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  1. 30 minutes ago, curls said:


    @Kerry BealI went down those rabbit holes -- enjoyed re-reading about your chocolate show trips to Paris and Belgium. It all seems so long ago that you were jet'ing about from trade show to trade show. Also, now you have reminded me of that Belgian chocolate melter, La Chocolatiere. Do you and @patris still recommend the melter? If so, I think I'll try to get one -- would be nice to have another 3 Kg melter.

    I still love those melters - unfortunately Westbend doesn't seem to be bringing them in anymore - I have been unable to to get any more. I notice that Gygi's doesn't list them anymore either. 

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  2. 1 minute ago, Dark side said:

    Ok, how are the chocolates made, often tool shaped, that have a rusty looking finish?

    covered in cocoa powder after moulding? Something done prior to moulding? Untempered chocolate? Other ideas?

    Yes - brushed with a stiff brush then fluffed with cocoa powder mixed with some orange and red oil based powder colour. I made some after I first saw them at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris the first year I showed there. I'll see if I can find my discussion about them.

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  3. Just now, Jim D. said:


    I think the poster means Jessica's shopping list mentioned by lironp.  The poster has sent me a message, and I have referred him to the Krea Swiss (and similar) sprayers as he or she wishes to do things like glazes and velvet effects.

    Ah - then it is the 'chocolate package'I put together with Fuji. 



    • 3 ounce gravity cup
    • 0.8 mm air cap
    • wireless remote
    • Q4 platinum turbine with T-75G gun
    • whip hose 6 foot


  4. I'm more accustomed to being the enabler rather than the enabelee - however I am now the proud owner of the little Zojirushi NP- GBC05 mentioned above.


    I didn't need it - I have a 5.5 cup Fuzzy Logic Zo and most of the time I have been cooking rice on the stovetop in the interest of speed - but the review posted where she said it did a nice job on glutinous rice was what convinced me.


    My old Zo will head off to a new home this week - it's battery is long gone but it should still give @Alleguedemany years of service. 



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  5. 6 hours ago, pastrygirl said:

    In Wybauw's Fine Chocolates 2, he writes about increasing shelf life by adding ingredients that bind water, especially sorbitol and corn syrup/glucose.  He mentions "adding 50% corn syrup to the moisture quantity in ganaches".  Do you agree that the 'moisture quantity' is whatever amount of water is in the cream or purees, so 100 g of 40% fat cream adds 60 g 'moisture' that would be bound by 30 g glucose? 




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  6. 3 hours ago, liuzhou said:

    This may not be a bad idea as such, but it is a crazy one.

    Japanese scientists with nothing better to do have invented electric chopsticks which they say can enhance perceived umami without adding sodium.


    Yeah,  I can see all the billions of chopstick users in Asia and elsewhere rushing out to get them! Not.

    The whole sorry tale is here.


    I like the lick-able TV screen!

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  7. 16 minutes ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:

    Batch 18.


    Batch 17 was the best batch ever.  This was supposed to be the same as that.  Somehow it got foamy when I homogenized.  I'm thinking the foaming may have to do with the temperature of the orgeat when I homogenized.  Unfortunately I did not record the temperature.  Fortunately the foam is going down.


    Throw it in your chamber vac - that'll suck the foam out of it!

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    There was discussion about the Microwave Peanut Brittle (recipe supplied by @Kim Shook I seem to recall) somewhere on eG recently - which seemed like good reason to make it. Very satisfactory and very simple to make. Made a few adaptions to the basics - put the oiled sheet pan in the oven to keep it warm before pouring out the brittle on it to give me a bit more time to work with it, used glucose instead of the less viscous white corn syrup and forgot to mix them before the first nuking so had to add some water to get things back on track. 


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  9. Made a batch of artisan dough with poolish yesterday and realize I forgot the add the extra yeast in the second stage. So it's in it's little containers and I expect in a couple of days it will have reached the point it needs to - but it isn't there yet! Which is probably not a bad thing since I have no mushrooms and it's Easter Sunday and the grocery stores are closed and can't drive with this damn boot on my foot.

  10. Well I took one for the team. Since I'm stuck at home unless I can get a ride to work because of this damn boot I've had time to get some stuff done and spend some money.


    I'm often asked about these 'cheap' Aw meters on Amazon and I decided it was time I got my hands one one and ran it through it's paces. 




    I was too cheap to buy it from Amazon - so I purchased from a vendor on Aliexpress - cost me $508 CDN plus another $35 dollars in duties/tax - had I purchased on Amazon.ca it would have cost me min $754 plus $98 in tax. 


    So I pulled out my PAwkit - a 0.76 standard and made a couple of ganaches - 150 grams of 56% dark with 75 grams of cream and 150 grams chocolate with 100 grams of cream. 


    The standard read 0.76 on both the PAwkit and the WA-160A so off to a good start. It can be calibrated if the standard is off. It doesn't come with standards but you can make your own or purchase from Decagon. I should have checked distilled water on both but I'm not sure I have any here. 


    The one ganache was 0.71 on PAwkit and 0.73 on WA-160A - other ganache was 0.86 on PAwkit and 0.85 on the WA-160A - repeat readings on each were within 0.01 each time. 


    IMHO it works just as well as my PAwkit. 


    It comes with 3 lidded sample vials - I can use the disposable ones from the PAwkit in it but they are kinda tight so for liquids I need to take care around splashing. Also it 'snaps' together magnetically which is fine with solids but with liquids can cause splashing in to the instrument so stabilizing the bottom before bringing down the top is a wise idea. 


    Making your own 6 mol NaCl solution - 100g pure NaCl, add into 200g hot distilled water, stir it. Cool to room temperature. 2. Keep the solution into a brown bottle for one week at room temperature. The solution AW value should be 0.75~0.77

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  11. 20 minutes ago, horseflesh said:

    Man, nothing is more confusing than induction... People seem to love it or hate it. 


    So far, I hate it! I have to live with it though since I am currently without a range and do all my cooking with one miserable cheap induction cooktop. (If my experience with what I have wasn't so bad I would have long ago upgraded to a CF or other commercial grade cooktop.)


    Can anyone recommend a non-stick frying pan with really good induction performance? I have a Circulon Symmetry in my cart but if there is something objectively better I want to know about it. I don't care how much it costs, I just need one righteous nonstick pan to make the best of my induction life. 

    These T-fal pans have been fabulous on induction 



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