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  1. Just finished reading her food blog.  I didn't want it to end.  It was truly "in her voice".  At the end of it, when she expresses what eG members have meant to her and how they changed her, I was so touched and shared those feelings of appreciation.  I will miss her a lot.  

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  2. I used the CSO yesterday to reheat some steamed crabs that we had been given.  I did them on Super Steam at 350 for about 6 minutes - just long enough to loosen them up and make them easier to pick.  


    I also used it to reheat the crabmeat itself for dinner last night.  A pie tin full at 350 on Super Steam again for about 4 minutes.  I couldn't see that the meat suffered any for being reheated (twice !).  

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  3. @RWood -  thank you.   Ithis the recipe you use?  I found another one, but it contains mushrooms, which I detest.  And congratulations on your potstickers – they look wonderful. 


    @CantCookStillTry – If you ever do make it to my area, I’d love to meet you all and make recommendations.  I have had nothing but good luck meeting eG folks. 


    Yesterday, a friend of Jessica said they had too many crabs to eat (????), so they asked Jessica if she wanted them:



    I picked crabs half the day:


    That’s a quart bag.  Dinner started with tomatoes and marinated cucumbers (as most dinners will while summer tomatoes are here):



    The building blocks – cornbread, succotash, Edward’s country ham, and crabmeat:









    The dish, drizzled with butter:


    Many years ago, when we went to the Outer Banks every year for our anniversary and had our celebratory dinner at Ocean Blvd., we had a similar dish.  I bought the cookbook and made this a few times.  It is such a perfect combination.  The original recipe calls for jalapeno cream to drizzle over the top, but in order to make it so that it isn’t too hot for me, I have to roast and skin the pepper and I just wasn’t up for bothering with all that.  It was delicious. 


    Dinner tonight was just a pile of saltines, cocktail sauce and the last of the crabmeat! 

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  4. A funny thing: I never noticed or looked at this thread before.  Then last night my daughter introduced me to Li's videos.  I was charmed and came here this morning to pass it on and what do I find but an older thread that has just been bumped up in the last day!  Great minds!  

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  5. Jessica arrived with a bag of these last night.  A gift from a friend of hers who bought "too many" (how does that ever apply to blue crab?):


    They are on a half sheet pan, BTW.  I am slightly steaming them in the CSO and picking them all today.  Hope to do something interesting for dinner tonight.  

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  6. @mgaretz – Hope things went well and that you are already starting to feel a little better. 


    @Paul Bacino – delicious looking sandwich.  I need to put mortadella on my shopping list!


    @RWood – arancini is one of my favorite things to eat!  I am not confident I could make it and there aren’t any restaurants in my area that make it that I know of.   


    @Norm Matthews – what a beautiful, professional looking meringue you got on your pie!  Bravo!


    @Shelby – thanks for posting the link for the Fattoush – I will be trying that.  Your post reminds me that I need to make corn cob broth.  I’ve got a bag full of them in the freezer. 


    @liuzhou – Wow!  What a dramatic fall.  I’m very glad you weren’t hurt worse than you were and hope you are feeling fitter soon.  Glad you had your lovely little shrimp to comfort you!


    @robirdstx – re: your fajita steak – what is your marinade like and how hot do you think your grill is?  I want something that looks like THAT!!!


    @CantCookStillTry – I would be happy to sit down to that lovely stir-fry.  Please serve me along with your son – I don’t like spicy either.😁


    On Wednesday Mr. Kim requested pancakes for dinner.  I did the Crema/Yogurt ones.  Such thick batter:



    Go withs:


    Pears, grapefruit, grapes, syrup, and Bourbon Peach butter that a friend of Jessica’s made for Mr. Kim. 


