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  1. I thought so, too, but just can't remember.
  2. Jessica has a friend who makes them to sell. We've gotten them. They are more of a WV than a VA thing, so I haven't had them a lot, but they must be getting more popular because Kroger now sells them. I don't think that they are traditionally served with sauce since they are a bakery/convenience store item, but lots of people serve it with marinara. Traditional ones don't have cheese, though it is a variation. Adding cheese and marinara kind of steers it into the Stromboli realm. The beauty of the pepperoni roll is the fat melting into the bread during baking and spreading that flavor ar
  3. Kim Shook

    Dinner 2020

    @mgaretz – I love Kitchen Bouquet. I never used it until @Marlene clued me in to the secret of her lovely, meaty looking sauces and her dark and delicious looking beef stroganoff! @gfweb – I love the prosciutto-wrapped halibut. I did it years ago with cod and was so surprised at how good it was. I need to bring that back! And, as always, you do the most delectable looking sprouts! @patti – I think those crumbs looked perfect just the way they were – the unevenness made them look substantial. They looked buttery and crisp and wonderful. Dinner – quite
  4. Kim Shook

    Frogs Legs

    And I only like girly drinks. No bourbon, whisky, rye, dark rum, scotch, gin, etc. I'm a vodka and light rum drinker. The closest thing to a "real" drink for me is a dirty vodka martini and a vodka and tonic with extra lime. 😁
  5. Kim Shook

    Dinner 2020

    @mgaretz – I love the deep, rich look of the sauce on your beef dish. @Ann_T – I have never stuffed ribs in my life and every time I see you do it, I think its one of the best ideas I’ve ever seen. @patti – your spinach Madeleine looks delicious. What is that fantastic looking topping? I had a monstrous chicken from Aldi – 6.75 pounds. I almost never roast my own whole chickens anymore – I just buy rotisseries from Costco. But this was $.95 per pound and I couldn’t resist its lovely fatness. Done: I call BS on all those TV cooks who nimbly t
  6. Kim Shook

    Breakfast 2020!

    A couple of recent breakfasts: Toasted cinnamon raisin bread, sage sausage, and hard cooked eggs. The cinnamon raisin bread is gone now, of course. We cannot keep it in the house. Especially if we have peanut butter. And if we have blueberry preserves, forget it – it’s gone in two days. Today - because sometimes you just feel like being trashy: Whomp sweet rolls. I somehow ended up with a coupon for a free roll of these. I think I “Karen-ed” them about another product and they sent me a bunch of freebies. The rolls were about to expire and it just see
  7. Kim Shook

    Lunch 2020

    I’ve mentions Ukrops here before, I’m sure. It was a local dearly loved family owned grocery store. They closed as a grocery store a few years ago, but still stock other stores with various provisions – baked goods, refrigerated entrées and side dishes, salads, etc. They have an extremely loyal customer base here and are going to be opening a market hall at some point, which locals are very excited about. The is absolutely no shame at all in Richmond in serving Ukrops foods to guests. I like a lot of it but find some things a little bland. Item in point – they make a perfectly good, if p
  8. Kim Shook

    Frogs Legs

    Oddly enough, being from the South, I've only ever tasted them once. Odder still, it was at a restaurant in Indianapolis IN called The New Orleans House. @racheld's husband called Indiana "The Northernmost Southern state" and considering the fabulous "southern" food we enjoyed there, I think he was right. I don't know if y'all ever made it there, @caroled? We lived in Batesville IN during the late 1980's - pretty much equidistant between Cincinnati and Indianapolis. The New Orleans House was where "nice people" ate special occasion meals. It was IN NO WAY fashionable or cutting edge. In
  9. I have done this on and off throughout my grown up life. When we were young and broke, it helped to save money - I'd buy the absolutely necessary and on-brand stuff first (cat food and cigarettes) and then the stuff I could go cheaper with. Then, when I was working it saved time. Now, when I'm so scattered and unable to focus, it is a great tool that encourages me to sit down and plan and make a shopping list. I have a Word document with different meals that occur to me that I can choose from. I don't always stick to it, but it helps. I love the use of canned corned beef. I
  10. Kim Shook

    Breakfast 2020!

    Yep. I salt all of those! I grew up with a salt-loving mom. We used to have dry olives because we'd sip the brine out of the jar. When Dirty Martinis became a thing, we were all over those! I still love a REALLY dirty martini!
  11. Thank you to @liamsaunt and @Allura for bringing up something that a LOT of us are going to be struggling with this year - being without our extended family/friends for the holidays. We'll have Mr. Kim's mom here for Thanksgiving - masking and distancing. We'll drop the masks and keep the distance when we eat. She's really behaving herself (except when her youngest son visits from out west - and that isn't until Christmas), so we aren't worried about her. But we'll miss being with the folks we usually see. For me, there's the added situation of this being my first Thanksgiving without my
  12. Kim Shook

    Breakfast 2020!

    This morning: Just eggs, toast, and salted apple slices. Does anyone else salt apples? This is the way that my mom served apple slices as a snack (we were a very salt-forward family), but no one else I know has ever heard of it. We salt watermelon, too.
  13. Welcome to eGullet! I think you'll be glad that you jumped in! You already have an intro after being here so long, so how about telling us something about YOU? What do you like to cook/bake? Where (generally, if you like) do you live?
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