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  1. Kim Shook

    Pop Tarts

    I would definitely try these. I think they've missed an opportunity, though - they need to make one with peanut butter filling. Those PB filled pretzel nuggets are super popular.
  2. Kim Shook

    Breakfast 2019

    I, too, wish to be re-run as Moe. This morning:
  3. I don't know who will remember Doddie - @Domestic Goddess. She hasn't visited in almost 10 years. She did a wonderful food blog back in 2007. She is Filipino and was living in S. Korea. I got a recipe from her almost exactly 10 years ago for Ham & Crab Salad. In my list of ingredients I have listed "fake crab" - what I call Krab or surimi. I always saw it as a cheat - a guilty pleasure. I ate it as a poor college student when I wanted shrimp or crab. I discovered on my own that it made a very good "Krab" Louie. I remember Doddie saying that it was very popular in Asia and that I should think of it not as fake crab, but as @heidih said on the Dinner thread "its own thing". I put it in a bisque last night and it was fine, but probably not it's best use - it is so mild that the flavor kind of gets lost if it is in something too complicated. I think it works best cold and in salad-type applications. I'd love to hear what others do with this. Listen, if Spam can have it's own thread, surely surimi can😁! One suggestion, though - I had no idea what kamaboku meant and probably wouldn't have come to this topic without your post in the dinner thread, @heidih. And, seeing @CatIsHungry's post, it seems that there are other names for it, as well. Could the name of the thread be changed to include the other names, maybe. We might get a bigger response that way.
  4. Kim Shook

    Dinner 2019

    Salad with the usual stuff plus apples and bleu cheese: With Panera Mediterranean Lemon vinaigrette. They were sampling this dressing at Publix the other day and we liked it a lot. Nice and tangy. With some oregano, it would make a great Greek dressing. Crab and shrimp seafood bisque: This redundantly named soup started with a recipe from a friend’s FB post that looked good. When I finished making the base, I was a bit underwhelmed. So, I started playing with it. I ended up adding hot sauce, Old Bay, nutmeg, Worcestershire, and some lobster stock I had in the freezer. I already had most of what the recipe called for at home and decided to economize by using surimi instead of blue crab. I have unabashedly embraced surimi ever since Doddie ( @Domestic Goddess ) told me how popular it is in South Korea and to NOT think of it as imitation crab, but as its own thing. It is NOT crab. But it is good in lots of applications that call for crab. And I can have those things a lot more often if I use surimi. So – surimi and shrimp bisque! It turned out quite good. My tongue is still acting weird – everything feels (but doesn’t taste) spicy. Still, we both liked it very much. Hawaiian rolls: I need to remember to cover rolls with foil in the CSO – I’ve burnt the last few batches. ☹️
  5. I adore dining out alone! I am almost never without a book and sitting enjoying a meal and reading is my idea of heaven. Since I quit smoking 9 weeks ago, I am missing the end of meal light up as soon as I leave the restaurant, but I'm getting used to it. Most of my lunches out are guilty pleasures (buffets, meat and 3 joints, etc.), but I'll be happy to play!
  6. Kim Shook

    Dinner 2019

    @CantCookStillTry – I think that corned beef pasty (because, basically…right?) sounds fantastic. Gorgeous looking pastry there, too! @Okanagancook – lovely lamb chop dinner. I just finished putting together the base for crab and shrimp chowder and now I’m dying for a giant baked potato with everything! @lindag – I will offer no advice on meatloaf. There is nothing else in my culinary world that I like so much and suck so bad at making. Mr. Kim says my meatloaf makes a lovely base for Bolognese 🙄. Nine times out of ten, it doesn’t hold together at all. Sigh. Best of luck with all of the GOOD advice. @BonVivant – the dogfish looks so good. I’ve given up trying to get it here. Even the high-end fish monger doesn’t get it. When I asked, he said no one will buy it. ☹️ Dinner last night started with a salad with Momofuku ranch: Pork schnitzel from Aldi (breaded and frozen, but raw), leftover noodles and Brussels sprouts au gratin and some cinnamon peaches that we were gifted: Pork with some sauce that we won’t ever be able to have again because I just tossed a bunch of stuff in the pan and didn’t take any notes😁: Fond from pan, butter, pepper, lemon juice, shallots, Dijon, whipping cream, and a jar of pork gravy from the cupboard. The pork, which was bought as an emergency freezer item (there a many things that constitute an emergency in the Shook household - including culinary ennui 😉), was surprisingly good. I'm sure that my "seat of the pants" sauce helped, but it was pretty tasty all by itself.
  7. Thank you so much! I do make the green apple ice in an ice cream maker, but if you look at the recipe, you'll see that @Lisa2k says you can do it in a shallow tray. I happen to have a little cheapo ice cream maker (a hand me down from my MIL's neighbor) that doesn't make very good ice cream, but comes out once a year to make THIS. 😁 I, too, love the fact that it is made with dried figs. The window for fresh figs is so small and it never comes along at the same time as good apples in my area. I love finding dried fig recipes! I hope you get a chance to make this and enjoy it. The recipe looks a little complicated and there are a few steps, but each step is really simple and most can be done ahead of time.
  8. Kim Shook

