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  1. Franklin Steakhouse, Nutley. Great steak sandwiches, much more reasonable to deal with for lunch too, as they tend to be extremely busy and loud for dinner, especially on weekends.
  2. My sincere apologies to Lou for taking so long with this post...I have been insanely busy and unfortunately have only been breezing by egullett lately...I just wanted to echo the thoughts of everyone else in saying what a fine job Lou and his staff did for this event. It is always so refreshing to see pride taken in each and every aspect of a meal and that is what comes across each and every time I have been to the Grill. The food simply speaks for itself and one course was better than the next...for me personally the ravioli stole the show...just a great combination of flavors and they just m
  3. does this mean I have to sit at the bar too?
  4. Thoughts to follow but if you do that I may Statin Island you!
  5. Sit at the bar...hmmm I wonder why??? Anytime you want, I'll join you...place is like a third home for me.
  6. so rock if wifey can't make it and johnnybird is in norway - you can be my date but you're on your own at the showplace - unless lou and tommy go Be very careful of what you wish for...
  7. RockADS21


    Yeah, I know, I had to drive. Smooth. See ya Monday,( be careful I'm only working lunch, Rock, whatcha doing Monday?) Tuesday, I'm there all day. Be cool man. Lou Recovering
  8. Put me down as a definite 1 and hopefully 2 depending on wifey's schedule. This should be a great one - looking forward to it!
  9. Oh, I just have to comment on that one, since I grew up in Millburn. They are neighboring towns, and only with horrible traffic would it be a half hour away from anything on Springfield Avenue in Summit. Plus, it's not like they're going to go to Monster Sushi and drive from there to Sono (by the way, I like Sono very much). And then you go on to recommend a place in Little Falls -- like that isn't far away from Summit? No fair Rachel - you stole my post I was about to say I think I could walk from Summit to Millburn in 1/2 hour.
  10. If we decide that we are all scared off of Monster, I have wanted to try Sono which would be right in the same general area (Millburn). I'll vote with the majority on this one...as for my beverage (assuming we stay with a BYO) count me in for bringing a bottle of sake...and yes I am taking the afternoon off this time!
  11. RockADS21


    Forget that last post...I cant do that night anyway...see I knew there was a reason I missed this thread
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