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  1. I was thinking it would be nice one day this summer to head out to the Fraser Valley for some food and a change of pace. Can anyone suggest any places that I must definitely visit? I'd like to hear of any good lunch spots and places to pick up great produce, cheese, bread, whathaveyou.
  2. So I'm going back again for 3 days in May and wondering if there are any new places that are not to be missed. I'll definitely try out some of the places I missed last time around. Thanks.
  3. Hello, I'll be spending three days in Portland next month and would love some recommendations for dinner, great sandwiches, breakfast and happy hour spots. Many thanks!
  4. I am a vegetarian, but eat fish. As long as there's a couple of options for me, the place doesn't have to be strictly vegetarian. My dining companion is an omnivore, so we try to meet in the middle.
  5. I'll be down in Seattle (downtown) this week for a couple of days and would love some suggestions for a nice dinner, good sandwich place and good breakfast/brunch spot. Many thanks.
  6. Would anyone have a recipe for a duplicate of the Dad's brand chocolate chip cookies? They are similar to shortbread, but not quite. Thanks.
  7. Does anyone have a recipe for cookies that are similar to the Dad's brand (Christie) chocolate chip cookies? They are a bit different, a tiny bit like shortbread, and I'd love to be able to recreate them.
  8. Can anyone recommend a good place in Vancouver to try out Okonomiyaki? I understand Modern Club was good, but no more.
  9. Does anyone know if the old Subway on Main is going to become a new restaurant/bar?
  10. ← Looks like this place has closed.
  11. Timbre on the Drive has been open for a few months now, and is always busy, but I've not heard or read any reviews. Anyone here been? Also, anyone tried the new Soma on E. 8th?
  12. I'll be heading out to the Fraser Valley this weekend and am wondering if there are any must-go-to places for dairy, produce, meals, etc.
  13. I'll be traveling through Salmon Arm/Chase next month and am wondering if anyone can suggest a decent place for breakfast. Even a good bakery would do. I want to avoid the Tim Horton's thing if possible.
  14. There seems to be an abundance of new restaurants and since I'm going out for dinner this weekend, I'm wondering what the consensus is on the best one to choose. I'm thinking maybe Boneta or Metro, but am fully open to suggestions.
  15. How about up Powell River way or even Lund? I understand there is a good Mexican place in Powell River, and something called the "blank Oyster" - can't quite remember.
  16. I'm looking for something cozy and romantic for an upcoming anniversary dinner. I was thinking maybe Ocean 617 or the Pear Tree, but would love any other suggestions.
  17. I have an upcoming friend's birthday to prepare for and he loves (putting it mildly) chocolate cake. Can anyone recommend the best in town? Bakeries, restaurants, etc. welcome.
  18. Veghead


    Is there much of a difference between stollen and panettone?
  19. Indian is always a good bet. I would also suggest Habit and Wild Rice.
  20. I'm wondering if there is a good source locally (Vancouver) to buy free range/organic/no drugs/happy chicken. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  21. Does anyone know if Fine Pastries of Lisbon has closed down?
  22. Anyone tried Kirushiu sushi on Granville at Nelson? I don't know when it opened, but it looks decent.
  23. Does anyone know anything about the Hennessy Dining Lounge on Broadway by Ontario? I drove past it but didn't know it existed before today. Also, the Whip has just reopened after closing for a bit of a reno. I wonder if the staff, menu, cooking has changed. Those were the things I've heard many negative comments about - not the decor.
  24. Is there anywhere to get a great chocolate loaf in Vancouver?
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