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  1. @MaryIsobel – not lame at all!  Apt, I’d say.  I’ve always believed that appliances are inherently evil and know when they are especially needed.  I’ve had stoves, dishwashers, refrigerators, etc. fail right before Christmas when we give our big party.  The one year that we did Thanksgiving instead, I thought I’d tricked them all😄.  Then a heavy can fell out of the cabinet above our glass topped stove and shattered it on the Tuesday before the holiday. 😖


    @Ann_T – your Yorkies are great looking.


    @Margaret Pilgrim – we are craving some red meat.  That lamb would fit us up perfectly!


    We have had it with chicken and noodle dishes.  So, last night became take out from our favorite Chinese restaurant.  Hot and Sour soup:



    Pork dumplings, egg roll, moo shu pork (sans fungus), and rice:


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  2. I think that all Burger King has left is gimmicks.  They've given up trying to get their franchises to maintain clean, well-stocked and maintained restaurants.  Even before the pandemic, things were bad.  Every so often, I crave a Whopper specifically.  I've walked into stores with employees asleep in booths (lying down in the seat), sitting up on the counters, music blasting.  

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  3. 15 minutes ago, MokaPot said:

    @Smithy, I'm sure you've made schnitzel a lot. I love panko as a breading, but maybe it has too much body for something that's pounded out thin. Wonder if you can crush down the panko just a little bit. Just a thought.

    I agree with this.  Some of my recipes that call for panko suggest whizzing it around in a mini processor before coating with them.  I think I've heard that on ATK, too.

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  4. @chileheadmike – I love your rib meal.  I just added them to my menu list of things to make soon! 


    @Dejah – fish and chips might be my favorite meal.  Yours looks great.  I don’t know that I’ve ever seen pickerel. 


    @Shelby– as always, gorgeous fries!  And Ronnie’s chicken has me in full yearning mode.  I really wish that Mr. Kim’s schedule allowed for some smoking being done.  I love smoked poultry so much. 


    @MommyDragonsDen – my family (Mr. Kim and 37-year-old Jessica) join me in praising your prawn lanterns.  Completely charming. 


    @gfweb – lovely blanket of cheese on your cannelloni!  Shredded or sliced?


    My dad and his wife are moving back to Virginia from Florida after 20-some years.  Sunday, on the drive up, they stopped for a safely distanced visit. 


    Since retiring, Daddy can’t live without Happy Hour:


    Smokehouse almonds, cheese straws, PB pretzel nuggets, kalamata olives, and bleu cheese stuffed olives. 


    Dinner started with a salad of napa and romaine dressed with the Momofuku dressing and topped with fried rice noodles:



    Creamy Swiss, Chicken, & Noodles:


    This is a casserole-type all in one meal that’s made in a large sauté pan.  It was too thick and needed some chicken stock at the end.  Jessica suggested that some toasted slivered almonds would be good, and it needs more broccoli.  All that being said, it tasted great and is really the perfect comfort food for a cold night.  Lucky to find some Billy Bread (a locally produced sourdough bread) at Kroger that morning:



    I had planned a breakfast in case they had time for it Monday morning.  They ended up needing to get away really early, so we had breakfast for dinner.  We had Ham & Cheese Croissant Strata.  Croissant bottoms and Swiss slices:



    With ham:






    With the custard and the cheese (Gruyere) topping:





    Out of the oven:





    Served with mango/pear/blackberry with lime fruit salad:



    And, BTW, that internet mango peeling hack WORKS:


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  5. We (safely) hosted my dad and his wife for dinner Sunday night on their way up from Florida to Northern Virginia.  For dessert I made my peanut butter cookies:


    Our family has some kind of inherited peanut butter passion, so I hoped my dessert-averse father would like them.  He liked them a lot and took some up to NOVA to share with his twin who (according to my stepmom) promptly confiscated them for his own use, saying Daddy was too fat to have them.  I guess they were a success.  😁


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  6. 22 hours ago, heidih said:

    @Kim Shook That Billy Bread w/ the toast dope is calling. As to your egg situation - time for angel intervention  https://www.target.com/p/jar-candle-angel-de-la-guardia-white-continental-candle/-

    LOLOLOL.  I actually have that print on a plaque in my attic somewhere!  Some relative of Mr. Kim's gave it to Jessica when she was Christened to go over her bed.  I should dig it up and hang it in the ktchen.  😄

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  7. 17 hours ago, MokaPot said:

    Costco strikes again. They no longer sell the feta cheese that I like. What they do have now is Kirkland brand (of course) goat cheese, which I've never tasted. Also got some of these Boursin cheese spreads, which I haven't had since I was little.




    I got a recipe years ago from a friend on Marlene's food site that uses Boursin and is fantastic: Dana's Boursin Potatoes.

