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  1. I solved that one by getting molds big enough to hold the cherry! And they are huge
  2. We need to get @Chocolot to teach you to dip the cherries on stems. @Matthew Hayday does a pretty respectable job as well! Far better than I do
  3. Pretty sure there is a lot of discussion here around tempering for cocoa butter colours - but I must confess I've gone back to doing it the way I always did and still seem to have success.
  4. I'm cooling it for finger wiping and splattering as I mentioned which brings it down to the lower temped temperatures - but find that 35 out of the airbrush works just fine and doesn't clog the airbrush the way that cooler does.
  5. I usually start with 35º C - then pour a little out to cool a bit for finger wiping and splattering. I often use at 35 for the air brush.
  6. Apparently not the plastic connector parts says hubby!
  7. Well - here it is morning and the furnace is tits up again! And buddy took the heaters when he left last night.
  8. You know - sometimes you just don't realize where the money is! Plumbing would have been my best choice.
  9. Yeah right - mostly I treat urinary track infections and otitis media. Avoiding crises is the ideal.
  10. Yes it is! They sent us two little space heaters though. Actually the missing part showed up 2 hours ago and the tech just left - I hear furnace noise and smell 'been off for a while' furnace smell.
  11. Home safely - tea in hand. Furnace still not working (was out when I got home from Seattle last Monday) and the tap seems to be missing from the kitchen sink. Did I ever mention that I lived for months in our old house with the kitchen sink in the middle of the kitchen floor?
  12. Looks like we are going to be in a lounge here for a while - a bit of a delay on our flight due to bad weather at the Toronto end. @alleguede provides croissants for the domestic express lounge in Toronto so he was able to negotiate a lounge pass for Bianca - so while she will be stuck in steerage for the flight - her luggage will arrive priority with ours and she can join us in the lounge. It's basically same shit different day in the lounge - and I'm sure on the flight they will offer us the 'smoked salmon' appetizer that we refused last time. There are cookies and soup there too - perhaps if we are here too long I'll get a picture. And of course lots of booze. I notice this time they have Old Fashioned glassware which was missing last time we were in this lounge.
  13. I would guess quality olive oil, garlic - actually menu adds brandy and giandilla (?sp) peppers
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