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  1. This Panini Grill and Press is available at the Bay department store for $129.99. I saw it in the Persimmon Orange, I didn't check for other colours.
  2. Read a really lovely review of this place in the October VM, along with several others of ethnic places. The first person that I thought of when I read the SR piece, I was surprised to discover, was the author of that review and several others in the excellent article!
  3. Whaaa? Jeez, I REALLY need to get out more often. So what's the scoop with them? ← Scoop here.
  4. Sorry, but I've to ask, did you let possibly the owner know what you thought?
  5. We saw Seaharbour Mooncakes for sale, two different size tins at an Asian grocery market on Park Road in Richmond, across from Richmond Centre, 'round the corner from Shanhai Wind. They may have the HK Maxim ones too, they also had the Pinetree Bakery ones bargain priced. The Shi-Art (restaurant) tins for sale may have been HK Maxim
  6. I'm embarrassed, for Vancouver, just reading this. Is this the best that Tourism Vancouver can come up with?
  7. Ahhh - the bakeries told me that this is the week that they start with the "Iced" patries - I am guessing that they don't hold as long as the normal pastry. You know - the whole time I lived in HK, I never had the Iced style (or any Mooncakes really). Mid Autumn festival weather in HK is still soooooo hot! The idea of eating anything heavy was really unappealing. ← Shi-Art (sp?) in Richmond Centre sells tins of mooncakes imported from HK (I recognized the name of the producer at time of reading tin, but can't remember it now).... just an FYI for what it's worth.
  8. There are loads of fresh quince at the Red Apple Market, 4170 East Hastings Street, Burnaby (604) 299-6544. They've got a huge assortment of Okanagan apples too, I think there were at least eight different types, lovely, fresh, no wax, just the way they should be, and they taste sooo good. It's a great store for vegetables too, amazing assortment of lettuces, (stuff you'd never see at the chain stores) and peppers, and green grapes labelled as Italian, grapes as they should be, locally grown, sweet, delicious and with seeds. Great store, I love stores like this!!!
  9. Don't knock Cuban-Chinese food. Many Chinese immigrants settled in Latin America during the 1800's because of the Chinese Exclusion Act. If you ever find yourself in Manhattan, you have to try La Caridad 78 for the Cuban-Chinese. ← So true, I'm glad you mentioned it. A friend has heritage through both areas because of it, and their extended family operates an apparently sucessful restaurant in Manhattan, don't know the name though. This interesting article highlights what you mentioned.
  10. Cambie area About a quarter of the way down, it starts with the upstairs of the City Square Mall which Gerald mentioned (at the corner of 12th and Cambie) Broadway close to Cambie Almost at the bottom, this shows the places Gerald mentioned such as Zako's Deli, the Red Burrito, then further up is Steamrollers, Cactus Club. Steeps Tea is on Broadway, has great teas to try, comfortable atmosphere. (it's at about the halfway mark on the web page, 895 West Broadway) Broadway - east of Cambie Quite a few spots listed, M.E.C. is here too along with other similiar themed stores. Broadway (Granville east wards to Oak St) Oak Street is the west side boundary road of the Vancouver Hospital complex community, whereas Cambie is just past the east side boundary. Those pages should give you some idea of where places are that people mention or you can check them out/ask about them......... sending lots of healing vibes and hugs for all the best. xo
  11. Did you happen to notice if they have the congee choices at that one, or is it just noodles? Wonton?
  12. I also have been a few times. I really wanted to like it but it just failed a number of times. I did bring my concerns up to the Owner / Manager and he just blew me off with a dismissive wave of the hand. I did not get bent out of shape or anything, but just decided that it was not on my list of places to go. I gave it a second and third chance as that is how I would like to be treated but was unlucky every time. It has won some awards so they must be doing something right, just not when I was there. ← Were the awards won when Diane Clement and her hubby owned it perhaps?
  13. Bang on with the address. Huge outdoor patio that'll be fabulous next summer. ← Are they taking over the space of an Asian restaurant there?
  14. I was thinking of suggesting the K.S. as a possibility for the followup dinner day. Haven't seen anything posted about it for such a long time though, so I'm glad to see your mention of it. I also wanted to extend my best wishes for both your treatment and blessings for the little bun in the oven. ← re: little bun in the oven...a funny thing about this is our last name is Bacon so our children and the one coming are affectionately referred to by friends as bacon bits. ← Aww, that's too cute!! (Ahh, now I get it! )
  15. I was thinking of suggesting the K.S. as a possibility for the followup dinner day. Haven't seen anything posted about it for such a long time though, so I'm glad to see your mention of it. I also wanted to extend my best wishes for both your treatment and blessings for the little bun in the oven.
