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  1. Boo! I have to work on Saturday (I work at the Fresh Market - if you ever come in, please say hi!). But let me know about future signings and I will try to arrange it! I have taken a class at Sur la Table - from Martin Gravely - it was wonderful - I wish I had the time to volunteer to help at classes. I have even been thinking lately of finding out if they have any full time openings at the store just as a sales clerk - not thrilled with the current situation lately.

    Anyway - let me know about future signings, please! Kim

  2. Who has been to the new "Can Can" yet? 

    I am excited to have a new French Bistro in Cary Town and at the same time I am skeptical that the owner also ran Havana 59 which I never cared for. 

    If anyone has been I would love to hear about it as I am going next weekend. 


    I, too, have heard it is great. Not run by Havava 59 owner, but his brother Chris. Let us know if you like, haven't been there yet. DH not into the French food experience, so I'm not sure we'll ever go there.

    Sondra, does he like steak and french fries? Look at this sample menu. I can't imagine anyone not being able to find something they like. We went with my in laws for our daughter's birthday and they are the most unadventuresome people I know and they loved it. It has a fairly relaxed atmosphere and the staff is friendly, I have found. Kim

  3. Kendra! The book sounds fantastic - I just added it to my wish list - highest priority to receive! We actually are neighbors! I am in Glen Allen - it warms my heart to know a fellow egulleteer is so close! Where do you teach cooking classes - I would love to put one of those on my wish list, too! Kim

  4. Lan4Dawg - your tailgates sound like ones I would like to attend! Mr. Kim went to Virginia, so we have season tickets. We love to tailgate and always get there a few hours early, tailgate and then take dessert to some folks we know who have a space right in the Scott stadium lot. We love them dearly, but don't eat with them - they pick up KFC chicken or Bill's BBQ (don't ask), so we do our own thing for our meal.

    Last Saturday's debacle against the Terps was the first game I have been able to attend this season, thanks to working retail now :wink: . Our menu was grilled shrimp - served cold, which I did by a new Cooks Illustrated method that promised charred outside, moist inside grilled shrimp - worked pretty well, too - even cold they were moist. We also had Morbier and cheddar cheeses, good crackers and lavash, fresh fruit with this amazing Argentinian caramel sauce that I found, crudites and Orange/Gingerbread loaf with Orange/Cream cheese frosting.

    I have one more game that I am going to be able to attend this season and I will probably do chili, unless Mr. Kim decides on that for another game that he goes to with someone else.

  5. My dad has made this recipe for creme caramel a couple of times and keeps getting a too-solid caramel layer. Instead of being thickly liquidy, it comes out almost like caramel candy - chewy. He asked me (I'm honored that he thinks I might know) what would cause it and how to fix it. I made sure that he was cooking in a water bath - he is - and suggested maybe using a tiny bit let sugar in that layer, but I don't have any other ideas. Can someone else chime in, 'cause I am finished with all of my expertise :wacko: ! Ta, Kim.

  6. I actually really like frozen french fries. I can make my own from scratch and do, but I find frozen fries a good substitute - if you actually fry them! Good brands are super crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside w/ real potato-y taste - just what I am going for when I do my own.

    Tots, of course.

    And I have found a pretty good frozen pizza - Eddie's New York City pizza. It's just that - big, plain cheese slices. Better than Domino's, the Hut or Papa John's certainly.

  7. I make the Million Dollar pound cake, too.  I love the texture and flavor, but have a hard time with the crown - it rises up beautifully, but it is empty and then crumbles down.

    Do you use a heavy duty stand mixer? After I got my kitchenaid I started having that problem. I had to learn to mix my pound cakes differently. I beat my butter on med speed till soft, then add my sugar and cream till light and then add my eggs and mix, still on med, just till they blend in. Usually by the last egg or so it starts to look a little curdled. I stop the mixer and scrape down then bowl. Then I turn my mixer to speed 1, STIR, the lowest it can go. I add 1/3 of my flour and mix just till incorporated, 1/2 my liquid, 1/3 flour and 1/2 liquid. Stop, scrape down again. Back to speed 1 and last 1/3 of flour. As soon as that's in I turn it off. I scrape bowl again and make sure all ingredients are mixed in well, if not, I fold with my scraper (rubber spatula.). I think I was beating in too much air with the adding of the dry and wet ingredients and since I've changed my method it comes out beautifully.

    Thanks so much - I have decided to have a go at pound cakes (regular and chocolate) before starting my holiday baking - I want to try to perfect a poundcake cupcake, if possible and I really loved the flavor and texture of that one! Kim

  8. You freeze it. It will NOT hurt the cheesecake. I repeat. It will NOT hurt the cheesecake.


    I agree. But I do use a springform pan. I chill it in the cooler so that I can remove the outer ring, then freeze it. Lined with parchment, the bottom comes right off.

