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  1. I just got this email literally 1 minute ago:

    Hello from Amazon.ca.

    We wanted to let you know there's a delay with one or more items in the order you placed on December 20 2010 (Order# 702-1172253-9149845).

    Nathan Myhrvold, et al "Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking"

    Estimated ship date: April 08 2011

    That's a 1 month delay to the original estimated shipping date... how sad :(

    just got the same email :(

    Me too...

    When will the torment end! Patience is not my strong suit...

  2. Just a comment I guess. Looking at that parametric table for risottos, the cooking times seem remarkably short, for example 9 minutes total for boiled stovetop arborio/carnaroli rice. Some of the other grains seem short too. Is there something I am missing that is addressed elsewhere in the book or am I misinterpreting the table?

    I think what you are seeing there is a "parboiling" not a completed dish.

  3. Just checked Amazon Canada and they still say my order will ship on March 7.

    I hope so - In October, like others I cancelled an Amazon.com order made originally in June to save around $100 with Amazon.ca.

    If I had known that a $100 saving could have cost me a month I'm not sure I'd have made that decision with hindsight.

    In any case Chris is keeping my curiosity sated for now.

    Please keep up the good work.



    Exact same situation here. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  4. One thing to note that is you can do a lot of sous vide applications with heavy duty ziplock bags.

    Just fill your (clean) sink with water put the food in the bag, add a little appropriate liquid, push the meat under the water until the water level matches up with the ziplock seal. Securely seal the bag and off you go.

    Credit to Dave Arnold of Cooking issues for the technique.

  5. Get the polyscience professional.

    The only advantage to the SV supreme is having two different temps going at the same time. I dont really think the supreme is large enough for professional cooking.

    Capacity wise you can have a lot more things cooking with the PS professional. I have one and really love it.

  6. One thing that cooking with the online version has demonstrated clearly is that this massive project belongs in a good ol' book. The amount of information, the cross-referencing, and the quality and size of the images makes negotiating it on this MacBook a multitab exercise in frustration.


    It seems like the ability to open multiple windows or tabs at once on a computer would make cross-referencing and viewing multiple items easier? Seems like a book where you have to flip back and forth could be more troublesome.

    I am so envious that you guys get to browse the book early!

  7. I work in that area...

    Madangsui and Cho Dang Gol are great for korean.

    Tina's Cubano is really good. Try the goat or ox tail stew from the trays, all the sandwiches are good as well.

    I will second the suggestion for hill country (dont go to the "BBQ" place across the street if the line is too long, its awful)

    Keens, Artisnal and wolfgangs are all good for a little more upscale.

    I love Mishima for sushi delivery, always really fresh.

    If you want healthy there is a place called Natureworks which is a step up from pump energy food type places.

    I think nanoosh is terrible.

  8. The burger certainly is feasible for any home kitchen. You need a meat grinder to grind the meat of course, but there is nothing exotic in the equipment. You don't even need sous vide for the burger if you are OK cooking it in a pan.

    Sous vide tends to make burgers a bit too dense. You can cook them in a bag that is unsealed, or with low vacuum.

    But you would need a chamber vacuum in order to compress the tomato, correct?

  9. You might be interested in the two YouTube videos I made this week on sous vide cooking:

    Sous Vide Chuck Roast

    Sous Vide Chicken Breasts

    I've never made or posted a YouTube video before, so they're pretty rough. Do you think I should make more YouTube videos on sous vide cooking? If so, what topics/recipes do you think I should demonstrate?

    Pretty good videos overall. I agree with the volume problem, the videos are very quiet. I would love to see more.

    If you could get better close ups that would be nice as well.

    I hate to encourage someone to be phony but maybe a touch more enthusiasm would help?

    I agree with EAC as well. More content means a lot more people finding your videos and more people buying your book.

    There are not a lot of good sous vide videos out there now so you could create a lot of interest.

  10. Thanks for all the help!

    Heres is what i am thinking now.

    1st course

    "summer squash roulade with

    macadamia 'salata' and basil pesto"

    91726 06 Lucien Albrecht Pinot Gris ''Cuvee Romanus''

    2nd course

    "wild arugula with sesame onion rings

    and sweet mustard seed tahini dressing"

    1095 05 Trimbach Gewurztraminer

    3rd course

    "young coconut 'pad thai' with

    snow peas and almond chile sauce"

    94454 05 Domaine Charles Joguet Chinon ''Cuvee de la Cure''


    chocolate 'cheese' cake with

    strawberries and black mint syrup

    1489 03 Ramos Pinto Late Bottled Vintage Port


  11. the place does not carry any wine, it is byob.

    Can you recommend a specific bottle of Chinon.

    I guess i should have mentioned that most people going are not wine enthusiasts so i would not see spending more than 20-40$ per bottle (preferable 20$!) .

    Thanks again

  12. 1. It is my understanding that many vegans object to the use of eggs in any form and quite a few wines are fined with egg whites. Will this be a problem?

    No. Only one person is truly vegan and i dont think he is quite that strict.

    Good question though i have actually talked to strict vegans who got wine from "pure food and wine" and were upset that they were not served vegan wines and found out afterward.

    2. Do the wines have to be organic?

    No, although it would not be a bad thing, however the only organic wine i have had was really horrible.

    I am not sure if this is how all organic wines are.

    I am basically only concerned with flavor.

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