    Pancakes with Benton’s bacon and some ham from the freezer:



    Such light, fluffy pancakes:



    Friday night started with Hanover (local county) tomatoes and marinated cucumbers:



    Cheeseburgers on brioche buns, sweet potato fries (frozen), and tomatoes my way – peeled and Duke’d.  Produce stand corn:





    Mr. Kim nicely went to TWO restaurants to pick up dinner for us.  He and Jessica got Thai and I got Yen Ching.  Jessica got her regular – Masamun curry and Summer rolls (which are basically the same thing as fresh Spring rolls in Vietnamese restaurants – NORMALLY).  The curry:



    And these odd things that were mostly lettuce with “peanut sauce” that was pure hoisin:


    This place has been Jessica’s favorite Thai place for years.  When she goes in, the matriarch of the place recognizes her and makes sure she gets her special order (just extra sauce) correct.  Sadly, she hasn’t seen this lady in months and the quality of the food has suffered.  The curry was just ok.  Mike got the Red Curry (no picture, it looked just like Jessica’s).  I got fried pork dumplings and Five Taste Shrimp:




    I’d never had this shrimp dish before and liked it very much.  They have always been agreeable about lowering the heat on my dishes, so I can get anything on the menu.


    I’ve been craving roast chicken and gravy, so yesterday I made some gravy from the stock I had in the freezer:


    Made in my beloved, never-fail cast aluminum Dutch oven that my grandmother gave me when she “upgraded” to non-stick Silverstone.  This pan is one of those things that I would grab before running out of the house if we were on fire. 


    CSO roasted legs and thighs, pan roasted potatoes, Ina Garten’s shredded, sautéed Brussel sprouts, and Stove Top dressing.  Without:



    And with:



    And more carbs to mop up that good gravy:




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  7. Used my new bread machine to make what the machine’s booklet calls “Milky Bread”:


    I’m awfully glad I only made a 1 1/2 lb. loaf.  Towards the end of the bake, it rose up so high that it actually TOUCHED the top of the machine.  The loaf has a slight dent (which you can see in the next picture) in the top!  But it is a lovely, soft, pillowy loaf:


    It will be the perfect loaf for open faced turkey and roast beef sandwiches with gravy. 

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  8. 45 minutes ago, heidih said:

    How is the level in your kleenex box if you are gonna read the blog and wish you could interact?

    That's why I'm going to wait until it is very quiet tonight.  

  9. When I saw this on FB last night, I was just devastated.  She was so funny and kind and fierce.  We shared so much - food, Monet, Chihuly, animals.  She never did convince me to love baseball, though!  I will miss her so much and am planning to settle in later tonight and re-read her food blog.  

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  10. On 7/24/2020 at 3:08 PM, JAZ said:


    In my books, when I call for half an onion, or a small onion, I give a volume amount as well. So the ingredient list will read "1/2 small onion, chopped (about 1/4 cup)". I figure if I give both, then the reader will know both what to start with (half a small onion) and what they want to end up with (1/4 cup of chopped onions). I use weights when I think it will make sense to my readers, as in "1/2 pound red potatoes," but my editors almost always want an equivalent, in this case, the number of potatoes. I don't think that's very useful, but the editors make the rules, so I follow them.


    One thing to keep in mind is that it's not always the recipe writer who makes these decisions -- I'd love to use more weights in my recipes, but my editors have a specific audience in mind, and they don't think their readers will have a kitchen scale. So I have to deal with that, or not write for them.

    If you will tell us who/where to write, I'm betting ALL of eGullet will pen a note begging for at least both volume measures and weights!  😁

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  11. On 7/22/2020 at 1:09 PM, robirdstx said:

    My Penzeys order was delivered today! I had placed the order on June 30th. They explained that they were running behind by about two weeks due to their stores having been closed for some time, but were filling orders as fast they could. My order was shipped on the 16th and, using their free delivery option, was delivered to my front porch this morning.







    You need to come back to Richmond, my dear.  At our store, you just place your order online and they put it in a basket outside the door for you!  Same day service every time I've ordered.  

