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  1. I usually start with 35º C - then pour a little out to cool a bit for finger wiping and splattering. I often use at 35 for the air brush.
  2. Apparently not the plastic connector parts says hubby!
  3. Well - here it is morning and the furnace is tits up again! And buddy took the heaters when he left last night.
  4. You know - sometimes you just don't realize where the money is! Plumbing would have been my best choice.
  5. Yeah right - mostly I treat urinary track infections and otitis media. Avoiding crises is the ideal.
  6. Yes it is! They sent us two little space heaters though. Actually the missing part showed up 2 hours ago and the tech just left - I hear furnace noise and smell 'been off for a while' furnace smell.
  7. Home safely - tea in hand. Furnace still not working (was out when I got home from Seattle last Monday) and the tap seems to be missing from the kitchen sink. Did I ever mention that I lived for months in our old house with the kitchen sink in the middle of the kitchen floor?
  8. Looks like we are going to be in a lounge here for a while - a bit of a delay on our flight due to bad weather at the Toronto end. @alleguede provides croissants for the domestic express lounge in Toronto so he was able to negotiate a lounge pass for Bianca - so while she will be stuck in steerage for the flight - her luggage will arrive priority with ours and she can join us in the lounge. It's basically same shit different day in the lounge - and I'm sure on the flight they will offer us the 'smoked salmon' appetizer that we refused last time. There are cookies and soup there too - perhaps if we are here too long I'll get a picture. And of course lots of booze. I notice this time they have Old Fashioned glassware which was missing last time we were in this lounge.
  9. I would guess quality olive oil, garlic - actually menu adds brandy and giandilla (?sp) peppers
  10. Attendees jbates Chocolot Pastrypastmidnight lambrecht gourmet (a definite maybe) MelissaH* tikidoc Chocomonster Sue PEI and Jane Gwbyls Desiderio curls JoNorvelleWalker (we will find a way) Haley Diana D DayGameCandy Marmish +1 (maybe) Miriam G (tentative) david.upchurch SweetandSnappyJen *God's willing and the river don't rise
  11. That would be correct - with the understanding that with the EZtemper you don't need to take it up to 45º or so initially - just enough above 33.5 to melt then drop it back down to that. Right now you are overkill - you only need to seed down to the working temperature - you are combining two methods of tempering and you could save some time by stopping at the working temperature.
  12. Dinner tonight at Boqueria. In a party of 6 - you have no choice but to have the Chef's choice menu. We did ask for a menu to peruse. Drinks were brought for Bianca and I. First up lamb and flatbread. Dates wrapped in some nice crispy meat bits. Then some lovely mushroom croquette like objects. Of course @Alleguede finds it fun to muck around with the plates while I'm trying to take pictures so this one was badly interfered with and I hadn't noticed before it was too late to get another. Sweet potatoes Lamb skewers Octopus patates bravas (special order) Shrimp Paella Contained a number of creatures. Dessert is churros, churros and more churros - dulce de leche, Nutella and classic.
  13. After Supermoon Bakehouse we dropped into the Essex market and grabbed a few things so we wouldn't be hangry at lunch today - in spite of that I was still a little short with some people today who seemed to think if there was chocolate on my table it should be in their mouth. I turned around at one point and realized there was a drip of chocolate leading over the front edge of the melter - indicating that while my back had been turned someone had put their finger in the melted chocolate! I was less than impressed. Some empanadas were obtained - shrimp, beef and a 3rd type I don't recall. Got a couple of nice sourdough loaves, some rilettes, pate, proscuitto and butter. Too busy to get any proper picture. Paul Joachim - aka the Chocolate Genius - had this little airbrush - it's a USB charged tiny compressor essentially. It only has a 0.3 needle - so likely not suitable to spray colored cocoa butter - but I was intrigued. He sculpted a fabulous elephant. Sadly I was so busy looking at his little airbrush that I forgot to take a picture of his elephant. Here be dragons! Had to get a picture with Håkan Mårtensson - the delightful fellow who sculpted these beauties this weekend. He is busy working on reestablishing his business after investor issues forced the closure of FIKA right before the show. He is such a major talent that I know he'll be back on top again before you know it - but I can't imagine the stress he is enduring with a 9 month old at home and the loss of such a vibrant business.
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