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  1. Kim and Marlene, how was the grilled fruit salsa with the ham? I like the sound of it so much I'm planning on improvising a version of my own this weekend with ham leftovers. yum!

    The salsa was fantastic! It goes perfectly with the ham. The recipe calls for a jalapeno, which I blackened on the grill to make milder. Everyone loved it and we are looking for ways of using it up, since the recipe made so much! Here is the recipe.

  2. Kim Shook - that deviled egg plate is so lovely. I can't help but look at it again and again. Where did you get it?

    Doddie - I got it at Target. And if I thought they had anymore, I'd run right up and get you one and put it in the mail! But I'm pretty sure that I got the last one :sad: ! I loved it, too. What you can't see until some of the eggs are eaten is that every depression has a different decorated egg design in it! So cute!

  3. Any chance of recipes for the warm cheese dip and the shrimp mold? Pleeeeease? :wub:

    ETA: Never mind, I'm an idiot; of COURSE they're on your home page. DUH! :blink:


    They are both in the appetizer section. The cheese dip is listed as "Marlene's Warm Cheese Dip" and the shrimp mold is "Momma's Shrimp Mold"!

  4. I haven't posted much lately, but I've been reading and looking and enjoying lots of vicarious meals!

    Ann - I never think to grill Italian sausage, but I will now!

    Bruce - those chicken kebabs look so good. Mine always turn out dry, but yours look so moist!

    Prawncrackers - that cod looked amazing. What great flavor combinations! I love the idea of a Serrano crisp - how'd you do that??

    Chris - that reuben is gorgeous. The grilled bread alone is a work of art!!

    I finally have the time to post my Easter meals - it has been a busy week. And if you know what we had for Easter, you know what we've been eating since :wink: !

    Firstable is breakfast - pretty simple because I knew I was cooking all day - I had some sausage rolls in the freezer (actually Christmas leftovers), so I just baked them and served with scrambled eggs and store-bought croissants and cinnamon rolls:


    While I was finishing everything up we snacked on Marlene's warm cheese dip:


    It was wonderful. Everyone loved this!

    We also had my mom's fantastic shrimp mold:


    (I just noticed the open bathroom door and the toilet in the background - lovely :rolleyes: - one of the many things I hate about my kitchen)

    Dinner started with apple-walnut tossed salad w/ a cranberry vinaigrette:


    Deviled eggs:


    Glazed ham w/ grilled fruit salsa:


    Macaroni & cheese bake:


    This was so good! It is a recipe that was recommended by kbjesq when I mentioned that I'd never found a recipe that I really liked. Even Mr. Kim liked this and he is not a big mac & cheese fan.

    Roasted Asparagus:


    I also made Southern green beans and sweet potato yeast rolls (no picture - I got flustered getting everything on the table).

    Dessert was my MIL's incomperable hot cross buns, malted mousse cake and something called 'No-fail Sugar Cookies" - they were guaranteed not to spread while baking; they didn't, but I found the flavor a little flat - more vanilla next time, I think (oh, and some toasted coconut marshmallows - not intended by the manufacturers for Easter, but they are a family tradition :biggrin: ):





  5. Unfortunately, I seem not to have taken a picture, but I made some fantastic cookies that were recommended by Brigid Mary. They are called Best, Big, Fat, Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies and they were wonderful. I have kind of lost interest in chocolate chip cookies in the past few years - they seemed dull compared to others that I was making, but these changed my mind! The recipe is here.

  6. Tracey - that Sauerbratten meal looks scrumptious! I never make it, but it is one of my favorite dishes!

    SanaaSol - those salmon cakes are so beautiful. I know that when I start especially noticing food in people's posts, that means I am craving it and need to make it soon. That is happening the last few weeks with salmon cakes!

    Chris - I would like a big bowl of those duck skin triangles to snack on with TV tonight. Wow!

    Dr J - how did you cook the smelt - I love them so much and it is so hard to find nice ones here!

