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  1. for produce charlies has everything. mj meats osprey fish or mutual peterson for specialty main goods I like FSA, Merlino and Pacific food Importers I like crown imports for some specialty items like rusticella abruzzio soda - soda king
  2. They snatched that space up quickly (Matts). I called right after it was closed for lunchbox lab and the guy said it was gone quicker than he expected.
  3. Hey..my new place is old news on 15th but for the life of me does anyone know what is going into that little plumber space towards the safeway. I see restaurant stuff etc but never a guy to talk with. I hope and pray for a taqueria like the great el sabor. anyone have a clue or know who is doing it?? For me the more great restaurants the better. Also I saw a new place on 68the near goodwill call il giardino. Very hot looking house with obvious big dollars behind it. How about some scoop on that. Scott
  4. Well I have been in the biz a long time and I know equipment very well, but if I were to hire someone to inspect I may contact restaurant appliance on roosevelt. They used to do inspections. I buy lots of stuff. Feel free to send me a message. If it were me I would look at who used it, how long it has not been used, how easy are parts and service to ascertain, and if the company is in business. If it is an antique piece I would contact a health inspector and ask him to look it over or at least give you the rundown on what is legal. If it is for home use then no problem. I myself have a common rule about any refrigerated unit. Buy that new or at least have Horeco or Wilderman check it out. With all of that in mind it should make a decision easier. Oh and also check the power source etc. Also if it is equipment for sous vide cooking or any scientific apparatus then go new.
  5. What are you trying to achieve? Are you looking to sell or buy or what.
  6. I remember the first review I got from them as a young chef. i was so ticked off because it was so utterly off the point of food. In the end it made me look like I was sponsored by the dairy association. In fact they may have said that. Needless to say the dairy board never chipped in any investment money. What a shame.
  7. Yes thats it. Of course I never have really spilled all the beans on the place. And for all the people who have emailed me, I was very sick at the end of fork. My weight had risen to nearly 500 pounds and I had a massive heart attack. I spent a year in the hospital and 6 months in a coma. My weight is down. Way down with inspiration from jan birnbaum. So this is my comeback. I miss cooking for the people. For me it is one of the best motivators. I love to see you all and this place is gonnna have casual fun food but mostly lots of laughs and good times. It is the antithesis of the way the restaurant world is going. No pretentiousness. Kind of a cross between blue onion, fork, Tourondels BLT and the old Turbulent Turtle. It will be whacky good times. I look forward to seeing all of my old friends again.
  8. Most chefs just dispell the stranger reviews. The problem with that rag is that even when they have a great reviewer that person can never turn around that stranger image and they have had a couple of really talented people who moved on to do better things. In fact what is a review really. As a chef and owner I try and think of "everyone" as a critic or as my mother. Food is about passion and people and not everything you may do will be a popular decision or theme but the people know and if you do everything right you will have a great chance of scoring those stars.....honestly though I have been to many a 4 star joint and then gone to an unreviewed or low star eatery and loved it way more. The hardest thing for me is what are they basing them on. How can you compare a million dollar place with one of my $50k restaurants? Even my new place is one my wife and I built on our own and of course it is gonna be way less polished than some competitors but the food....well that is for future consideration......is what should drive a place. Lots of critics forget about that.
  9. an odd timely quote....i actually have a porkchop sandwich penciled in for the new place. Maybe i better rethink (lol). Seriously, porkchop on bread. That is some good vittles. Cannot go wrong with pork.
  10. I keep seeing and hearing about two places. One is a guy with this vertical victorian looking grill and the other is that ball hamburger that is steamed under a cone. Also I was told there was a famous or was famous hamburger place near central park that had a guy that put on a show with the steam cones...anyone know???
  11. hello everyone, i am looking for stories, history, recipes etc on hamburgers and the cousins. Anything you want including memories or whatever. Just go crazy. i am doing some research.... cheers, Scott Simpson
  12. Of course Herve This is a pioneer of food science, but to say that molecular gastronomy is dead due to the popularity comes across to me as a blanketed pompous ass statement. There is so much more to be done in this field. I mean there are endless applications and even if they are eventually tapped does that mean there will be nothing new or innovative that will piggyback from the success of MG. Again what is MG but another medium of cooking. It is not as if science is a new player in the food world. Pastry and baking is pure science. Even the art of cooking breakfast comes down to science. As a young chef I always wanted to know why things happen and that really pinpoints what this whole culture is about. What can we as chefs do to manipulate and push the envelope of the natural properties of food and how can we make it better, moister more flavorful etc?? As I make my next business plan it is pure wd-50 style science and I love it. It is just so damn fascinating and the end result is a great product if done with care and passion. FORK used a lot of MG but we just did not flaunt it. I have tasted some pretty rough and tough cuts of meat that came out like butter using sous vide alone. Throughout food history things have come and gone, but technique usually holds form. Is MG dead? Seems to be a funny statement. Yes, maybe there are a lot of food people who have gravitated to using these techniques, but how few have really done it well and with great imagination. The number there is pretty low. With the way we abuse our natural resources on this planet, I would not be surprised if in the future we all had lab kitchens and cooking everything with liquid nitrogen, sous vide and anti-griddles while wearing hazmat suits. Its a new world lets embrace it. Scotty
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