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  1. Bump... I noticed no orange combinations. White chocolate and blood orange Mango curd and orange
  2. Thanks for the info K8memphis. This helps alot. I'm not making cakes for myself, I make celebration cakes for a living and was on the hunt for the perfect from scratch cake recipe. I have tried the cake mix recipe and liked it, and wondered if a from scratch recipe could duplicate the taste, texture and duribilty of the aforementioned. I shall keep ur recipe at close arms length as I will be making a batch of cakes this weekend.
  3. Hi Wendy, I was on a quest for the perfect Yellow and White cakes for my wedding and stacked cakes too and was wondering if you found the perfect recipes? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
  4. I've always made my rum cakes from that popular recipe that calls for cake mix and jello pudding. Although I've always gotten compliments on it, I really REALLY want to make this cake from scratch. I get a greater satisfaction... So, are you the one with the best recipe ?
  5. Mine, almond-raisin. Kind of thinking of other stuff to put into this delightful tart, so let em rip.....
  6. This has been IMMENSELY helpful. I knew I could count on u guys. Thanks a mil.
  7. I've always seen Chocolates with the percentage on them, but never knew what exactly they represented. Do they: - Show the amount of cocoa that is present in the bar? - If so, is the sweetness of the bar affected by the percentage of cocoa present? Just wanted to end my confusion. Thanks
  8. Thanks. I'll look into it. Love the suggestions.
  9. I was thinking fondant. I'll look into the colors you mentioned. Thanks a bunch.
  10. I would like to know what food coloring is used to paint on cakes. Is it the powder or paste? Also, how is it used? Do I use it straight or will I need to add something to it. It's something I've always wanted to try, but just don't know the right products to get. Thanks in advance.
  11. Recipe please please please!!!
  12. Hi.....I tried getting the recipe but couldn't find it. I was directed to a list of forum topics which I couldn't find the recipe in. Can anyone help?
  13. I've noticed spaghetti's recipe, the epicurious recipe and Frog Commissary's are pretty much the same. Aside from the difference in fruit and nut combos, the other difference I noticed was one used 2 tsp. soda, one used 2 tsp. powder and one used 1 tsp. each soda and powder. I'd like to know is there a noticable difference in height and texture between the three?
  14. ksaw29


    I am particularly interested in this thread, as I run a small B&B too. I'll definitely have to try the Coconut Bread recipe (in muffin form), that Gifted Gourmet was so kind enough to post for us. I'm also interested in trying it with highchef's modifications. So please post highchef !!!!
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