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  1. Don't you two cook at home or are you made of money?
  2. I have not found a great difference in NZ food to Australian. But I agree the food varies a lot in different regions of Oz but then it is a big place and they both have a lot of English traditional food.
  3. Why a pork pie is called a "Growler" in Yorkshire???
  4. That all sounds very delicious but the only thing that was really offal was the tripe.
  5. Quick cooking oats work just as well in anzac biscuits. I can't imagine why they would be expensive.
  6. Don't eat in Rotarua. The place stinks. I certainly couldn't have eaten anything while I was there.
  7. Do please check out Hobart, Tasmania.
  8. I looked at the site and there in the hall of fame were Ashgrove, Which is a cheese maker about 15 minutes drive from my home at Elizabeth Town in Tasmania. Last year they won an award for their Cheddar, traditionally matured in cloth. Yes It's very nice but they make so many others that are much more------------- Their wasabi cheese is to die for.
  9. Which describes what I cooked for my dinner last night. Two 5mm thick slices of calves liver. Grill for 30 seconds on one side on a hot cast iron grill, turn over for another 30 seconds, another turn 30 seconds later, and one final turn (not forgetting to get that cool criss cross pattern on the livers). Sprinkle ome salt over it and served with some roasted vegetables. The recipe was from Pignolet's "French" cookbook (and he got the recipe from Anne Taylor). ← All the blood that must have poured on to your plate when you cut into the liver would have turned my stomach. Well done, I might enjoy it.
  10. Has anyone ever eaten Guinea fowl eggs? If so do they taste similar to hen eggs, are they nice? Or shall I give them to the dogs?
  11. Well you are in good company I read somewhere that the Queen mother used to like marrow spread on toast.
  12. We had large Australian beef T-bones as we always do on Australia Day, wth a green salad and potato salad made with my own fair hands and of cause home made mayonnaise. All washed down with a few glasses of Australian Red. Followed by nothing, we were too full to eat anything else after those giant T-bones.
  13. Ah, brains I'd fogotten about them. The only times I've seen them on a menu in Oz is every time I've been in hospital, "Crumbed Brains". I have bought them in Sydney butchers and cooked them myself, never seen them in Tasmania though.
  14. Being brought up in England on offal and everyting else, the thing I miss most is pig's bag (tripe). Although last year I bought a butchered pig off a local breeder and asked if I could have the stomach bag, liver and kidneys, He said certainly I could but I would have to come and pick those up the day after he killed the pig, whereas he would deliver the rest of the meat 3 days later. So I picked up the bag of offal and he informed me I had got double of the offal because he had butchered another one for their own use but they never ate "that stuff" So 2 pigs bags I had but what to do with them? they were cleaned very nicely, but I had only ever bought it cooked in England. I hadn't had any for about 13 years before on my last visit to England. I thought well I'm sure it would only be boiled in salted water. So thats what I did and let it simmer for about 50 mins. Then ate it cold with salt, pepper and vinegar. Divine! By the way the pork was beautiful too. So much tastier than shop bought pork. Other offal I like is tripe, either cooked as tripe and onions or cold cut up and with s&p & vinegar. Sweetbreads, boiled and then dipped in seasoned flour and fried. (I'm making my mouth water here) I have been able to get these occasionally from a home butchery locally but these people have moved so now I don't know where to get them. Liver and kidney, yes I love them both, I think pork liver and chicken livers are the best any any kidney is fine with me. I'm really hungry now!!!!
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