    This weekend I was in NC visiting my grandmother. On Friday night she took me to Libby Hill Seafood for dinner. A good old greasy fried seafood platter hit the spot :rolleyes: . Flounder, shrimp and oysters. On Saturday we went to Short Sugar's BBQ in Reidsville for chopped sandwiches and I bought 3 lbs. of BBQ and a gallon of sauce, all of which will figure in meals to come :wub: !

    Saturday night when I am there, I try to cook dinner because she refuses to let me pay for anything - she even tucked a $20 dollar bill in my hand when I left on Sunday (I am almost 49 years old :rolleyes: ). It is a very limited kitchen complicated by the fact that there are actually 2 kitchens and what you need is inevitably in the other kitchen! Most of her herbs and spices are years old and the spices are hard and crumbly. She is one of those old country cooks that uses almost no utensils other than a meat fork and a serving spoon to cook with. But she has a gorgeous set of 70+ years old cast iron and Club aluminum to cook in :wub: . She told me how much she likes the chicken cordon bleu rolls that they sell at The Fresh Market in Greensboro, but that she hasn't been able to get there lately, so I decided to do a version of that. I didn't bother with breading - I just rolled up the chicken with some Swiss cheese and Black Forest ham and browned them in one of those almost non stick cast iron skillets and made a quick gravy to go with it. I also served fresh brussels sprouts and orzo, neither of which she had ever had. She loved all of it and wanted me to tell her exactly what was in each thing and watched me make everything. She entertains pretty often, actually - ladies of the church, garden club, her business women's club. She serves luncheons and is always looking for new things to make. Everything tasted pretty darn good in spite of it all.


    Don't you just love that Desert Rose plate? That's been her everyday ware for my whole life!

    Dinner last night was a mixed success. I made roasted red pepper and pear soup and pineapple stuffed cornish hens. Mr. Kim and Jessica loved the soup (I don't like peppers - they tasted it and said that the pepper flavor was mild and well balanced with the pears, but all I tasted was pepper). The hens and the basting sauce that went with them were really good, but the stuffing was much too sweet. The ingredients were bread, celery, pineapple and shredded coconut. I don't know what you would need to add to balance the natural sweetness of the pineapple and coconut, but I think that onions would help.




  7. Linda, I am very excited about this blog! I always enjoy your posts and living in NY is one my fantasies! This is one of those blogs that I will be checking in on every hour! Thanks so much for blogging and bless you for doing it on a holiday week! Are you entertaining on Sunday, or will it just be Lynn and you?

    I love your front kitchen. The color is just gorgeous. It looks edible! As always, I'd love some pictures of your neighborhood, please!

  8. Ann - broccoli flan?? As someone who likes her broccoli a little mushy, I am very interested in that!

    Chris - beautiful risotto!

    Dinner last night was made by my daughter, Jessica. She made salmon and pasta w/ lemon, butter and basil:


    It was very good! Most impressive was how perfectly the salmon was cooked! Very proud momma here!

  9. I am just so amazed and inspired by everyone's creations here!

    AmritaBala - those three cupcakes are just beautiful, but without any prissiness! I wish I had the knack and instincts that you do - you really have a gift! Also, what are 'feet' - I am a macaron ignoramous.

    Brigid Mary - I had a banana and a string cheese stick for breakfast and your tea ring is making me crazy. Do you think that it would be bad for me to have pastry instead of leftover chicken for lunch :biggrin: ?

    austramerica - I am torn between a pastry shop and a doughnut shop for lunch today (see my note to Brigid Mary above). I have a mad and irrational love of sprinkles and I love that you only sprinkled half the doughnut - very pretty! It reminds me of Ling frosting only the tops of layers of cake and not the sides.

    Sif - WOW! Those mocha pralines just blew me away. Truly awesome!

    Mr. Kim ordered cupcakes for a meeting at work. He wanted key lime cupcakes w/ coconut meringue and chocolate ganache cupcakes. Both turned out very well and he came home with an empty cupcake container!



