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  1. Mmm, egg rolls.  I must try making them one of these days.  I'd guess, Kim, that they freeze well.  How do you reheat them for crispiness?

    No cooking last night, but tonight we'll do either crispy pork chops or prime rib.

    Another early bird, huh? I couldn't get back to sleep this morning (thanks to my pug, Otis :rolleyes: ) so I jumped on here! I froze the egg rolls before cooking them and then I shallow fry them while still frozen. By the time they are brown and crispy, the insides are done. The texture suffers a bit from being frozen, but it's nice not to have to make a run to our favorite Chinese restaurant when we need a little Asian greasy/crunchy fix :laugh: !


  2. Steven, thanks so much for posting this! What a thoughtful, affectionate, but also honest essay! I would never have thought to try Tavern on the Green. I just figured any place so famous couldn't be good (dumb me, huh?). I don't get to NYC very often, but when I do one of the things that I want is at least one 'event'. I don't know why it never occurred to me that this could be my 'event'. I am printing out your post and putting it in my NYC file. Thanks again!


  3. Here are the shopping lists that begin to haunt me this time of the year:

    Christmas Goodies

    Christmas Eve

    Christmas Morning

    These are the bare bones lists for our Christmas food celebrations. We host a Christmas Eve dinner for friends/family every year (we have done this with only a few misses for 25 years). Most years now it involves 50 -/+ people. You can see why it haunts me just now! I love doing it, but it is daunting! Oh, well, I'll get to it just as soon as I finish frosting my Halloween cupcakes :laugh: !


  4. Marlene - those biscuits have this Southerner full of envy! I wish mine looked like that!

    yunnermeier - are those little things in the back potatoes? It all looks so crunchy and good.

    Bruce - as usual, that fried rice looks absolutely delicious. And where are you getting such gorgeous tomatoes?

    I have started the annual clean out the pantry and freezer meals in anticipation of the holidays. It makes for some weird meals :blink: ! Last night was:


    Egg rolls from the freezer that I made awhile ago. I have a bagful, so they will probably be our appetizer for a few days. :rolleyes:

    I am still trying to use up and disguise that boring chicken and potatoes dish from the other day. Last night I used the chicken in a casserole with gravy and cornbread dressing, served with those potatoes (I added cream and butter - pretty good), Southern green beans and some Sister Shubert yeast rolls from the freezer:



  5. I second (third?) poundcake and gingerbread. Also, shortbread. These cookies are similar to shortbread, but very, very simple. They are our favorite family cookies and every single time I have ever served them, people are bowled over and can't believe that they are as easy as I say.


  6. Doodad - thanks for the report! I have marked that recipe to make soon!

    Percyn - gorgeous meatballs. Now, I have a craving!

    Tonight's dinner was much, much better. I started with this:


    That's bacon from Benton's in Tennessee. Fantastic stuff!

    Then these heirloom tomatoes:


    Finally dinner:


    BLT's with corn and skillet potatoes. The potatoes are those blah ones from the other night that I rescued by mashing them up with lots of salt and pepper and fried up in the bacon grease from the Benton's. Much, much better results!

    Oh, and another slice of this for dessert:



  7. Martha needs to work on her baking times.  Both times, I found that the tart needed to only bake for about 2/3 time called for. 

    See here: Martha Stewart's Cranberry, Almond and Cinnamon Tart.  Here it is cut open.

    Not just her baking times. I have had lots of trouble with timing of things with many of her recipes. I tried some meringues recently that called for beating them for something like 20 minutes - I ended up with a very odd texture. The baking/sitting timing was really off, too.


  8. Prawncrackers - gorgeous chop! I would have loved that whole meal!

    Doodad - would love a report on the pallet du porc. Sound very good!

    Doddie - Your cinnamon rolls are beautiful. I love 'Ree' - I read the blog every day - I think I found it through you, actually! I will be trying these!

    Ce'nedra - I, too, thought the prawns looked luscious. Thanks for posting directions!

    Well, I guess it is only honest to post failures as well as successes. This was a failure:


    It was a slow cooker recipe for chicken thighs, potatoes & leeks. And it was as dull as it looks. Incredibly bland and boring. I am sorry for the picture quality, but I took the picture after I tasted and I think my dissapointment colored my photo :wink: . I am going to bone the mountain of thighs left today to make a good old comforting chicken and dressing casserole. Even the brocolli was bitter and stinky. :angry:


  9. Here you go: clickety!


    Thanks! Looking at the recipe, did you find it too sweet at all? I'm wondering if I should cut down on the sugar in the pie--maybe 1/4 cup instead of 1/2 cup. Normally, I'd think it would be OK, but the sugar in the streusel topping plus in the chocolate-covered toffee bars might put it over the top for me.

    It might be too sweet for you. I have a very immature sweet tooth - it developed backwards for me - as a kid, I was not a candy fiend, preferring salty snacks above all others. As a middle aged person, I've discovered a strong urge for sweet stuff in myself. Odd, no? I would cut back on the sugar for yourself, seeing as how you seem to be normal (unlike me :biggrin: ). Also, I usually just use the broken toffee bits, not the chocolate covered bars.


  10. Latest effort was three of these:


    That's caramel apple pie.  All that oozy goo is from a streusel topping that you put on before the top crust:

    And where's the recipe for that pie?????? :hmmm:

    That's a fine looking pie, and I really need some!! :wub:

    Ditto. Recipe please!