    Also adding my agreement for lining pan and freezing. If I used a one piece 3" pan I lined with parchment circle and after cooling I freeze only for a couple of hours and then remove from pan and finish chilling overnight before cutting. If using a springform pan, I wrap the bottom in foil and spray with nonstick spray and after cooling, freeze for a couple of hours and then remove outside and firm cheesecake will lift right off the foil. And of course chill overnight before cutting. This way, I can reuse my pans for the next batch (was doing 2 batches of 4 each in just my home oven and had to reuse the pans.) The cheesecakes were placed on cardboard circles after removing from the pans and put into 10X4 cake boxes and either further refrigerated or frozen before cutting. Cheesecakes slice well when partly frozen or very, very chilled. I would run my tap water hot and have a clean towel ready and between each slice rinse the knife (long, thin, very sharp straight blade) and dry and make the next cut.

    shaloop, that is exactly how I sliced your gorgeous and crazy good Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake and the slices were beautiful. I took (and posted) a picture of the whole cake, but forgot to get a picture of a slice :rolleyes: !

  9. I am sad that no one wants to give my Million Dollar Pound Cake a try.  :sad:

    It is really good.

    After looking at you recipe in Recipegullet I realize that I just made your pound cake last week. It's the same one in my Southern Living All-time favorite recipes magazine. I reduced the milk to 1/2 cup and added 1 tsp baking powder and

    1 tsp salt. I know, It's not your recipe anymore, but close. I felt it was wonderful except it could use a bit more moisture. I'm sure the extra 1/4 cup milk yours called for would have made the difference. I've been playing around with pound cakes to find the "perfect" one and one from which I could make variations based on a perfect base recipe. (hence the addition of baking powder which should help ensure rise even after adding additions such as sweet potato puree or banana, etc.) Anyway, your recipe was in my opinion, almost perfect!

    I make the Million Dollar pound cake, too. I love the texture and flavor, but have a hard time with the crown - it rises up beautifully, but it is empty and then crumbles down.

  10. I want to be able to make cheesecakes and give them as gifts (also I may soon be selling them *insert a little happy dance*. What is the best way to do this without also giving them my pan. I know that I can line the bottom with parchment so that it won't stick to the bottom of my springform, but I am terrified that moving it will cause the cake to break. Any hints???

    Also - is there any really reliable way to tell that a cheesecake is cooked completely. The last time I took a cheesecake to a party, it was undercooked. Still tasted good, but it was a bit loose and gooey - the cut pieces looked like crap. Thanks, Kim

  11. I am resurrecting this thread to add a couple of questions. Pound cake is probably my favorite cake type. I am wondering if I can bake it as cupcakes and in layer forms? Would I need to change the temperature and what would that do to the timing.

    Also - what do I need to do to make these recipes as chocolate? Thanks, Kim

  12. I made the groom's cake for my brother's wedding, and had both wedding cake and groom's cake for dessert!

    The cake was the Double Chocolate cake from the "best chocolate cake" thread and it was filled with peanut butter mousse AND peanut butter frosting (my brother's choice!) and iced with a ganache and then a mirror glaze.  The decoration was peanut butter bark from epicurious.com.

    The cake:


    The inside (it's sideways and I can't figure out how to rotate it!):


    Next to bride's cake (for sense of scale - it was actually about the size of the bride's cake! It was about 15 inches across and 13 inches high.):


    Boy am I glad that's done!  Too much pressure for me.  :raz:

    Gorgeous! I want to try to duplicate this because my very favorite flavor combination is chocolate and peanut butter. I went out on the internet searching for 'mirror glazing' which I had never heard of - from what I found, I think it is probably beyond my capabilities, but it was funny - I think I found Wendy DeBord on an old discussion from 2000 on a board on WebFoodPros.com! Was that you Wendy, all those years ago trying to get a bunch of French guys to explain a clear glaze to you??? :biggrin:

  13. I just tasted Sahale Snacks Valdosta Blend snack mix: glazed pecans, dried cranberries, black pepper and orange zest. This is gooooood stuff. But I think I can do better. I need to know how to glaze pecans - I want a really clear, smooth and brittle glaze. I know someone here knows how to get this! Ta! Kim

  14. Disclaimer - I work there...but The Fresh Market has opened on Parham Road in Richmond. Pretty good stuff - especially as compared to what is available elsewhere in Richmond. Don't go expecting tons of health food type stuff. And it isn't huge. But the meat department is very good and so is produce.

    Good Foods Grocery at Gayton Crossing Shopping Center is good for health food.

  15. I was disappointed. I have really enjoyed his Food 911 and Tyler's Ultimate shows and have really liked every recipe of his that I have ever made (plus, he's so freakin' cute :wink: ). But I saw it coming when I noticed in the Sandra Lee cookbook that I got for my birthday (joke gift) had Tyler introducing and endorsing it and her :sad: .

  16. So after a fun night at Pegu I needed to come home and devein and cure the fois for the torchon.   First was make the cure.

    Demerra sugar


    Pink Salt

    White pepper.


    Hmm, I just realized somthing this morning. I woke up in the middle of the night and havd a cold sweat moment. The recipe for the fois cure called for pink salt. In my Pegu haze last night I used pink LAVA salt, as opposed to pink CURING salt (which I happened to own as well)

    Oh well, crap.

    Only on egullet. :laugh::laugh::laugh:

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