    Lunch 2019

    @suzilightning– so sorry you are feeling bad. The bottom crust trick is a good one – I never thought of it. Hope you are feeling better soon. @Anna N – lovely lunch. I wish I could find such gorgeous terrines around here. @lindag – sounds delicious! I noticed mince tarts at Wegman’s last week and put them on my Christmas Eve shopping list. Lunch today was just leftovers from last night’s take out. I seem to be developing some kind of crud – coughing and my tongue feels weird – so Mr. Kim went and picked up Chinese. Shrimp fried rice and hot & sour soup:
  9. Kim Shook

    Dinner 2019

    Here you go! It was under his 'real' name rather than his eG handle!
  10. We really love it. I am starting to sniff that "Well, if it is SO popular, how good can it possibly be?" attitude. I try not not be swayed by either raves or denunciations. I know you'll make up your own mind, too!
  11. Kim Shook

    Dinner 2019

    We had some folks over for dinner last night. The calm before…: Started with @Michael Ruhlman's cheese souffles: Bourdain’s Boeuf Bourguignon: I served it with what the package called “spätzle”: They weren’t, but they were good. I usually buy kluski noodles when I want a sturdy egg noodle but couldn’t find them anywhere. These were a good substitute. I also did Jessica’s roasted mushrooms on the side, so folks could add them, if they were so inclined: They smelled so much like escargot that I tasted one. They were decidedly NOT like escargot. 🤢 Butter lettuce and tomato salad with the Momofuku dressing: Brussels sprouts au gratin from @slkinsey: Bread machine brioche: @Lisa2k's Fig/Mascarpone/Apple Tart with Green Apple Ice for dessert: For lunch today we went to a new cheese shop. Dinner tonight was just stuff set out from the shop and leftovers from last night made into soup: Baguette and cheeses: Taleggio, Red Dragon (Cheddar and mustard seeds), Valdeon, and Robiola Bosina. Butter, pimento cheese (a homemade brand I got at a local Holiday Bazaar), dates, fig jam, oatcakes, and dates. Dessert was a triple chocolate croissant bought at the same bakery that made the baguette:
  12. Kim Shook

    Lunch 2019

    Brunch after church today was at the opening of a cheese shop inside our favorite cidery, Blue Bee Cider. The cheese shop is called Truckle Cheesemongers. We got some cheeses for later and had cider, a grilled cheese sandwich and a Idle Hands (local bakery) baguette for brunch: I had the pippin cider – from Virginia heirloom apples. Mr. Kim had the Hopsap Shandy – dry-hopped with Cascade, Columbus and Citra hops (whatever that means). The sandwich was so good: Tarragon bread and some kind of Cheddar cheese.
  13. Decided to do Bourdain's boeuf Bourguignon for a dinner party last night. I did it for the first time ever in the IP and I confess I did it a bit ass-backwards. I asked @JAZ for advice and she helped me decide that I could do it. I was going back and forth between Bourdain’s recipe and Janet’s advice and somehow missed that I was supposed to cook my meat for about 30 minutes and THEN cook my vegetables about FOUR minutes. Everything tasted wonderful, but my lovely and oh-so-expensive cipollini onions disintegrated. 🙄😊
  14. Every Fall since 2009 - when I got the recipe from @Lisa2k – I get the urge to make this Fig/Mascarpone/Apple Tart. Along with her Green Apple Ice it makes the most perfect, seasonal dessert. I put it together over the last few days for a dinner party we gave last night. I started the ice on the 11th. I did the crust a couple of days ago and baked the whole thing day before yesterday. Pressed into the tart pan: I love that this doesn’t have to be rolled out and transferred to the pan. The mascarpone/fig filling: With the apples and glaze: And drizzled with apple cider caramel sauce: And Green Apple Ice: Gratifying moans and groans ensued!
  15. Ok, so I made a batch with the $18 pickled ramps and I am deeply relieved to say that we actually prefer the cheaper (not to mention infinitely easier) substitution of scallion greens and cocktail onions. Even after sitting for three days, the ramp version is just not as sharp as the cocktail onion version. I'd love to know other folk's opinions.
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