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  1. Muzi (Cordova St across from Waterfront Center) has several green teas including an organic gyokuro. Tends to be pricey, but I do like their tea.
  2. I'm currently using Cacao Barry Extra Brute. I found a 1KG bag ($16?) at Ganache Patisserie in Yaletown. I like it much better than Bensdorf and it's cheaper.
  3. Thanks Chef! Early weekday is preferable for me anyway. I have no issues eating at the bar and I've even eaten at HSG on my own a couple of times.
  4. Someone else asked this earlier and I'm curious to also see popular opinion: how do the restaurants view single diners during DineOut?
  5. I'll add a vote for l'epicerie. Excellent customer service and I find their prices very reasonable.
  6. Two more recipes tried: Brown Sugar-Apple Cheesecake, plain pound cake. I loved the cheesecake. It's not too sweet and is like an apple tarte tatin smushed into a cheesecake. I sometimes find that flavoured or non-plain cheesecakes end up tasting like regular cheesecake with a small bits that taste different, or a flavour that I would refer to as "muddy." The apple cheesecake definitely tasted of apples with a creamy background. I brought it to a 2 yr-old's birthday party and both adults and children enjoyed this cheesecake. It was the birthday cake, so I frosted it with a thin layer of vanilla mousseline buttercream. There were several dissapointed people when they found out that this wasn't a cake they could buy at a bakery. However, I did tell them where to find the recipe and recommended this book. The plain pound cake was not as much of a success. It came out very dense and dry. I suspect that it was baked too long. I mixed up the batter, but I had to go out and left it for my mom to take out of the oven. I'll reserve my final judgment on this recipe until I make it entirely on my own.
  7. First recipe tried: Coconut Orange Tea Cake. I loved this recipe. It's quick, simple, and smelled amazing in and out of the oven. I couldn't resist slicing off a piece even though the cake was barely cool. The coconut flavour isn't all that prominent, more of a nice background note to the orange. The texture is almost as light and fine as a chiffon cake. I had every intention of savoring each bite, but I must admit that I wolfed down the fairly large slice and still want more. It reminds me of Orange Glow Chiffon Cake from The Cake Bible. I didn't use the full 2 cups of sugar and the cake only took 40 minutes in the oven instead of 60-65 minutes. Prep time: 15 minutes... told you it was quick.
  8. Plastic wrap! I loved how you decorated your cake and wanted to make one with the gold bottle caps. I happened to have modeling chocolate, so I thought I was all set. I didn't think of using plastic wrap and I couldn't get a clean-looking bottle cap. I abandoned the bottle caps after several failed attempts and ended up making a Guinness harp out of tempered chocolate and painting with the gold lustre dust and vodka. Thanks for the tip and bringing this delicious cake to our attention. I've already had several requests to make this cake again.
  9. Ling, thanks for the chocolate cookie recipe! I baked a double batch last night and ate 3 before they were even cool. I had another one that "broke" while I was packing some up to bring to work. One of my co-workers described them as crispy and soft in all the right places. They disappeared very quickly. Next batch will be with chocolate chunks and dried cherries.
  10. Nightscotsman made that leap a few years back. I think there may be a few threads somewhere in eGullet that could provide you with more inspiration.
  11. You probably already know this, but most celiacs have to be careful with soy sauce and I think many Asian restaurants in North America tend to use soy sauce with wheat derivatives.
  12. Favourite Items: Kabocha squash in the crab dish - worked well with the coconut-curry sauce BBQ Pork Bun - I thought it was weird to have at the end of the meal, but its sweeetness made it work almost as a dessert. Could have done without: Almond Soup - bland and the egg white bits where unappetizing. I would rather have drunk a bowl of flower syrup. I would have preferred red bean. Steamed Fish - also a little lacking in flavour. I had the same dish the next evening at Fortune Seafood (Oakridge) as part of another Chinese banquet and that was much better. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thank you Canucklehead and Mooshmouse.
  13. The Popeye's in Coquitlam is nothing like Popeye's in the US except maybe the decor. I loved Popeye's when I lived in Illinois and ate there often, so I was excited to see one when I moved to Coquitlam last year. Big disappointment. The fried chicken tasted like it had been fried in oil that was starting to turn rancid and used too many times. Also, the spicy version wasn't anywhere near as spicy as in U.S. Popeye's. I gave them three chances because I needed a fried chicken fix and I was hoping that the first two times were simply bad days for them. Sadly, they were consistently awful. Time to fry chicken at home.
  14. Congratulations! It's good to read that you have reliable staff and do not have to worry so much about your business.
  15. I know exactly where I'll be going after my first Vancouver paycheque! I've been looking online for a Canadian source for E. Guittard, but I much prefer buying locally. Do they sell Valrhona feves or bars only?
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