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  1. Dinner! 2009

    Tonight it was steak with mashed potatoes and green beans. Looked (and tasted) so good I couldn't help photographing it.
  2. Dinner! 2009

    percyn I glazed the tart with heated and strained apricot jam. monavano Somebody's eating that bar ! Looks very creamy.
  3. Dinner! 2009

    judiu Hee hee, thanks! Normally I'd be the first one to admit that bacon cannot possibly be out of place anywhere, but in this particular case the overall flavor was light and tart (with lemon zest and vinaigrette) so I am not sure it would have worked . fmed Sounds good! We are having some friends over for smoked ribs, so while the rest of the food is still cooking, I snapped a couple of photos of the dessert. Because the main dish is heavy, I figured people will want something light for dessert. A fruit tart seems to fit the bill. Then, as I baked the tart, I started freaking out that the kids (of which there will be 5) will be disappointed... So here's my little army of vanilla cupcakes for them - Now, of course, I am worried that they will not like the buttercream which I used instead of the standard icing .
  4. Dinner! 2009

    David A. Goldfarb Thanks! It's summer, so it's still light when we eat dinner. percyn Sorry to hear about you wife's allergy. I actually had time to make something A LITTLE more complicated than throwing a piece of meat on the skillet... Crabmeat stuffed avocado. Not very attractive, but tasted good.
  5. Dinner! 2009

    percyn Those burgers look good! Me, on the other hand... I only have time to cook something super quick, having two little children and a job. So usually it's a protein + starch + veggie. Boring, but at least healthy for a weeknight dinner . So tonight it was salmon with broccoli (seasoned with very flavorful blood orange oil and lemon zest) and millet.
  6. Dinner! 2009

    Oh, and another dinner: roasted beef and potatoes (some rosemary on the potatoes). The beef is cooked more than I like because it was also eaten by two toddlers.
  7. Dinner! 2009

    One of our recent lunches, salad: lettuce, avocado, chicken breast, tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, fresh herbs and some marinated beans from the supermarket's deli section. Dressed with olive oil + lemon juice. I got a little greedy and piled the bowl high . And the cake, of course!
  8. Dinner! 2009

    percyn Ooh yeah, that money shot! Per-fect! Pille Hi Pille! Congratulations on your baby. The tart looks nice, no cushion, just sweet crust and the BERRIES. Shelby Just look at these tomatoes. How nice it is to eat tomatoes from your own garden. It's so hard to buy a good tomato without paying through the nose. And when they are good, they barely need anything to go with them: a little oil, salt, good bread - and you're in heaven . Prawncrackers Very, very nice, tasty looking. Especially that chicken!
  9. Dinner! 2009

    Thanks! Yes, it's the 50 mm lens that I originally bought to photograph the kids, but it seems to work for food very well, too.
  10. Today's breakfast was omelet with the grilled steak and vegetables left over from last night. Plus some Provolone thrown in for good measure. Tasty.
  11. Dinner! 2009

    Friday night, so it's grilling steaks and vegetables in the backyard, then lingering over the meal outside.. Yeah, and let's not go overboard with those vegetables and focus on the steak .
  12. Dinner! 2009

    percyn Thank you Percy! menuinprogress Yes, it was pork tenderloin. The buckwheat is cooked very simply: 2.5 - 3 parts water to 1 part grain plus salt. Then cook as you would rice. I grew up with this stuff, so it is comfort food, but I understand that the flavor might not be easy to get used to. When it's done, I add some butter. Kids usually eat it with milk and sugar, like oatmeal. Dr. J Thank you! Kim Shook You will not regret buying the book, I can guarantee you that! The cake does have this nice crumb, I've noticed when eating. We just moved, and I found this stencil among my numerous forgotten treasures; it came in handy .
  13. Dinner! 2009

    Tonight it was pork, buckwheat and peas: And a simple yellow cake from The Cake Bible. I layered it with a little buttercream (butter+condensed milk): No special occasion, just craved some cake for some reason.
  14. Dinner! 2009

    6ppc That roast looks so tasty! With those bits of fat and the red meat - I can practically feel the juiciness in my mouth.