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    The online fruitcake topic only added fuel to the fire - a few days ago I called Dean and Deluca to inquire about a stollen. They have them (I used to purchase them from their "Flagship" store in Soho when I spent time in NYC) but they haven't listed them in the online catalog yet. I then began thinking over all the stollen's I have purchased for my 80 year old Mother (who adores them). Believe it or not, the Dean and Deluca one was the worst one she'd had - I found a nice German bakery in Helen, GA and she loved that one - so we are planning a weekend trip to Helen to pick up one for her but I am curious about recommendations of Stollens - online, bakeries, etc. I am aware this may be merged...which works for me...just want to gather some info and perhaps a few more Stollens for Mother.
  2. I finally broke down...I spent a great amount of time in the kitchen this past weekend and a few weeks ago (this time making lasagna and the time before making chocolate caramel salted tarts) and I complained - even though we have the gel mats...trust me..save the $200 - my partner went to Whole Foods to pick up birdseed and a few items and came back with...CROCS for me. I really dislike the aesthetics of the shoe but my they are comfy - and she bought me the little jewel jibbitz...will post pics after dinner
  3. How did I miss this thread? I was in the thick of the Bob Amick and Tom Cathrell mix a few years ago when they were both competing to open a restaurant in Colony Square - both are lovely and talented men. It was exciting to be in on the ground floor when the decision was made to go with Cathrell and Shout (which resides in the former location of one of my Atlanta faves - Country Place). My Senior Property Manager coined a phrase at that time (because we were always treated to culinary delights from these icons) "Everyday is Christmas." My partner just gifted me with a cooking class at Trois tomorrow and I was researching the head chef there...he seems quite impressive.
  4. God Bless!! I had no idea they still made those types of tongs! Garlic peeler, garlic crusher, garlic whatever - waste!
  5. I read about in the magazine section of the NYT and it really made me think. I’ve been to New Orleans many times – I’ve done the touristy (Jackson Square and Café du Monde) to the extraordinary (spent time with Anne Rice and her son) but I’ve never experienced cold drip coffee. A few weeks ago, while in Whole Foods, I picked up a can of Café du Monde’s coffee because I hadn’t had it in years. Thinking it would be too strong for my partner, I made a pot for myself but she loved it – so I now have to share but I digress. The writer of this article bought a pot specifically for cold brew coffee. I have no problem buying yet another kitchen contraption but I just hate storing them. The writer also mentioned one could use a large stockpot and then strain (twice – a medium sieve and then a fine sieve). For those of you interested this is the technique: 1 pound coffee with chicory 10 cups cold water You simply pour the coffee into the stockpot and add two cups of cold water – agitating the grounds until they are wet. Slowly add the remainder of the water being careful NOT to agitate the grounds and let it sit for 10 hours. The ratio is ¼ coffee, ¾ milk/cream. The article said that the coffee is so pure that it allows the sweetness of the milk or cream come through. It was very interesting, even more so, due to the fact that two weeks ago, I found Lipton Cold brew tea bags in a reduced bin at my local Kroger and it makes a decent pitcher of tea. Anyone else familiar with this technique? Anyone tried it? I plan on making it this evening.
  6. I love all the ideas and am taking a few of them, especially the endive one. We are hosting a birthday party and everything is finger food. We are having popcorn and I like the truffle idea as well. I adore beets and citrus - not only tasty but elegant. Enjoy the festivities!
  7. Oh Butterscotch - those sound heavenly. I do love the infamous NM cookie recipe as well. Oh please do try again to get that recipe and share. I could taste it through your description. Salt is so very important to me - it is by far my favorite spice.
  8. My fave is very simple and is from Epicurious. A basic recipe but you put salt flakes/crystals on top of the cookie before you bake it. It really sends the cookie...our daughter doesn't like it.
  9. I've been toying with the idea of a meat slicer for over five years. I have no idea why I just haven't broken down and purchased one other than the maddening fact that I research myself into a stupor, can't decide and head back to the deli and listen to the gentleman complain about how hard it is to take the wax off the Gouda. I'd love to know if any of you have one and if it is really worth it.
