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  1. Mine does not function as a food processor as I have several Cuisinarts, I don't need it to do so.

    Pleasant Hill Grain

    Andie, one more question: w/respect to heavy-duty food processing, Cuisinart has been mentioned as the gold standard. But while I was looking at grain mills and dough mixers, I ran across the Bosch 5000 at

    Bread Beckers

    any recommendations? I am interested in longevity of the unit, versatility in types of output and ease of use/cleaning. Thanks again.

    John S.

  2. Thanks Andie, I had been to Pleasant Grains' web site just before posting. They have a lot going on there. So I just purchased the Electrolux with the extra package. It really does look better for bread thanks to the unique kneading capabilities.

    John S.

  3. Larousse, sorry for the messups, this is the first time posting.

    Yogurt has to be made after having heated milk to about 195 degrees. Hold it there (I use a double boiler so as not to burn the milk) for about ten minutes. Then, transfer the scalded milk to an ice bath. Using a double boiler makes this easy: just lift the DB containing the milk up and put it into a larger pot prefilled with iced water. It will cool pretty rapidly. When at about 100 degrees (all Ferenheit), plop in (innoculate) 1 or 2 Tblspoons to one quart of milk, active cultured yogurt and whisk. When it is incorporated, the temp should be about 95.0 F. That's when you fill the yogurt cups and incubate.

    This is not an exact science for me. I made many attempts. If I added the cultured yougurt too soon, the final product was stringy (no issue except aesthetic). If I scalded the milk too long, it got too firm and tart. You have to play with it. Good luck.

    John S.

    San Jose, CA

  4. Hello all from a new member.

    I am confused about the features/benfits of the Bosch Universal mixers (or the Concept ones) versus the Electrolux Magic Mill DLX 2000 Mixer. The main private sites vary in their recommendations.

    I will use it for bread (fairly large amounts of dough), but it would be nice to use it as a food processor also. Additionally I make a lot of thick chile sauces, which my Ham Beach commercial has blown up on a couple times. One confusion point is that the Bosch has 700 watts, the Electrolux only 450, while a VitaMix had more that 1600 watts.

    Thanks in advance for any help yopu can give.

    John S.

    San Jose, CA

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