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  8. The white bread is becoming our regular weekly white bread for daily use.  A recent loaf:


    Still oddly uneven.  I tested the machine before starting it and it was level.  I wasn’t able to redistribute the dough before it began baking because we were out of the house while it went through its paces. 

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  9. @liuzhou – I love pineapple and shrimp fried rice and have had a work-in-progress version of it for over 10 years.  I can’t quite get it where I want it.  Luckily, there is a nearby Thai restaurant that makes a good one.  That one that you showed looks especially nice.


    My dad and his wife are moving back to Virginia from Florida after 20-some years.  On the drive up, they stopped for a safely distanced visit.  I wasn’t sure what time they’d arrive, so I made sure to have lunch in care they were early enough.  I did a pressed sandwich and made tapenade for it:


    It is the Alton Brown recipe.  Really good – green and black olives, capers, lemon juice, olive oil, and anchovies.  So, I miscalculated their trip time a bit.  They were not here in time for lunch, so we have sandwiches for the rest of the week:




    Tapenade, goat cheese, marinated artichoke hearts, sweet sopressata, ham, and vinaigrette dressed arugula.

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  10. A couple of recent breakfasts:


    Scrambled eggs, sausage (which were not burnt at ALL, they just look it), Billy Bread (locally produced sourdough bread) with toast dope – which was kind of legendary meets legendary. 

    This morning:


    Basted eggs, bacon, toasted bread machine white bread – one slice of which has some of my beloved Tiptree Little Scarlet preserves on it.  My eggs were so weird – the two yolks were literally one inch apart and SO different: one was flowy and perfect, the other was jammy and set all the way through.  Both were good, but it was odd. 

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  11. Hi, Chris!  Welcome to eG.  I'm looking forward to your posts!  When traveling is safe, we are looking forward to coming back to Philadelphia.  We've only been on one flying trip many years ago and want to do a more lengthy food tour!  We have a friend who is from there and his mom occasionally sends us a Stocks pound cake, which is the best I've ever tasted.  Can't wait to see your pasta!

  12. @Objective Foodie – gorgeous short ribs and potatoes.  I love the idea of doing short ribs à la bourguignone.


    Wednesday night – tuna salad on brioche buns:



    With some of Mr. Kim’s soup:



    Probably won’t be back until Monday.  My dad and his wife are moving back to VA from FL and are stopping by our house for a (hopefully) safely distanced visit tomorrow through Monday afternoon. 

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  13. 7 hours ago, Maison Rustique said:

    I always stop mine, take out the dough, remove the paddle and put the dough back in for baking. Much easier than digging out the paddle and leaving a big hole after it is baked.

    I've owned three machines and neither Mr. Kim nor I have ever been able to remove the paddles once they are put on.  

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  14. 15 minutes ago, Shelby said:

    It's funny you mention that @rotuts....


    So, I wasn't going to tell this story, but it does spice up my post a little bit lol.  Wednesday we needed to make a liquor store run and we decided to also go to the Asian Market.  I hadn't been since July 31 and I have quite a long list of things I need (well, want).  Apparently in all of the many years that we've been going there, we've never been on a Wednesday.  Sigh.  Pulled into the lot.  Closed on Wednesdays. 🙄  So, I got on google.  Surely in the big city there is at least one more Asian type market that has the wonderful meats and produce that this one does.  There were three others listed.....all in pretty sketchy parts of the city.  We picked one that Ronnie said "was on the edge" of the bad part of town.  Pulled in.  Tiny parking lot.  Huge tow truck taking up most of it.  Kinda weird.  I went in.  Tiny place.  They had tanks of fresh crab and lobster (19$ a piece).  Produce section not near as good, but I grabbed some basil and mint and some cabbage.  Prices were a couple dollars higher on most things, but since I was there I got some chicken feet and pork belly.  I needed to restock on chicken broth and I feel empty if I don't have pork belly in the freezer lol.  Anyway, I hurried because I just wasn't comfortable there.  I kept an eagle eye on our car and the parking lot.  I'm in line to check out when I see like 10-15 people...mostly male ..with no shirts on (it was like 45 F) grouped right in front of the door.  No masks.  A lot of yelling.  Not good.  Look to the right, there is a large man with no mask on speaking to the owner of the store and he says "I ain't towing that car until the police come.  It's full of bullet holes and blood." 😳<--- my eyes must have looked this big because the owner noticed and nudged the driver away to where I couldn't hear.   I grabbed my stuff, shoved my way through the crowd...and yep, the car door was open..full of blood and bullet holes.  I never got out of a parking lot so fast in my life lol.  News didn't say a peep about it so I have no idea what happened.


    Lesson:  Do not go to the Asian Market on Wednesdays.




