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  1. Gastonmat

    leftover grits

    Like Gifted Gourmet I recommend frying them but instead serving with molasses. My Sundays were always greeted with grits and eggs meaning that monday morning meant pan-fried grits with molasses.
  2. I generally like El Chile better for the food. Vivo is a nice place for dates or intimate parties and their drinks are fabulous but I wish they had more selection on the menu. Try the michelada at El Chile, best in the city!
  3. This is my first post on eGullet and I feel it appropriate to be in the Texas portion. It has been upwards of four months or so since my only visit to Tintinnio but I thoroughly enjoyed the meal. I had a pasta with proscuitto that was a bit on the expensive side but the wine we ordered was excellent. I am hardpressed to remember but it was the waiter's suggestion and we found him to be knowledgeable about wine and food. It wasn't the best in terms of Italian in Austin but it wasn't a bad place and the service was excellent. Of course, I didn't pay for the meal and that comes into the equation as well.
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