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  1. You can tell a man - but you can't tell them much!
  2. Funny - the gang here just snarfed them down with nary a concern about carcinogenesis.
  3. First order of the day - cheese biscuits for the staff
  4. Kerry Beal

    Vanilla caramel recipe woes

    I don't like the Thermapen for anything but instant readings - it turns itself off and doesn't lend itself to being clipped on the side on a pot. My favorite blue Chefalarm fell in water - about 3 years after I got it - and stopped working. I contacted Thermoworks and they sent me out another immediately at no charge. My blue one - placed in a bowl of rice for a couple of weeks started working again and has continued to work since.
  5. I realize none of us has properly welcomed you. Welcome @ChocMD! Sounds like you fit in nicely around here - lots of areas of interest. I think you'll find a lot of simpatico folks. You might want to think about coming to the Chocolate Workshop in May in St Louis. We'd love to have you.
  6. Kerry Beal

    Melanger experimentation

    Oh dear. Dehydrator sounds like a good idea for prevention.
  7. Kerry Beal

    Troubleshooting tempering

    Yes you can - melt it down and reseed. Is it milk, white or dark? Temperature you reseed to will depend.
  8. Kerry Beal

    Vanilla caramel recipe woes

    Thermoworks handles wonderful thermometers - I would recommend the Chefalarm for caramel.
  9. Kerry Beal

    Cheese Fondue

    Thrift stores are full of unused fondue sets these days!
  10. I would say Hans Brunner gets my vote for 3D if you can get them. I’m sure there is a HB bonbon mold or two in my vast collection but not bought new. Chocolate World makes excellent bar and bonbon molds, Cabrallon as well, the Cacao Barry molds are good but not sure of the new material yet and they aren’t see through. Agree with @curls about some of the other Italian molds - fussy and thin. Chocolat-Chocolat has CW1612 and CW1936 Oh yeah - I love the JVK molds I have but it was a challenge to get them.
  11. I assume you have made this recipe before with sugar instead of sweetener with good results. Erythritol is not hygroscopic, oligosaccharides are. Lactose in milk sugar from the milk powder is hygroscopic. These may have contributed. Also how long did you melange it for? Once the particle size gets smaller it needs more cocoa butter to surround those extra particles. Adding more cocoa butter can compensate for extra moisture so you might be able to rehabilitate this.
  12. True that - just wish it was easier to get around in quickly like it used to be when I was a child. If I'm heading there prime time - I need to allow 2 hours to get anywhere.
  13. I have never pulled a perfect bar out of the Tomric molds (the ones made by Tomric). I hold at room temp until they are starting to crystallize around the edges then pop them in the fridge. I’ll be interested to see if overnight adds even more to your success
  14. Kerry Beal

    Easter egg mold?

    I suspect that Tomric is saying 2 halves of two eggs = 4 cavities. Cause the number is clearly the same. Would you consider ordering from Brunner directly? I know someone from NJ who will be going to Amsterdam in February.
  15. Perhaps Philippine? Most of Wilson and Bathurst area is either orthodox Jew or Philippino these days I've noticed.