  10. I've tried the tubes and personally find them to be lacking in taste and I like a little texture and I feel that is lacking as well. My latest issue of Cooks Illustrated tackled this subject and while I buy fresh, for the size of my family (partner and I) unless we have a function. A great deal of my herbs were going to waste. I grow my own herbs - basil (various kinds), rosemary, cilantro, oregano, lavender and few others. After reading CI, I decided to try the cubes as our ice maker wasn't working and we had to purchase ice trays for the interim. I was pleasantly surprised. The cubes yielded a fresh taste and as I got bolder I began to mix my items. Lemon basil, basil and added lemon zest and juice. I am interested in the shallots, garlic onions and even celery. I remember ages ago, my Mother used to freeze celery but then again...she would freeze EVERYTHING. I've not seen the "suspension" herbs in oil or water but that sounds like it might be worth a try. I have Penzey's curry powder and it is excellent. That is the only Penzey item I have tried. I think it is worth it to grow your own and go from there.
  11. tafkap4d

    Paella--Cook-Off 31

    ::bows to the food God:: Everything about that looked spectacular!
  12. I have always lined the shelves. We built out home and I still lined my cabinets adn pantry. I normally used contact paper or that really need antibacterial liner but I decided to do something different so I bought a cork liners from Williams-Sonoma (I think it was them). I love the look and feel of it. It doesn't slide, move or peel up and a quick flick of the dustbuster clears it of spilled spices, flour, etc.
  13. At one point I would not even let this bother me but the other night partner and I sat down to burgers and had the condiments on the table when I noticed the big ugly orange "Buy one get one free sticker" and it was just an irritant until I yanked it off. Most of the places I shop don't have tags/stickers for prices but FatGuy this opens up another can of worms...what about the tags/stickers with the item code? You know "Gala apples 4064".
  14. Seeing as I just tried this last night...I have to agree that the food processor IS NOT the way to go. I wasted a fairly decent amount of dark chocolate - which I wanted to use as chips in some cupcakes. So, FatGuy, thanks for posting and I eagerly await an answer.
  15. http://www.vanillabeans.com/ http://www.nielsenmassey.com/vanillainformation.htm - they sell the beans by the pound. I really like them. good luck and please keep us posted.
  16. As you can see by my signature line...bread is right up my alley. My 80 year old Mother introduced me to these about five years ago. Matter of fact, we had the Butterflake dinner rolls yesterday and no one was the wiser. I loved how you set them up in your muffin tin and they spread open beautifully. I brushed them with some great butter and served them. I do agree that nothing beats a homemade/well made roll/biscuit/bread but in the pinch these are wonderful. I will sending our 19 year old to college with several bags.
  17. I am just heavy! lol It is just a habit of partner and I - we just take off our shoes as soon as we hit the front (or any other) door. No particular reason. I wear a super comfy bedroom shoe or thick athletic sock. Partner doesn't cook as much as I do so we can count her out. I may try the crocs and just leave them in the laundry room (which is off from the kitchen). The gel mats look neat but as someone mentioned - my kitchen is rather large and I am really all over the place so I would have to spend a small fortune to cover the space.
  18. We normally don't wear shoes in the home- I wear slippers or socks and partner wears bare feet.
  19. I have solid hardwood floors throughout my new home (with the exception of travertine in a few choice spots) and I cook quite a bit and my feet are hurting (I've only been in the house a few days). I was considering these gel mats at letsgel.com but am interested in hearing what others use as well as recommend. Thanks all.
  20. love it but I am a popcorn lover. I almost returned my range because I couldn't figure out how to pop popcorn on the ceramic burners!!!
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    I get mine from the dekalb farmer's market - they are inexpensive and can range in size like the ones you posted...they are succulent.
  22. I am in the same boat as you...we bought a lovely roaster four years ago and have used it once. It is huge and of good quality but it sits abandoned. We just opted to donate it last night to AV. I just brine my bird and cook it breast side down for best results in a huge magnalite or all clad dutch pan.
  23. I tend to pick thin skinned lemons - maybe it is aesthetics for me but the thick skin isn't appealing. Is that really an indicator for juice content? Citrus can really be difficult - it is a very delicate "animal". We have a "citrus" tree in our home but the fruit is very confusing - it starts off green, turns yellow then turns orange and the fruit is very bitter. It is beautiful to look at and this year I invested in a Meyer lemon tree so hopefully my citrus woes will be over.
  24. I've seen these many times and have been curious but never purchased. Thank you for the heads up.
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