    I used my gigantic IP and made a huge batch of gelatinous broth.  Feet make the best broth.


    First pot:


    Someone @weinooor @rotutsor maybe both gave me the tip to save the green parts of leeks for soups.  So I had some in the freezer.  Good tip!






    The cooked feet we will put out for the outside cats tonight.


    Next pot is cooling as we speak (wish I had some of @rotutssnow to put it in).

    Good Googa Mooga, girl!  Your story reminds me of a trip from IN to VA that we made probably 30+ years ago.  We lived in IN and were coming home to VA for a visit.  We stopped in Wheeling WV for dinner at a Wendy's (to keep this food oriented).  This is, of course, in the days prior to the internet, cell phones, or even GPS and we basically depended on road side signs for places to eat.  We found the Wendy's in a downtown area - an island of light and busy in a sea of dark, closed businesses.  Jessica was little and antsy with all the sitting and being cooped up, so after eating, we wandered down the block a bit to stretch our legs.  We started noticing a line of these little holes about head level in the plate glass windows we were passing (keep in mind that we both grew up in the suburbs).  Suddenly, Mr. Kim swoops down and picks up Jessica and says, "let's go" and begins to speed walk back to the car.  We both realized at the same time that those were bullet holes, likely from drive-by shootings.  I'm sure the kids at Wendy's thought we were complete idiots taking an evening stroll.  🙄😄

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  15. 1 hour ago, Kerry Beal said:

    Susan Katherine Simovich of 31 Croft Road, Lake Hopatcong passed away on 15 January 2021 at Saint Claire’s Hospital in Dover, NJ at the age of 66.  Born in the Village of Greenport NY, she grew up &spent her early years on Shelter Island.  Susan was the daughter of Esther Helen Wilcox Quadros& John Simovich.  She is survived by her husband John Reed of Lake Hopatcong, NJ, a sister Esther Anne Quadros of Shelter Island, NY& several distant cousins. Susan obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Theater from SUNY College in Fredonia, NY& a Masters Degree in Library Science from SUNY Albany.  She worked as a Reference Librarian& Audio-Visual Department Supervisor at Columbia-Greene Community College in Hudson, NY; the Public Library in Texarkana &several Libraries in New Jersey including Jefferson Township Public Library in Oak Ridge & Sparta Public Library in Sparta.  Susan enjoyed cooking, especially trying new recipes, Bird &Hawkwatching, road trips with her husband & time at her Condo in Wildwood Crest NJ.  She will be greatly missed by her husband, pampered cats, neighbors & her friends in upstate NY & on social media.  She will be remembered for her generosity of time & spirit & her wicked intellect & sense of humor.  Susan was a beautiful soul who was always helping anyone she encountered including friends, neighbors, her library patrons & even complete strangers.Susan did not want any formal services. She asked that a small group of family & friends scatter her ashes at an undisclosed area in the Hudson Valley of New York.  Donations in her name can be sent to SUNY College in Fredonia, The Hawk Migration Association of North America (HMANA) or Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in Kempton, Pennsylvania.

    Thank you so much for posting this, Kerry!  What a wonderful memorial for Suzy.  Whoever wrote that obviously knew and loved her well.  

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  16. @rotuts – your breakfast reminds me of some lasagna soup I make and reminds me that I want to have it again soon!  You’ve also reminded me that I need to transfer a bit of my new bottle of EVOO into a squeeze bottle and refrigerate the rest.


    @AlaMoi – I’m madly in love with Nicco.  I would share all my breakfasts with him.


    I made a batch of the fruit drop scones that @blue_dolphin introduced:


    Thank you, ma'am!  I used blueberries.  I’d love to try them with black currants, but they are impossible to find here even though they are technically not banned anymore.  They would also be perfect with the tiny little wild blueberries.  I need to get a jar of clotted cream for next time.  Served with maple syrup and sausage:


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  17. @Eatmywords – lovely looking almond cookies!


    @Shelby – my left shoulder is damp from Mr. Kim leaning over me and drooling at your muffuletta!  When we went to NOLA, that was the one place that he requested we go.  He’d been there for a business trip and fallen in love with them.   


    Dinner last night – salads to start:



    Aldi Red Bag Chicken fillets on brioche buns with long grain and wild rice and applesauce:


    These are frozen fully cooked boneless breast cutlets.  They are decent for when we want a chicken sandwich without going out or making a mess.  

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  18. 10 hours ago, CantCookStillTry said:

    And what he thinks are fish cakes



    This weeks theme appears to be the Sahara - dry.  

    He's threatening to just get cereal 😂

    I seriously thought these were oatmeal cookies.  


    I am appalled at the quiche.  


    No toes, though.  So there's that.  😁

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