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  1. Faidley's hours? I'm trying to slip in a visit to Faidley's before I have to head down to DC and am wondering if they serve their entire menu (especially the crab cakes) from open to close. Their website says they open at 9am - Can I get crab cakes for breakfast?
  2. Does anyone out there know what the street vendors selling sliced fruit throughout the Yucatan use to spice it up? There's a chile powder of some kind for heat (possibly mixed with citrus zest or citric acid) and a reddish syrup which is drizzled over the various freshly sliced fruits.
  3. Does anyone happen to know Kris from Cochon Butcher? I believe he is the main meat man working his magic with the pigs; crafting the sausages, saulmi, etc... I would like to contact him about a possible apprenticeship. Does anyone more familiar with the place and the people who run it think this is something they might be open to? Thanks for your help
  4. I'm wondering if anyone has the inside scoop on when exactly Cochon Butcher will be opening up? I've read January, but me being me and pigs being pigs, I'm hoping to find out the precise date ASAP so airline tickets can be appropriately purchased.
  5. Where would you eat - 15 meals over 5 days in New Orleans? Two very 'when in Rome' type eaters (and drinkers) looking for recommendations for 15'ish meals - breakfast/brunch, lunch, dinner, late night. We primarily enjoy casual, soulful, local cooking but would appreciate any upscale and/or non creole/Cajun suggestions as well. A map of some of the spots which interest us - here Thanks!
  6. moosnsqrl i'd love to hear what you have to say when you find the time!
  7. Man, I was hoping this thread would get more replies. I'm heading to Vegas the last week of March and would forever be in the debt of anyone willing to offer some additional 'when in Rome' type suggestions. Also, any non food related suggestions would be fantastic via pm. thanks
  8. Am I the only one not following bbqqueen's oddly angry posts?
  9. I have a couple of questions - 1. What do Lawrence, KS residents and visitors think of the lack of truly critical ("critical" as in 'characterized by careful, exact evaluation and judgment') reviews of the Lawrence restaurant scene? 2. What are your opinions on some specific Lawrence restaurants? What with Lawrence being all Lawrencey(?) I think I understand the local paper's reluctance to publish critical reviews, but I personally find the "if you can't say anything nice..." philosophy to be somewhat frustrating at times. Your thoughts?
  10. I'm thrilled to see a recognition of the etnic influences in Kansas and Wichita in particular. I grew up in/around Wichita (I now live in Lawrence) and have long believed the significant immigrant populations (Vietnamese, Hispanic, Lebanese, West African, etc...) to be one Wichitas' greatest assests, culinary or otherwise. I find the fact that thousands of Wichitans have become intimately familiar with fattouch salad & tabbouleh, pho & cafe sua, menudo & stewed goat, to be smile inducing and life affirming. What are the great etnic spots in Wichita these days? Before I moved I made sure to hit N&J, Japan Express, and as many of the Vietnamese places on Broadway as possible. Also, I recall a number of wonderful quick-service Mexican places popping up in abandoned Dairy Queens and the like - there was one on West St. south of Central somewhere, one on either Lincoln or Harry a little west of Oliver. Menudo Rico on Sundays, tongue tacos... awesome. Anyone familiar with the Nigerian Womens' Association dinner which was/is held every fall at The Olive Trees banquet facilities? Is this still going on? I am by no means attempting to disparage anyone's traditions by my asking of these questions, but rather am trying to get to the basic most answer as to 'is there?' and, if so, 'what is?' Kansas Cuisine - Do the occasional mom & pop cafes and diners qualify as a cuisine? Do small, localized Mennonite or Amish culinary traditions qualify as a cuisine? Does the output of the increasingly few home practioners of their European ancestors culinary customs qualify as a cuisine? If a complete stranger from a far away and strange land came up to you tomorrow desperately begging to be fed a meal which would enlighten her/him with an understanding of what it means to live in Kansas - the type of understanding which can only come from experiencing a native cuisine in its native geography - where would you take them? What would you cook for them? I ask because I have had great food in Kansas. But that food has not necessarily been Kansan. Or American for that matter. Also, what individual ingredients would be considered Kansan? What techniques? What indiginous foodstuffs be they animal or vegetable are identifiably Kansan?
  11. Having had the fortune (be it good or mis-) to have lived the lion's share of my life in Kansas. I'm curious as to whether or not there is such a thing as Kansas Cuisine - a definable category of foods and techniques which are undeniably Kansan... soup can recipe casseroles don't count.
  12. Hello Everyone, I'll be heading to Saint Martin in late October and am looking for advice on which town to stay in, what spots are not to be missed for a first time visitor and what, if any, places are to be avoided. I'm very much the "When in Rome" type of traveller but am limited to 5-7 days on this particular trip and would like to get a good feel for the island. Thanks for your help and this great forum!
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