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  12. 33 minutes ago, BeeZee said:

    @blue_dolphin, that recipe looks very appealing. What do you think would work as an alternate green in the pesto, since I am not sure I have seen collards in my local market?

    How about arugula?  I just saw them make an arugula pesto on ATK with almonds, anchovy, and some other stuff.  I nabbed the recipe and will be trying it soon (I hope) with some roasted salmon.  

  13. Dinner last night was pretty much all leftovers and of the pick-up variety since the two of us got hungry at different times:


    Questionable slaw, pimento cheese on pumpernickel, and mac and cheese.  

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  14. @rotuts - that Dinty Moore reminds me of my mother and stepdad❤️.  They always kept a supply of Dinty Moore onboard their sailboat for when the fish didn't bite!  They both liked it enough that when they moved to Chicago from Annapolis (and didn't have a boat anymore) they took the Dinty Moore with them!  


    I actually like canned hash - both corned beef and roast beef - quite a lot.  Like @gfweb says, crust is KEY!  

  15. Just toast from bread made in my new bread machine:


    I'm very happy with this loaf.  It tastes good, has a great texture and toasts beautifully.  I seriously wonder how folks who make their own really good bread don't just sit around all day eating toast.  Even with my ordinary efforts, I am eating WAY too much bread.    

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  16. 14 hours ago, gfweb said:

    @Kim Shook "Aldi Red Bag chicken (frozen prepared boneless fried chicken breasts"


    Breaded and fried and then frozen?

    Yep.  Strange, but true.  They aren't as good as I could make.  But they are surprisingly good and take 40 minutes.  It is good quality chicken and the breading is not too thick.  I remember buying frozen fried chicken in college in the late 1970's (probably Banquet).  I was a typical poor student and when i had a craving, I couldn't just go to KFC.  So, I bought boxes of the stuff and cooked one piece when the need hit.  I remember it being kind of funky tasting.  These are different - no funk.  But they are definitely a guilty pleasure short cut.  😁

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  17. I used my new toastie maker for breakfast this morning:


    Ham, egg, and cheese.  Done:


    You are supposed to brush/spray the appliance with oil, but I tried buttering the bread.  I like that better – flavor/crunch/toastiness were all better than oiling.  Inside:


    Not sure that I’ll be using this a lot in the years to come, but it’s fun right now and it was $14. 


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  18. @heidih – I got the same feeling.  The combination of cheese and pineapple just doesn’t sound right to me.  There is a popular (here, at least) pineapple casserole that some folks add shredded cheese to.  I don’t.  But I’ve had it when I didn’t know that it was made with cheese and liked it just fine.  So, like you, I’m going to hold judgement.😁


    Last night – the same old salad:



    Mr. Kim wanted chicken parm, so I short-cutted a bit and used the Aldi Red Bag chicken (frozen prepared boneless fried chicken breasts).  Sides were green beans and a new recipe for baked spaghetti:



    I’ve honestly never used a recipe for baked spaghetti before.  I just tipped leftover pasta and sauce into a casserole dish, added some cheese on top, and baked until everything was hot and melty.  That was always pretty good, but this time I followed (to some extent) a recipe.  It called for layering the ingredients and for treating the pasta in an interesting way: you tossed the cooked pasta with Parm, melted butter, and an egg.  I did make one change – I left out the cottage cheese.  I don’t have any objection to it, I just didn’t notice it in the ingredients and neglected to put it on my shopping list.  We really liked it a lot and the balance of ingredients was certainly better than my previous dump method.  Plated:




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  19. Fresh blackberry cake from a recipe recommended on the British expat FB group I belong to (I am not a British expat, I just like the food and humor):



    Close up:





    Some custard would have been lovely, but I didn’t make it this time.  This was so good – tender and moist and not overly sweet.  The actual recipe calls for strawberries, but the original poster uses all kinds of fruit.  She did a lovely pear and raspberry one that I’d like to try next.


    I cooked it in the CSO, which I'm not at all sure was a good idea.  It collapsed a bit.  

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