  10. Doddie - tell Billy that his Empanadas are perfect and he's a cutie pie (don't tell him that part if it will embarass him :wink: )

    David - that pork is gorgeous and sounds delicious. The cabbage intrigues me, too. What does that involve?

    Percyn - that burrata and steak and bread and tomatoes all look so good! That sounds like the perfect meal and that steak is just exactly how I like them!!

    Prawncrackers - I'd love to have that fish tonight and what lovely little potatoes snuggling up next to it :wub: !

    Ann - that beautiful pot roast has me thinking - it's still cold enough here for pot roast if I hurry! Gotta put it on the list for next week!

    Haven't been cooking much lately (we've been eating out) and what I have has been quick stuff. Monday night I was busy making cupcakes for a meeting that Mr. Kim was having, so I did frozen potstickers and some cheddar shrimp nachos. I'd been meaning to try the recipe for awhile and it was really easy, so it fit Mondays schedule. They were pretty good and I think with some tinkering, I can up that to very good:


  11. AmritaBala - those muffins are gorgeous! We love rocky road anything and I make brownies like that, but I never thought of muffins! I'll have to try that!

    Sunday breakfast was those wonderful baked eggs (with chives this time), campari tomatoes, Neuske's bacon and the last of the cheddar biscuits. I don't know why the biscuits and the bacon look burned - they did in my last picture of them, too. I used some of bacon salt that percyn recommended on the eggs - that stuff is so good, percyn!! Thank you for the recommendation!


  12. Shelby - your bagels are beautiful! I really ned to try those bagel. Ann is my bread idol!

    Brioche57 - those breads are just gorgeous. I would love to wake up to that assortment!

    My most recent baking adventures were much more pedestrian than everyone else's :wink: . Last night I made cornmeal pan rolls - really just a yeast roll with a little cornmeal added. They were very easy and good - a little sweet and will a bit of crunch from the cornmeal:


    The other day I made these cornmeal biscuits with cheddar:


    So good! The original recipe called for adding chipotles, but I can't take the heat and Mr. Kim doesn't like the smokiness, so I just added a little cayenne.

  13. Last night I tried out my Christmas gift pressure cooker for the first time. I did BBQ chicken. I also served Molly Steven's "World's Best Braised Green Cabbage" and cornmeal pan rolls:


    Bruce - thank you so much for directing me to the cabbage recipe. As you know, I am not a cooked cabbage fan - I usually find it stinky, strong tasting and, worst of all squeeky :blink: ! This is not like that at all! It was mellow and tender and I really liked it. Mr. Kim, who likes cooked cabbage anyway absolutely loved it!

    My inaugural pressure cooker meal was a mixed success. It tasted very good, but this is what the pan looked like after the chicken and sauce was removed:


    :angry: I don't know what I did wrong. The chicken was a little scorched in some places, but didn't taste burned and neither did the sauce. I have been doing some reading about pressure cookers and I know enough liquid is important and the recipe only called for 2 cups of bbq sauce, but no extra liquid. Anyone have any ideas? I followed the recipe to the letter.

  14. Well, before this thread started I hadn't had a FOF in years. I had one last week. It was pretty good, too. And yesterday, just for comparison purposes, I had a Burger King fish sandwich. McD's is better - the fish in the BK one was 'fishy' tasting and they put way too much lettuce on it. But McD's doesn't have cheesy tots :wub::laugh: !

  15. Dr J - thanks for posting the picture of the ring - I will look for one of those! I would love to try your vienna sausage dish - that sounds wild. Also, I love the dragonfly plate - that is just gorgeous!

    Judiu - I agree with Pierogi - we never cook asparagus any other way than roasting or grilling anymore. The nice thing about roasting is that you can serve it room temperature - a great way to serve it to a crowd (like for Easter).

