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    8 minutes ago, heidih said:

    That is why I said I was ED (eating disorder) scarred re celery

    I hated V8 long before WW.  My mom loved Bloody Marys, so we usually had it in the refrigerator when I was a little girl.  I tried it periodically and was always completely grossed out!  

  1. Yesterday would have been my mother's 83rd birthday.  She loved anything on toast for breakfast, especially tomatoes, so in honor of her:


    She would have sent that egg right back, though, and asked for it to be flipped and cooked some more 😁!

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  2. I think I finally figured out the burger.  No bun?  And I'm assuming that Australian bacon is similar to British bacon rather than American?  Question about the corned beef.  Is it common to serve it with a sauce?  It looks pretty good - like American cream gravy except maybe it broke?  There seem to be little bits in it.  The potatoes look good - like from actually potatoes and not flakes.  


    I truly detest V8 and tomato juice.  Like retching when I try to taste it detest.  There was a dark, dark time in my life when my mother and I joined Weight Watchers in the mid 1970s.  At that point WW was all about no carbs, so their version of spaghetti was boiled mung bean sprouts with cooked down tomato juice/V8 as the sauce.  As an adult, I am perfectly fine with V8 as an ingredient for Quick Tomato Consommé and this Gazpacho.  But drink it????  Horrors.  

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  3. 1 hour ago, chromedome said:



    I will add that serving it out of the casserole dish is inappropriate. One needs a Welcome "Mat out of Hell."


    The toenails are the worst part.  @CantCookStillTry, I think you should make one of these for your hubby to take back to the mine! Something different for the corners of his pictures. 😁

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  4. Yes - that's what I use, @AlaMoi - flat edged wooden spatula.  And I suspect that my experience would match yours, @mgaretz!  I have SO many unused utensils.  They just make the best stocking stuffers (😄).  And I think you are right, @Anna N - crumbling by fingers would be best.  I use mostly non-stick pans, so I don't think I'll try the pastry blender 😉!


    Thanks to you all!

  5. I've been seeing these ground beef utensils on TV lately and have become interested.  Does anyone have any experience of them?  What I use now when cooking and breaking up ground meats is a flat edged wooden spoon (about the only thing I use a wooden utensil for - I find them mostly useless).  I have arthritic hands and holding onto the wooden spoon for long periods breaking up the meat as it cooks is uncomfortable.  Do you think this would be useful for me.  Or should I just concentrate on trying to remember to crumble the meat up with my fingers as I'm putting it in the pan? 😁

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  6. @weinoo – love the plate with the trio of salads!  I’ve decided to make shrimp salad for a mother’s day tea on Sunday and I have to say your picture cemented that idea!


    @Shelby – with your dental issues, I think I’d prescribe batch after batch of your lovely deviled eggs!  They should go down a treat!  And that swoony pie!


    @alwaysdrawing – I very much like the look of your pasta and wish my first (and only, so far) try had been as successful.  I’ve determined that I’m going to try to find a pasta class when it is safe and get someone who truly knows what they are doing to help me figure it all out.


    @David Ross – I think your beef braise looks scrumptious and bravo for going ahead and giving into your cravings “out of season”.  I decided some time ago that life is too short to live by food rules.  I now wantonly break my spaghetti in half, put cheese on seafood if I like, and crank up the AC and slow cook short ribs in July! 😁


    Sunday night I made filets de hockey puck😡.  I got some nice filets and did them sous vide.  Haven’t yet figured out what was wrong, but they came out of the water underdone.  I popped them in the CSO to bring to temp, got distracted and seriously overcooked them.  Hence filet de hockey puck and Rice a Roni:


    It was basically inedible.  We piled on the béarnaise and ate it anyway:



    Luckily, I’d also made corn and wedge salads:





    Night before last I did a sheet pan dinner that I’ve done before.  It is normally done with Italian sausage – this time I tried bratwurst.  We liked it even more.  Served with butter beans, Rice a Roni, slaw, and whomp cornmeal rolls:





    Last night:


    Aldi’s “famous” red bag chicken breast sandwiches, chips, and broccoli salad.  Aldi fans are wild about these frozen boneless chicken breast cutlets and put them right up there with Chick Fil A and Popeyes.  Not quite.  They are fine for no-work things that you can just chuck in the oven for 40 minutes.  But they do not measure up to CFA and don’t even approach Popeyes. 