  16. Yes, and booster seats. As do many of the places on Commercial Drive and I imagine comparable type places elsewhere. Pretty sure most places in Vancouver proper do, except perhaps at "fine" dining establishments, and I'm not referring only to family style or chain restaurants. Guess it wouldn't hurt to phone a place you might be interested in, and ask them.
  17. In the news a few weeks ago, the feature was that Earls removed the high chairs and booster seats from their downtown location(s) IIRC, (not necessarily the suburban ones). It was reminiscent of the brouhaha when some Joey's locations (IIRC) did the same thing. So, they might not have actually said no, but......
  18. Seems like there needs to be a more coordinated effort to promote local seafood at all levels, and cultures, not just a the level of customers of "C", although Rob has done admirably with promoting the oceanwise program. Probably there is too much bureaucracy with little support at the govenrment levels. The live products available at many Asian markets, are they mostly local or many imported, the live tilapia for instance, they are farmed overseas probably? We don't seem to have a market that offers a wide variety of all local fish, such as the one at Pike Place, the ones at GI are quite small. Not sure about the north shore options, and the Vic drive shop is a teahouse now. As mentioned in the other thread, we just don't seem to compare availability wise to Asia and southern Europe. Is there not enough local interest or perhaps our interest not worth enough cash.
  19. The Vancouver Market is really not that big so to have a half dozen restaurants specialising in seafood for a market of 250,000 people is a little over the top, but you can get fresh seafood at many of the good local high end restaurants. The other main problem is the way we in Canada export all of what we produce, so much of the best stuff is sold over seas and a major percentage of Wholesalers who sell to restaurants is not that big. Albion seafood is one of the biggest to sell to restaurants and many of the smaller ones buy from them, so unless you are buying a tonne of fish your options are limited. Billingsgate out of Calgary has similarly buying power as Albion so you can get as good seafood in Alberta as good as you can in Vancouver. This is one strange phenominom -yes it is a little mixed up but that is the way it is. We need to stop exporting so much and sell to the local market. Fisherman would be happy to have the cushy support milk gets. A Canadian market that never goes down and a price that is always subsidized, this alone is one confusing thing. We would have so much seafood if the business got the subsidies the dairy industry receives. Steve ← I don't know how Vancouver can possibly compare in the seafood market with Europe (especially the southern parts) and Asia. Just watching some televised shows such as Anthony Bourdain, Mario's when he had that one with his buddy in Italy, even Jamie Oliver, et al, the seafood available overseas is absolutely amazing in it's wide selection of choices and freshness. I realize it is tv, but I've never seen anything like that here, and seems almost as if the local selections are diminishing? Makes me wonder how they can get sooo much out of the oceans surrounding Singapore and Hong Kong, and their harbours are infinitely busier and more congested (pollution?) than our waterways. Isn't quite a bit of the seafood/fish offered at some local "seafood" spots imported (such as at the Cannery, KoF, Boathouse, Cardero's, Sandbar etc.?)
  20. Is that plan that was submitted to city council back in 2004 still active? What is going to be going in that area? When? That will be a nice addition to the neighbourhood! Cheers! ← I have heard about this development going in as well from a friend who has bought a condo on Beach Crescent just east of the Granville Bridge. I could not find any information on it in the City development archives. ← This is the plan I think, seem to remember seeing it in print a couple of years ago.
  21. Top Shanghai? (rather than One?) If so, can't get past the crowds of folks waiting to get into the restaurant. Guessing they didn't expect the large groups waiting on their doorstep?
  22. Any connection with Pajo's? The only reason I ask is thier other location is Port Moody, and the Steveston/Tri-cities crossover seems odd. And I'll check this place out this weekend, if it's half as good as you suggest, I'l single handidly keep this place afloat. (Is handidly a word? Looks odd, sounds right. Yeah I could use tyhis interweb thing to check, but I'll let my stupidity stand.) ← I noticed SPC, across from where Mama's used to be and wondered what is was like. Mary Hill is a long long away from Port Moody though, isn't it?
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