    I just stocked up on apples at the local apple festival and need to make a pie. :wink:

    Thank you!

    Here you go: clickety!


  11. tracey - I would give my next vacation for that 'shore dinner'!

    Jamie Lee - I thought your pancakes were lovely. Tasty looking, too! And I was also mesmerized by the short ribs on the magazine cover! I'm glad that it worked so well.

    David - I am so glad that you posted the directions for that gorgeous Apple, Pear and Parsnip Salad. It is just beautiful and sounds perfect to go with pork (which I am craving daily now that fall weather is almost here).

    A couple of nights ago we had Pan Roasted Pork Chops w/ Creamy Gorgonzola Polenta and broccoli (the sauce on the pork chops is a nice little pan sauce made with a purchased Caramelized red onion and Fig savory topping):


    Tonight was crabmeat au gratin, (that same) polenta - pan fried, baked chili beans and sauteed summer squash and onions:


    Hmmm. Plate was a little bland looking, huh?


  12. Tri2Cook - that glaze is awesome! So shiny and.....glazey :rolleyes: !

    Mark - that lemon cake looks so good! Is the frosting whipped cream or what? And the red velvet is beautiful. Howja do the little hearts?

    lexy - I, too, love banana bread and can find all reasons to make it. I secretly love it when the bananas in the bowl are overripe and I can throw them in the freezer for banana bread! I always add chocolate chips to mine, but next time I will use chocolate chunks and top with cinnamon sugar! Thanks!

    Hosinmigs - I'm with you. I am so envious of the skill that so many here at egullet show in photography. I think that I am going to have to bite the bullet and invest in an SLR digital camera, some classes and Photoshop :wacko: !

    Latest effort was three of these:


    That's caramel apple pie. All that oozy goo is from a streusel topping that you put on before the top crust:





  13. This is a rather surprisingly fascinating topic! I have always been a bit voyeuristic about other people’s grocery carts and this is similar. Really fun!

    Here is the list that lives on the fridge. We add things as they come up, even if they are long term needs (i.e. – the crock pot). Some things stay on the list for weeks.


    Then, on shopping day, I make a list on the computer and print it out. I divide it up according to the store (we usually have a Costco stop, a Kroger stop, a drug store stop and a Fresh Market (the specialty food store where I work) stop – today I needed to add Dollar Tree, Michael’s and Office Depot:


    Sorry for the fuzzy pictures!


  14. Mr. Kim and the kid did some apple picking while they were in Charlottesville this past weekend for football. I have a big box of apples. I am going to make some pies, using this recipe.

    The question is: do I bake the pie first, then freeze or freeze it before baking?

    Note that you slightly cook the apple slices before assembling the pie.

    Ta! Kim

  15. Last night's dinner was my take on a Cornish pasty. Puff pastry filled with ground beef, onion, carrots, peas, and mushrooms.  We used to call these "Tiddly Oggies" in the Navy!


    followed by an Orange Creme Brulee


    You can tell that Momma's still gone - that is one huge pasty :laugh: ! (I know how big those plates are!)


  16. Shelby - I love your halloween kitchen! Mr. Kim believes that we are the only people in creation who have multiple boxes of Halloween decorations in the attic. :laugh: I love your tree. Mine is shiny green, but I like yours better!

    David - the 'tacos' are lovely! I never fry my own shells, but I much prefer the texture of them when you do!

    Doddie - Oyster Po' Boys :wub::wub::wub: ! I want one right now! The crust looks perfect - thin, crisp and crackly! Well done!

    The other night I made soup out of the meat that I shredded for sandwiches :


    I needed some comfort that night, so I baked a loaf of plain old white:


    Plated up with some of my Grandma's pear preserves:


    Last night we had a football feast. These are almost always unapologetically trashy (think Costco frozen fingerfood and Velveeta/Salsa/Sausage dip :wink: ). Chicken tacitos (sp?):


    Cheese and crackers (aged gouda, Point Reyes blue, horseradish):


    And potstickers:


    I have made my own potstickers in the past and very good they were, too. But I got home from work at 5:30 having missed all the early games and I wanted to just sit and watch football. It was a good evening :laugh: !


    [edited so that all of my pictures wouldn't be identical, after all :rolleyes: !]

  17. Pot Roast with Mashed Sweet Potatoes


    Percyn, that looks so beautiful! That meat is perfectly fall-apart gorgeous! You photos always remind me that one can plate things beautifully at home without looking 'fiddly'. I have recently started to do a lot of serving the protein portion over the starch portion. I love casseroles and to me, it's just like a deconstructed casserole. I recently did this:


    Scampi over sauteed mascarpone & roasted garlic polenta.

    With a Frisée Salad:


    I like serving leftover shreds of pot roast and gravy over french fries, too. I think it all goes back to my favorite after school snack - fries and gravy at Peoples drug store :laugh: !

  18. HI Kim!!

    Food looks absolutely divine!

    Could you share your lemonade cupcake recipe with little ole me?  :smile:

    Hi, Shelby! I'll be glad to share the recipe. Here you go! This time when I made them, I frosted them with lemon buttercream. We like lemony stuff here! Hope you like them!


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