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  7. @Ann_T – that open faced sandwich is just gorgeous!  Three of my favorite things in the entire world: bread, beef, and gravy!  It just looks so tender and delicious. 


    Tomatoes and a ham and egg on sourdough, grilled:




    Whenever I go to the extra effort to grill a sandwich rather than just put it on toast, I realize how much better a grilled sandwich is.  The bread next to the fillings is warm and soft and the outside of the sandwich is crisp and buttery and warm!

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  8. Almost the last of the pretty eggs from my SIL’s chicken’s eggs. Mr. Kim’s dad and stepmom have moved into a memory care unit so he won’t be going out to the country every week anymore.




    Corncakes, potatoes w/ onions (made from the leftover potato wedges from the other night), bacon, and eggs.

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  9. Thank you all SO much!  


    So, regarding the pastry cream.  What do we think of this from Serious Eats:

    "But you don't always need to temper when making pastry cream. It's only necessary if the milk needs to be heated first. For example, if you want to flavor the pastry cream by infusing the milk with something like the vanilla bean in this recipe, or the lemon zest in my lemon pastry cream, then tempering is necessary because the milk will have been heated during the infusion step.

    However, if there’s no reason to preheat the milk, it’s perfectly okay to simply combine all of the pastry cream's ingredients while cold and heat them up together."


    If I choose to do it the way I describe at the beginning - adding the extract at the end of the process - do you think it's ok to do the no-tempering method?

  10. 5 minutes ago, gfweb said:


    A bit of mayo. Not too much. salt. a splash of jalapeno vinegar (don't go crazy).


    Turkey is cold smoked and cooked sous vide.


    Use way more grapes than seems necessary. You need one or two per forkful

    Thank you!  You know I won't be going crazy with the jalapeno vinegar.  😄

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  11. 15 hours ago, gfweb said:

    I make a smoked turkey salad with slivered red grapes that is excellent. Crumbled candied bacon on top and pickled onions

    That sounds lovely.  I need to get Mr. Kim doing some turkey soon!  What is it dressed with?


    22 hours ago, weinoo said:


    Are you two from California? What next, slivered almonds??? (Oh shit,I see you said that!)

    From VA/NC - the South is the spiritual home of church lady chicken salad - often mixed with fruit and nuts.

  12. Thanks to everyone!  I’ll try to address all the questions.  Bottom line is I ended up ruining them anyway.  I got distracted while they were in the CSO and they were exceedingly well done. 



    I did not check the water temperature.  I should have, of course, but in the heat of the moment (or lack thereof), I just didn’t think of it.  I’ve never had this problem before with anything else.


    The steaks were only about 1 1/2-inches thick.  They were both in the same bag – side by side.  And completely thawed:



    They were vacuum sealed right before putting in the water and the seal seems to have held just fine.  


    The package from the store had 4 steaks in it, so I've got 2 more sealed in the freezer and I'll try this again next week some time.  I'll be monitoring the temperature of the water.  

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  13. Sitting here pissed at Kenji.  I sous vide, per his instructions, a couple of beef tenderloin steaks for 2 1/2 hours at 129F.  I take them out and they are 117F.  I seared and they still weren't 129F, so they are roasting in the CSO (faster than the oven to get to temp).  My rice is overcooked and my béarnaise is cold. 😠

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  14. I would like to make eclairs for Mother's Day to take to my MIL.  I've made them before, but with limited success.  What I want to make is regular sized eclairs with the classic choux pastry.  I want to fill them with a pastry cream flavored with the Fiori di Sicilia that I just got.  I was thinking of using a poured fondant icing to ice them.  I've got a couple of issues:


    1.  I'd love a recommendation for a really great choux pastry.  I haven't made them in a few years, but I've got pictures and they don't wow me.  


    2.  I've got a couple of recipes for the pastry cream that I'm looking at:

              Serious Eats

              King Arthur

         Neither one is exactly what I want to do, but the Serious Eats one indicates that if I'm not infusing the milk, I don't need to I don't need to heat the milk before adding to the mixture, therefore no need to temper.  I figure that I can add the Fiori di Sicilia to taste at the end.  


    So, does anyone have a good, dependable choux recipe for me and does anyone have any advice about my pastry cream idea?  Thank you so much!!!


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