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  1. I thought they were both yours??
  2. sundied pesto or olive tapenade can be found prepared in most markets
  3. chefb

    Smoked beers

    I worked with a master brewer at Union station brewery in Provindence Ri and he would put the hops in with my sausage smoker before brewing sometimes. it had a good mellow taste but I haven't seen any since.
  4. if you must use the wrappers, cook quick in a shallow pot simmering instead of a rapid boil and use a slotted spoon to remove them.
  5. Union station brewery, great upscale pub food, homemade beers. Cafe Neuovo, contenporary foods on the waterfront
  6. I worked with applegate on the product devolpement for there cured meats line(mostly tasting). They spent a long time comming up with the right formula before releasing there product. These use beet juice in some of the hams to get that pink color. There turkey is the closest thing to the real deal as one can get. It just dosen't have a very good shelf life. Buy the pre-pack. note* I think the army added nitrates(salt peter) to there troops food to decrease sex drive, back in the day??
  7. On the other topic of byo vs. liquor. I believe upfront the byo can be more profitable but in the long run after you pay for the license. Your return on investment is better with the booze. how many people go to a rest/bar to just drink for hours and ends up buying food. No one goes to a byo to hang out with a basket of fries and watch the games.
  8. Forget the ambience, forget the man in the toliet handing you a towel. When I go out I want good service, good food and I'm willing to pay for it. Granted the mood of a place can add to your comfort. Did you ever eat at a greesy spoon for breakfast, had some perfect eggs and crispy hash- browns and a great cup of coffee(and paid 2.99) Tax and you tip the waitress 1.50(50%). You leave there satisfied for 5.00 bucks. Priceless experience that you would pay double for.(factor the food costs are like $ .50)
  9. Mike the owner of Forte's is a good friend of mine so I could be biased, but they have the best escarole bean soup anywhere. Probaly the best if not most interesting flavors of pizza in the area. And yes, it is packed all the time.
  10. Ate there this weekend. Dont let the clifton area address fool you, this place is in P-town. The decor is cool and there wasn't any wait to sit party of four at 7:00pm SAT. On the table was moist corn bread with a compound butter. not bad We ordered; Nachos- more like a bowl of chili and cheese(con queso at tex-mex) with chips, not the plate of bubbling mounds of meat and cheese found at most chains. Flavor was good but portion was small. Salads -included with the dinners An ice burg mix that was over dressed. Plain burger med and steamed broccoli on the side -came with cheese and was returned for a plain, came back black and blue(really rare) sent back again for med. The broccoli was forgotten and when it was finnally brought, it was cover with butter. Sent back for plain and came back steamed but was old and spotted brown. Marinated Skirt - served sizziling was good but came unsliced ,which made it akward to cut with those large steak knives on the cast iron pan. Ribs- were the best item, not the usual baby back they had short ribs that were tender and tasty. Hanger steak was sliced thick and cover in steak sauce. ordered med-rare came out rare(which was fine) but the steak was really tough. The fire roasted veg that accompanied the steak didn't have much color. They must have waved a match over the top. Awfull iced tea. Pretty disapointed at that time so we didn't stay for dessert. The owner realized the service problems and presented our check with four $10 gift coupons. but I dont think we will try it again. one app and no cocktails came to $75.00 for four.
  11. josepth beron and son on rt 10 west in Denville. They are a restaurant supply store that carries most knives. Where are you a chef??
  12. Just remebered Whole Foods in Madison just opened, good customer service in there butcher shop.
  13. what are you doing in Harding?? There's a butcher in Morristown behind Starbuck's. The family has run the business for years. Kings has a decent selection as well.
  14. Good seafood salad. I haven't been there in 10 yrs but I remember the bullet holes in the wall to the left of the entrance.
  15. I took Lreda up on trying his place again. This time I took my father another randolph resident and culinarian. Let me start by saying The American Grill has a great decor, nice rugs and paintings. Good music too. The waiter brought us a delicious taster of veggie ribbons with evo, vinegar and parm cheese on the side. Although the bread was cold, it was crusty and soft in the middle. We started our meal by splitting the Firecracker Calamari; fried calamari with tomatoes, vinegar,evo,capers and olives. Good dish. Spicey. Cool plates also. Nice change from the marinara served these days. Entrees were baked chicken with goat cheese and seared tuna with mushrooms. My father had the chicken. He enjoyed the sauce and felt the cheese was a great addition. He did feel that the plate lacked contrast of colors. Red sauce, white cheese and tan rice. Veg of the day was diced onions and squash. Something green would have been nice. I had the seared tuna with shitake mush demi. Can't complain about the large portions but it wasn't very appealing to see two large chunks of tuna atop one another. One peace sliced would have been better. Sauce composed of mostly button mush and was over salted. The tuna also lacked a good sear to the outside. Same veg and rice pilaf sides. We split an apple strudel for dessert. It had good flavor, texture and accompanied by vanilla ice cream, but could have been served warm. There was no wait to sit and the service was good. I liked the wines of the day but I would have liked to see a glass of sparkling offered as well, for matching with the different courses.
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