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  1. I live a few blocks away from here, but it took me a while to try it just thanks to the glut of thai places that have opened on the UWS! They have a soup they call 'Yaowarat Herbs Stewed Beef Soup' which has become a staple in all of our orders... it's a great rich broth that's reminiscent of some chinese red cooked pork dishes, along with very tender chunks of beef, bok choy, and goji berries.

    I didn't have a great pad see ew experience there, but I should probably try again and see if it was an off day. The one time I had it, it didn't feel like it had the same 'cooked in a tremendously hot wok' feel that I've gotten in the dish at some places, like the wok hei that is talked about with chinese cooking.

  2. My natural inclination was to keep them in the dark. A paper bag sounds like a great way to do it... I think if I started only shaking my lemons in the dark, my roommates would (appropriately?) start to think I was crazy.

    Unless I hear some strong opinions either way, I'll keep one jar in a bag and one jar out and report back in a month!

  3. I finally got around to making these yesterday...I've got 3 24 oz jars sitting on my counter now!

    I've seen people say I should keep them in a warm place for the month, but haven't heard whether or not light is OK. Should I hide them in the cabinet above the stove, or would somewhere near a window be OK?

  4. I very nearly went with the topic 'Very recently live poultry', but opted to go with the more fun one - I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

    Thanks for the great info, especially the link! It's been about 4 hours since I got it, so I might be able to get away with it later tonight if that's what my dinner group demands!

  5. We've got a live poultry store right near here, and I just grabbed a chicken an hour ago or so. I really like the idea of the place - a pretty good selection of poultry and game, and it doesn't get much fresher than this. Unfortunately, the one other time I had a chicken from there, it was really tough. We cooked it about 2 hours after they killed it...the flavor of the chicken was good, but texture wise, it was pretty tough. I don't think we particularly overcooked the meat - the breasts were cut up and velveted for use in a stir fry kind of thing, and we tried a recipe from Jose Andres Tapas cookbook for the rest.

    I've searched online a lot to see if I can find anything about the best way to use super fresh poultry, but haven't found any real info! I feel like I've heard that I should actually wait a day or so before eating it, which I may try with the one I just got. I also wonder if the type of chicken plays a role - the first time, I got one of their cheaper birds, but I swung for their slightly more expensive ones this time. I think the white chickens were about $1.25 a pound and the grey were $1.80 or so.

    If anyone has some advice, that would be great! If not, I'll probably brine it in the morning and eat it tomorrow night! Thanks!

    Also, in case anyone's reading this from new york, the place is up at 126th and amsterdam - here's a terrible picture on googles streetview.

  6. Uhm.  It's for zesting something stationary, like the bark from some tree or large plant big enough to hold still while you run the zester up and down the trunk.  Cinnamon bark, for instance.

    It looks like there's a little lip around the edge which would stop the zesting things from doing their job...hmm.

  7. Like Anzu, I use a chinese cleaver constantly.

    I started this summer, because the kitchen I was in had exceedingly poor knife representation. I now once again live somewhere with other knives, but I find myself terribly uncomfortable using them!

    There's something about the blade being a couple inches lower than my hand that I quite appreciate...and using it to carry things or scrape the cutting board is glorious.

    AND it's a pretty frightening knife, so it's got basically everything going for it.

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