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  1. I am sad that no one wants to give my Million Dollar Pound Cake a try.  :sad:

    It is really good.

    After looking at you recipe in Recipegullet I realize that I just made your pound cake last week. It's the same one in my Southern Living All-time favorite recipes magazine. I reduced the milk to 1/2 cup and added 1 tsp baking powder and

    1 tsp salt. I know, It's not your recipe anymore, but close. I felt it was wonderful except it could use a bit more moisture. I'm sure the extra 1/4 cup milk yours called for would have made the difference. I've been playing around with pound cakes to find the "perfect" one and one from which I could make variations based on a perfect base recipe. (hence the addition of baking powder which should help ensure rise even after adding additions such as sweet potato puree or banana, etc.) Anyway, your recipe was in my opinion, almost perfect!

    I make the Million Dollar pound cake, too. I love the texture and flavor, but have a hard time with the crown - it rises up beautifully, but it is empty and then crumbles down.

  2. I want to be able to make cheesecakes and give them as gifts (also I may soon be selling them *insert a little happy dance*. What is the best way to do this without also giving them my pan. I know that I can line the bottom with parchment so that it won't stick to the bottom of my springform, but I am terrified that moving it will cause the cake to break. Any hints???

    Also - is there any really reliable way to tell that a cheesecake is cooked completely. The last time I took a cheesecake to a party, it was undercooked. Still tasted good, but it was a bit loose and gooey - the cut pieces looked like crap. Thanks, Kim

  3. I am resurrecting this thread to add a couple of questions. Pound cake is probably my favorite cake type. I am wondering if I can bake it as cupcakes and in layer forms? Would I need to change the temperature and what would that do to the timing.

    Also - what do I need to do to make these recipes as chocolate? Thanks, Kim

  4. I made the groom's cake for my brother's wedding, and had both wedding cake and groom's cake for dessert!

    The cake was the Double Chocolate cake from the "best chocolate cake" thread and it was filled with peanut butter mousse AND peanut butter frosting (my brother's choice!) and iced with a ganache and then a mirror glaze.  The decoration was peanut butter bark from epicurious.com.

    The cake:


    The inside (it's sideways and I can't figure out how to rotate it!):


    Next to bride's cake (for sense of scale - it was actually about the size of the bride's cake! It was about 15 inches across and 13 inches high.):


    Boy am I glad that's done!  Too much pressure for me.  :raz:

    Gorgeous! I want to try to duplicate this because my very favorite flavor combination is chocolate and peanut butter. I went out on the internet searching for 'mirror glazing' which I had never heard of - from what I found, I think it is probably beyond my capabilities, but it was funny - I think I found Wendy DeBord on an old discussion from 2000 on a board on WebFoodPros.com! Was that you Wendy, all those years ago trying to get a bunch of French guys to explain a clear glaze to you??? :biggrin:

  5. I just tasted Sahale Snacks Valdosta Blend snack mix: glazed pecans, dried cranberries, black pepper and orange zest. This is gooooood stuff. But I think I can do better. I need to know how to glaze pecans - I want a really clear, smooth and brittle glaze. I know someone here knows how to get this! Ta! Kim

  6. Disclaimer - I work there...but The Fresh Market has opened on Parham Road in Richmond. Pretty good stuff - especially as compared to what is available elsewhere in Richmond. Don't go expecting tons of health food type stuff. And it isn't huge. But the meat department is very good and so is produce.

    Good Foods Grocery at Gayton Crossing Shopping Center is good for health food.

  7. I was disappointed. I have really enjoyed his Food 911 and Tyler's Ultimate shows and have really liked every recipe of his that I have ever made (plus, he's so freakin' cute :wink: ). But I saw it coming when I noticed in the Sandra Lee cookbook that I got for my birthday (joke gift) had Tyler introducing and endorsing it and her :sad: .

  8. So after a fun night at Pegu I needed to come home and devein and cure the fois for the torchon.   First was make the cure.

    Demerra sugar


    Pink Salt

    White pepper.


    Hmm, I just realized somthing this morning. I woke up in the middle of the night and havd a cold sweat moment. The recipe for the fois cure called for pink salt. In my Pegu haze last night I used pink LAVA salt, as opposed to pink CURING salt (which I happened to own as well)

    Oh well, crap.

    Only on egullet. :laugh::laugh::laugh:

  9. We actually like it a lot. We've eaten there a few times and the service was very friendly. The food was very fresh and well prepared. We have had the steak frites, moules, duck confit, monkfish and sole meuniere. Every dish we ordered has been very, very good.

  10. For dessert I tried out the cover recipe from the September 06 Bon Appetit. Its a Bete Noire (Black Beast) attributed to Chef Jason Aronen, at the Wilde Roast Cafe, Minn.


