that 'maters are, after all, a fruit:


    So, there we are. Almost the sum total of my cooking for the last 2 weeks.

    :blush: I am so ashamed. And I can't promise it is going to get much better. I swing into full time at work this week and we are going to Savannah for a wedding at the end of next week. I think I have cooking-fatigue. I want to cook. I just don't seem to find the energy to do it. Blah.

    Cook on, my friends - I'll read along and see if I can get inspired by the wonderful meals that you serve forth!


  22. I was unpleasantly surprised, while in a regionally well-regarded restaurant several years ago, to see the chef use Jaquin's port in my duck breast with port sauce prepared tableside.  I guess that was a case of "propensity to profit" as well.

    See, I don't even know what the problem is here - I don't recognize Jaquin's - I assume that it is a low quality port and lowered the quality of the meal. I think that there are two things going on. One is truly crap food - the stuff that dividend refers to in the previous post. I can't imagine that anyone who bothers to post on egullet would not recognize it's 'crappyness' :biggrin: ! But the other issue is the sophistication level of one's palate - and even egulleteers are all over the place in that area. I know that I don't have a terribly sophisticated and educated palate. I'm not at all sure that I would have recognized the inferior quality of port that Meanderer mentions. I know that when I went to NYC awhile back, I ate at a couple of places that weren't held in high regard by NY egulleteers - and I loved them! I simply don't have the exposure to 'better' places and the discrimination to tell the difference, perhaps.

    Does anyone agree that there are two different issues here? And which one are we discussing? :laugh:


  23. David Ross - both your onion rings and your Pommes de Terre Macaire look fantastic. I copied your directions for the potatoes and will be trying those as soon as I can! I am particularly envious of those gorgeous rings! I tried to make onion rings last week when I was staying at my grandmother's and it was a complete disaster! I did them the way I usually do, but they didn,t turn out well at all - they were limp and all the coating fell off :angry: ! And the duck was beautiful - what a gorgeous laquer he had!

    Alinka - your buns are beautiful (well that sounds odd, huh? :huh: ) - I would love to have one of those right now.

    little ms foodie - I love oysters rockefeller and those look perfect!

    Bruce - your fried rice looks so wonderful. I really miss rice so much (can't eat it since I had a gastric bypass), I do a lot with orzo as a replacement, but some things just need rice!

    Ann - what can I say. Every single thing that you posted was beautifully photographed and looked delicious! I am ready to pull up a chair.

    Well, as for us, one set of pictures will suffice for both last night and tonight as we had the exact same meal. I am so busy this week - the child is graduating from college on Saturday and Sunday we are having about 75 people for a sort-of-Mexican buffet. Southwestern Chicken Tortilla Soup with all the fixings, Chicken Quesadillas, Beef Tacos with all the fixings, Black Beans, Spanish Orzo, Seven Layer dip, Brownies and Key Lime Shooters for dessert. Plus both sets of my parents (regular and step) are arriving Friday and staying through Monday, so I have all those meals in between to prepare :wacko: ! I really have no business being on egullet tonight, but I am multi-tasking by eating and surfing at the same time :laugh: !

    Our elegant dinner tonight (and last night):

    gallery_34972_3580_458559.jpgChili dogs, bbq beans, slaw, oven fries and my daddy's fantastic Caesar salad (not pictured).

    Mr. Kim's plate:


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