    Last night we had 'Deconstructed Chicken Kiev' - just a pan fried, pounded and panko crusted chicken breast with a sauce of butter, Dijon, chive and capers poured over. I also served Marlene's Broccoli Gratin and Cornmeal Biscuits w/ Cheddar and Chipotle. I actually made the biscuit without the chipotles - we don't care for them. I can't handle the heat and Mr. Kim and Jessica don't like the smokiness. I just added some cayenne to the flour mix. They are the kind you make in the food processor - I love avoiding the whole cutting in process!



  16. Kim one more thing I thought of is the type of dish you are using.  Maybe the pros that are reading this thread can chime in on this point-I see you used a glass dish for your Clafoutis?  I am wondering if a glass dish can be a factor in the fruit being overly 'wet?'  Chef Robuchon advises using a porcelain dish for his Clafoutis.  Since I bake mine in a pastry shell, I use a metal tart pan, but you can see in the photo from kbjesq that she used a porcelain dish using my recipe.

    Thank you, David! I will try both of your suggestions - this summer! :laugh:

  17. David - thanks for the recipe for the onions. I'm thinking they would be good over top of Marlene's Ground Round patties!

    Ann - I agree with Shelby - everything looks wonderful, but that sandwich with the gravy is dive in good!!

    monavano - the stromboli looks so incredibly good. I think that I am going to try panini with those ingredients (got a press for Christmas and am always looking for ways to use it!)

    MikeHartnett - I second the Picasa suggestion that Toliver made. It has really made my life so much easier. It might even correct that rotation glitch!

    tupac - gorgeous squid. I thought they were radishes at first!

    suzilightning - I am loving that shrimp and pasta. I use artichoke hearts with shrimp a lot. I think they have a real affinity!

    Nishla - I'm glad you are back - I love your meals! The pork chop and apple dish looks wonderful! Nice crisp crust on that chop! And the scallops are beautiful!

    This was dinner on Sunday. I made Mahogany Glazed Ribs, Tangy Cabbage Slaw w/ Golden Raisins and Sweet Cherry Clafoutis from an old issue of Food & Wine (I'm working harder at going through my recipe/food magazine collection). I also had some of Marlene's Crispy Smashed Potatoes and some ciabatta rolls. The ribs were really good - sticky, sweet and a little spicy. The clafoutis didn't turn out very well. I did something wrong and am trying to figure out what in the Pastry boards. It tasted great, but didn't get the cakey part (no rise) - it was just custardy. I used frozen cherries and didn't think that it would be a problem since the recipe calls for freezing the fresh cherries before using them, but with all the 'bleeding' I think frozen cherries might have been the problem. It was a Paula Wolfert recipe, so I know that it should work - I just had trouble with it!



  18. Well, here's a picture of mine. I didn't think the frozen cherries would cause a problem since the recipe has you freeze the fresh ones before using them, but seeing all the 'bleeding' I think that they were a problem. Maybe all the juice interfered with the rise? It also made the entire thing purple :blink: !


  19. Hello. Thank you for taking me far far away to such a very different land! Everything is very foreign to me. I have seen the basics, or the basics of the basics, so this is like being on another planet- which suits me just fine!


    This really says it all for me, too! I am loving all of this! I'd love some outside shots of your neighborhood, if you are taking requests :biggrin: !

  20. Awhile ago I cut out a picture from some magazine for a tie-dyed cheesecake. I think it is served at one of the Disney restaurants. You just make the batter for a cheesecake and then divide it up into 4 or 5 equal portions and dye them each a different color. You pour the batters into the pan and swirl them around and bake. It was really pretty and I thought it would make a good dessert for a teenager party.

  21. This morning was link sausage and french toast made with some pannetone that I have had in the freezer since Christmas!


    I was {} close to buying a pannetone the other day that was on clearance for 2.90 . My first thought was French Toast but then I seemed to remember hearing about an anise flavor ( which I hate) in pannetone. Did it make good french toast?

    What are the flavors?

    I didn't detect any anise flavor at all. It made great French toast! Since it had been in the freezer, it was already dried out. I just did a really simple egg, milk and vanilla mixture. The texture was perfect, unless you like really moist French toast (we don't).

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