    I used Guirardelli 60% Cocao Bittersweet Chocolete, and instead of using a saucepan for melting as called for in the recipe I used the microwave.  I find it gives better control.  Also I use a pinch of salt in many of my desserts even if not called for. 


    For the whipped cream I used my miniwhip igi© and flavored the cream with two tablespoons of Creme de Cassis. 


    What do you think?



    I made The Beast last night. Gooooood God! It was truly amazing! People at Mr. Kim's office were threatening one another over the last piece.

  11. Kerry - your biscuits look amazing - I am drooling

    gini - I expressed deep love for your challah on the dinner thread.

    Today I decided to cook two brownie recipes. Both are done. We'll taste them after dinner with a tall glass of milk (2% in honor of real brownies :laugh: ). The rest will go to Mr. Kim's office for a vote. I already know that I like A, because they are chewier (it's all about the chewiness with me for brownies).

  12. There is brownie recipe testing going on Chez Shook today. Slicing brownies is always a challenge, I think. It just suddenly occurred to me to try my pizza cutter. It worked wonderfully!! No sticking, no big chunks of top crust coming off. Great idea!

    Anyone else have any multi taskers that you use that might help the rest of us? Kim

  13. Zoe, Mr. Kim's family tradition for decorating the Xmas tree includes fondue. Beef before and chocolate after - so I did this every December before my daughter and I had our gastric bypasses.

    The best meat is sirloin, I think. The sauces that we always serve are:


    Horseradish Cream



    Steak Sauce (sometimes I just serve a GOOD purchased one, sometimes I make my own)

    MIL always served catsup and bottled duck sauce, which just gives me the willies to think about :raz: !

    I think that I might add a chimichurri sauce, if I were going to do it again.


  14. I’m having some cake that I tried to destroy yesterday.  This is my first post, BTW, having recently become a participating member.  I think this is funny, so I decided to share.  I found a lovely recipe for Orange cake with chocolate chunks by Ina Garten (http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/recipes/recipe/0,,FOOD_9936_32831,00.html), and decided to make it for a small get-together.  It’s not a complicated recipe, and while I am by no means any sort of professional, I’ve been baking since I was a kid.  But I had a terrible dingbat day and screwed this recipe up from start to finish.  I almost put twice too much butter in (misreading), my ingredients that were supposed to be room temperature weren’t (forgot), it was just a string of stupid mistakes.  I also realized mid-recipe that our electric mixer was broken and that I had totally forgotten about it.  I swear I’m not a moron; it’s been over a year since I’ve baked anything, and I didn’t immediately replace the old mixer because I’m trying to hold out for a good one (I was completely furious with myself by this point and ready to dump everything in the garbage, but I pressed on).  This cake is flavored with orange juice and zest; half the juice goes in the batter and you save half for the syrup that goes over the cake(s).  Guess what?  I poured all the juice in the batter (I really have baked before, I swear).  I realized what I had done right after the cakes went in the oven (I doubled the recipe and made 2, 9-in. rounds instead of individual cakes).  After cursing for about 10 minutes I decide there’s nothing to be done but wait to see how they turn out (and drink a beer while I wait).  And they turned out pretty well, actually.  The texture is good, and since I dumped all the o.j. in the batter I decided to forego the syrup and just put the chocolate ganache on the top.  People liked it.  I think it’s hilarious that, despite all my efforts to just jack up this cake, it still turned out well.  Now that’s a good recipe.

    Sally, let me be the first to say welcome! I completely sympathize with your cake experience. Some days you are just not meant to bake - the chemistry is off or something! Glad it turned out good anyway! Kim

  15. I think it sounds delicious and fun, but I have had mixed results with caramel apples over the years. Most problematical was having the caramel slide off the apple and end up in a giant goop on the bottom of the apple. Also, small apples are important when doing them at home - large ones tend to fall right off the sticks.

    Anyone else with actual advice instead of just dire warnings?? :rolleyes:

  16. Yup, the ubiquitous chicken breast. And just try to change it! When I was involved in planning events for my daughter’s choir when she was in HS, I suggested changing the menus from rubber chicken or the annual spaghetti dinner. No way were they going to change it. I realized that: a). they didn’t care that much about the taste of the food and/or b). they actually liked it.

    Went to NYC with this same group and we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe, Medieval Times, some big, loud, lousy bbq place near Times Sq. and saw "Beauty and the Beast". :angry: Luckily, the child and I snuck off during 'free day' and got to do some cool stuff and eat great food w/ a friend who lives there. Those who stayed behind thought we had wasted our day, because we had missed out on Rockefeller Center and shopping. You caint larn some folks :wink: .

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