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  1. Are you successful in getting chocolate to temper using this method?
  2. I was never happy with the thermomix tempering. And you lost a ton of chocolate to the bowl.
  3. Speed racks, sheet pans - will be useful both for the baking and the chocolate. Lots of airtight containers.
  4. How about a tabletop sheeter if you are thinking of some viennosiere? I assume molds and the rest of the equipment you will need to produce bonbons and bars has already been considered?
  5. Not really any way to test - but it does cause the chocolate to get thicker and difficult to work with.
  6. Do you think your chocolate has been subjected to humidity?
  7. Trying to remember what chocolate it is. I think it was the same stuff we used in Texas and it wasn't too viscous - but we didn't do any shell molding with it.
  8. I vote for 27 then warm back up to 31 or so.
  9. I find the easiest way to make fondant is to start with a small quantity of the commercial stuff - make a 'bob' syrup (ie all the fondant ingredients cooked to 115º C), cool to 60º C or so, add the pre-made fondant and pour into your container for storage. It may require a bit of kneading when you are ready to use it.
  10. What if while they were just sprayed you ran your rubber nubbin along the side of the tape you want to lift before extracting the cocoa butter? Wonder if you could get a more even line.
  11. You think if she doesn't seed and doesn't take it below 31º C that she is going to get it into temper?
  12. Fun to try - but life is just too short!
  13. So with the 'wild crystallization' method you are doing here - you cool to 27 for dark chocolate, then reheat to 30-31 to melt out the form IV crystals. Then you test your temper.
  14. Dark chocolate? Heat up as high as 34.5 and see what happens.
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